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  • WWE SmackDown Live Results, 26th December 2017, Live Updates And Commentary; Two Big Names Confirmed For Royal Rumble

WWE SmackDown Live Results, 26th December 2017, Live Updates And Commentary; Two Big Names Confirmed For Royal Rumble

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 27, 2017 08:33 IST

Will SmackDown Live erupt into chaos once again?


08:33 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Here are the results of tonight's matches on SmackDown Live:

- Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable defeat Rusev and Aiden English, and The New Day, and are the No. 1 contenders for The Usos' tag team titles
- Ruby Riott defeats Naomi
- Bobby Roode defeats Baron Corbin in the first round of the United States Championship tournament
- Jinder Mahal defeats Tye Dillinger in the first round of the United States Championship tournament
- Kevin Owens defeats AJ Styles

08:31 (IST)27 DEC 2017

08:30 (IST)27 DEC 2017

08:30 (IST)27 DEC 2017

AJ Styles who looks displeased, stares at Shane, who mouths "I'm sorry", while Owens and Zayn are celebrating in the ring! 

08:30 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring and tells the referee to eject Zayn from ringside. The referee is distracted when Styles has Owens in a roll-up cover and what looked like a clear three count.

Owens then gets a roll-up cover, and now the referee who is back, counts to three.

Kevin Owens defeats AJ Styles

08:28 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Owens puts Styles to the top rope but Styles somehow gets off the top rope; Styles then takes out Sami Zayn on the outside, while Owens is thrown into the post. 

Zayn interferes once again, and Owens almost capitalised on it as he lands a super kick, but Styles kicked out. 

08:26 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Styles goes for the Styles Clash but Owens counters for a Pop Up Powerbomb, which is countered by Styles, who lands a Pele Kick. Owens lands a gutbuster and then an elbow from the top rope and covers, but just the two count. 

Acrobatic Owens, there!

08:24 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Styles then lands a Ushigoroshi on Owens; the two then trade rights and lefts. Styles gets multiple combination punches and a huge forearm on a tired Owens, who is struggling to get to his feet. 

08:23 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Styles somehow recovers and lands a huge facebuster on Owens, who lands heavily on his face. Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Owens moves out of the way. 

Owens then lands a neckbreaker on Styles and covers... but just the two count.

08:21 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Owens has Styles in a sleeper and the WWE Champion tries to fight back but Owens shows no mercy as he lands a hug kick, and continues to put Styles in a sleeper hold. 

08:19 (IST)27 DEC 2017

08:16 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Owens puts Styles in a sleeper and then lands a knee to Styles' back. Styles tries to recover, but Owens then lands an elbow drop and then a huge kick to the back of the WWE Champion.

08:15 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Back in the ring, Styles is kicked out with venom by Owens and lands awkwardly into the floor. Owens then goes outside and throws Styles to the floor; back in the ring, Owens lands a Senton and covers, but just the two count. 

08:14 (IST)27 DEC 2017

At the start of the match, AJ Styles lands a huge drop kick. He then lands a huge knee to Owens' face. Owens then hits an elbow on Styles; Styles then throws Owens to the turnbuckle. Styles then lands the Calf Crusher on Owens, who almost immediately grabs hold of the rope. 

Owens rolls out of the ring and Styles follows him and kicks him in the back of the knee. 

08:09 (IST)27 DEC 2017

08:08 (IST)27 DEC 2017

08:06 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Randy Orton is interviewed and says that he's looking to the future and that he's only going to be thinking about himself.

The legendary world champion then officially announces himself as a contender for the Royal Rumble match. Shinsuke Nakamura arrives on the scene and he also seemingly announces his appearance at Royal Rumble by saying, "Let's Rumble".

08:03 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Backstage, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are interviewed. Owens has the bottle of champagne that Daniel Bryan refused last week, and says that he'll open it when he defeats AJ Styles. 

07:59 (IST)27 DEC 2017

07:55 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Back from the break, Jinder has Dillinger in a chin lock; Dillinger counters with elbows to the stomach of Jinder. Dillinger on the offensive as he lands a lariat, punches and clotheslines him. He then goes to the top rope and lands a crossbody, but Jinder takes advantage with a roll-up cover but Dillinger kicks out.

Jinder's mouth is bleeding as he's busted open. Dillinger lands a DDT, but can't capitalise. Mahal counters and lands a Khallas and gets the three count.

Jinder Mahal defeats Tye Dillinger

07:50 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Jinder Mahal right from the start of the match with a legsweep; Dillinger counters and gets a backslide cover, but Jinder kicks out at one, as we head into the ad break.

