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WWE SmackDown Results, June 20th 2017, live commentary updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 21, 2017 07:35 IST

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07:35 (IST)21 JUN 2017


Big E def. Jimmy Uso
Nakamura def. Ziggler
Owens def. Chad Gable
Mahal def. Harper

There will also be another Women's MITB match on the next episode and Zayn will lock horns with Corbin yet again.

07:34 (IST)21 JUN 2017

07:34 (IST)21 JUN 2017

07:34 (IST)21 JUN 2017

07:33 (IST)21 JUN 2017

07:33 (IST)21 JUN 2017

07:33 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Orton is about to hit the RKO but is ambushed by the Singh Bros who eat an RKO each, the second of which is a thing of sheer beauty as one of the brothers dive straight into an RKO from the top rope. Meanwhile, Mahal has already left the ring and clutches onto his title as Orton stands tall in the ring.

07:31 (IST)21 JUN 2017

However, his celebrations are short-lived as Orton runs down to the ring and beats up the Singh brothers to begin with. He then runs into the ring and slams Jinder to the mat and rains down punches. The action spills outside the ring soon where Jinder is slammed onto the barricade twice and dismantled until he crawls back into the ring.

07:29 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Harper goes for the quick cover but Jinder kicks out only to eat a boot.. Harper is about to finish things but is distracted by one of the Singh brothers and eats a boot. A Punjabi Khalaas gives Mahal the win.

Mahal wins

07:27 (IST)21 JUN 2017

A discuss clothesline is stopped by Jinder's elbow but Harper manages to land a side slam. He then creates a little separation and climbs up to the top rope. Jinder chases him up there and hit him with the Superplex. At that moment, Corbin's music hits the speakers and Jinder stares at him as he walks around the ring. However, Corbin merely walks around the ring and back down the ramp.

07:25 (IST)21 JUN 2017

The beating continues as Mahal reigns down knees and kicks. Harper barely works out of the subsequent headlock and eventually counters into a butterfly suplex. A few clotheslines give Harper some rythym, after which a big boot floors the champ.

07:23 (IST)21 JUN 2017

A knee to the spine and two knees to the face give Mahal the momentum again. 

07:22 (IST)21 JUN 2017

We return from the break to see Jinder laid out at ring side. Harper then dives through the ropes and right onto one of the Singh brothers who Mahal pushes in his way. He then slams Harper to the floor before flinging him into the ring. 

07:20 (IST)21 JUN 2017

07:18 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Jinder Mahal vs. Luke Harper:

Jinder begins strong with a knee to the mid-section and a flurry of strikes but is clotheslined to the mat soon. However, a drop kick soon turns things around for Luke Harper.

07:14 (IST)21 JUN 2017

07:14 (IST)21 JUN 2017

07:13 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Carmella is distraught as Bryan snatches the contract from her and walks down the ramp. However, a brawl soon breaks out in the ring as Becky spikes Tamina to the mat. Eventually, Charlotte and Lynch are left in the ring with Carmella who eats a Natural Selection followed by the Dis-arm-her.

07:11 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Ellsworth mocks Bryan's kid and Daniel threatens to wipe the floor with him before firing him. The women snap at each other until Bryan finally says that he has to take the briefcase away from Carmella because he refuses to let someone like Ellsworth ruin a historic moment in women's wrestling. He then announces that they will have another Money in the Bank match next week on SD Live much to everyone's delight!!!! 

07:07 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Bryan agrees that there's no rule saying that handing the briefcase to one of the competitors is wrong. He then says that even though there have been interferences in MITB matches in the past, this is unchartered territory as Ellsworth climbed up the ladder and handed it to her. 

07:02 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Bryan says that he's been trying to sort out the MITB controversy and says that he's had to put his emotions aside while making this decision. He then introduces all the women from the match this past Sunday.

07:00 (IST)21 JUN 2017

It's decision time! Bryan makes his way down the ramp to a gigantic pop.

06:57 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:57 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:56 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:55 (IST)21 JUN 2017

The Hype Bros beg Bryan for the chance at the tag team titles that they never got and the GM obliges by letting them face the Usos next week for an eventual shot at the title if they are successful.

06:54 (IST)21 JUN 2017

A huge Suplex almost puts Owens away but the champ eventually retains with a thunderous pop-up power bomb.

Owens retains.

06:52 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Owens attempts the powerbomb but Gable reverses it into a quick cover. Owens spikes him to the mat soon after and hoists him on his shoulders only to be reverse into a neck breaker. A moonsault follows but the cover is unsuccessful. Owens flings Gable into the ring post and clashes into it himself soon after.  

06:50 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:49 (IST)21 JUN 2017

AJ takes off his jacket and gets ready for the fight. KO tells AJ that he's fighting a local resident tonight not him. At that moment, American Alpha who have been off TV for a month come out to the arena. Chad Gable makes his way down the ramp and tells Owens he just moved to Dayton. AJ calls for the bell to be rung and soon after.

Owens vs. Gable:

A flurry of suplexes and an ankle lock gives Chad Gable the advantage as we go into the break. 

06:44 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Owens says he doesn't have the contract only because the others ganged up on him, knowing the threat he posed. He brings up that the blue brand is the land of opportunity and says that he's giving someone from Dayton, Ohio a shot at the title. He can't even complete his sentence when AJ Styles accepts the new Face of America challenge.

06:41 (IST)21 JUN 2017

A displeased and injured Kevin Owens walks down the ramp and shakes his head. 

06:39 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:39 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:36 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Bryan tells Zayn that he's booked him in a match with Corbin and Sami seems pretty happy about it. They are soon interrupted by an emotional Lynch who tells Bryan to do the right thing.

06:34 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:33 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Nakamura attempts the reverse exploder but Ziggler counters into a Zigzag. The subsequent pin is no good, so Dolph locks in a sleeper hold. Nakamura works out of it and slams a thunderous knee to the back of Ziggler's head. A Kinshasa, in the end, seals the deal and gives Nakamura the 3-count.

06:30 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Ziggler attempts the super kick but misses and side-steps one from Nakamura. He then goes for the quick pin but is caught in an arm bar till he gouges Shinsuke's eye to break it.

06:28 (IST)21 JUN 2017

He then places Ziggler on the third rope and knees him to the mid-section. The knees continue to rain down until Nakamura slams Dolph to the mat. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa but Ziggler chops his knee down and connects with the Famouser.

06:26 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Philips informs us that it's been all Ziggler during the break but Nakamura drives knees into Dolph's gut after which he catches him with an Enzuguri. After a bit of back and forth, Ziggler just flings Nakamura into the mat. Nakamura unleashes a blizzard of kicks that he ends with a