07:47 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Former WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal, is next in action in a first round match for the United States match against Tye Dillinger.

07:43 (IST)27 DEC 2017

07:41 (IST)27 DEC 2017

07:40 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Roode then goes to the top turnbuckle and Corbin follows. Roode headbutts Corbin to the floor; Roode then rolls up Corbin and covers him for the three count.

Bobby Roode defeats Baron Corbin

07:39 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Roode then goes to the second rope and lands a Blockbuster before covering... but just the two count. Roode is clutching his stomach and is then thrown into the post. 

Corbin then goes for the End of Days, but Roode counters. He then goes for the DDT, but Corbin counters with a Deep Six. 

07:36 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Roode is then thrown out of the ring and is assaulted further with a huge clothesline. Back in the ring, Roode gets some momentum back as he lands a clothesline which throws Corbin out of the ring. 

07:34 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Roode tries to fight back, but Corbin lands a sideslam and goes for the cover... but just the two count. 

07:33 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Corbin throws Roode into the barricade and then lands a huge right into Roode's sternum. The former US Champion then spears Roode and then throws him face first into the apron. 

07:32 (IST)27 DEC 2017

07:31 (IST)27 DEC 2017

07:31 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Next, Bobby Roode and Baron Corbin face off in the first round match for the United States championship tournament.

07:29 (IST)27 DEC 2017

07:27 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Backstage, AJ Styles is interviewed and that he's always the favourite when he steps into the ring. And that he has no issues with Sami Zayn ringside during his match against Kevin Owens tonight. 

He then says that 2018 will be no different to 2017 and that he will still stand tall.  

07:25 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Naomi is then assaulted by the Riot Squad, but Charlotte comes to the ring to help Naomi but is outnumbered once again.

Naomi, Natalya, Tamina and Lana then make their way to the ring, but the Riott Squad - in a smart move - walk out of the ring, but the foursome attack the Riott Squad, who retreat.

07:23 (IST)27 DEC 2017

The two exchange blows right from the start. Naomi then lands a kick on Ruby Riott, but after an interference by Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan, Riott got a kick to the back of Naomi's leg and then lands a Riott Kick and then the three count. Squash!

Ruby Riott defeats Naomi

07:19 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Next, in singles action, Ruby Riott will face off against Naomi. 

07:16 (IST)27 DEC 2017

07:14 (IST)27 DEC 2017

The Ascension are comforting Breezango backstage, and they say that the Bludgeon Brothers crossed the line, and that they're going to ask for rematch for next week, again!

07:13 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Harper then lands a huge boot on Breeze and then a huge sit-out powerbomb. Breeze looks done and Rowan goes for the cover, but lifts Breeze's head before the three count. The Bludgeon Brothers want to inflict as much harm as possible, but Breezango are saved by their new friends, Ascension, who come to save Breezango. 

07:11 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Fandango and Breeze try to take it to the Bludgeon Brothers but both of them are thrown to the outside, while Breeze is thrown into the apron head first by Rowan. 

07:09 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Backstage, The Ascension have some good news for Breezango - the duo will get a rematch against the Bludgeon Brothers, which will happen right now!

07:05 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Bryan states that Styles vs Owens was one of the heated rivalries of 2017 so made the decision to end the year with a match between them!

07:05 (IST)27 DEC 2017

07:04 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Daniel Bryan is backstage with Shane McMahon, and Shane says that he took offence to Bryan terming Shane as someone who is becoming like Vince McMahon. 

Shane states that Vince has done a lot for the business, and Bryan acknowledges it, but says that he's throwing his weight around like Vince. Shane then questions Bryan's logic about the US tournament and about the night's main event - AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens. 

07:02 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Gable and Benjamin then combine and get the three count!

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable are the No. 1 contenders for The Usos' tag team titles.

07:00 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Benjamin comes in to interfere and disrupts Rusev's submission move. Big E then lands a huge spear on Benjamin and then goes for the Big Ending but it is not to be. Benjamin then lands a huge knee to the head of Big E, while Benjamin tags Gable. 

06:59 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Rusev and English are on the ascendancy, as Rusev lands a huge kick on Woods' head. He then places Woods on Gable and puts both of them with the Accolade! This is incredible. Could both of them tap out?

06:58 (IST)27 DEC 2017

Gable, English and Woods are in the ring, and English lands a big boot on English, while Woods lands a huge kick on Gable and then a DDT. English then gets the cover on Woods, but just the two count as Benjamin interferes. 

Rusev then landed a double powerbomb on Benjamin and Gable from the second rope! English then landed a splash and covered on Gable, who just about kicked out.

06:55 (IST)27 DEC 2017

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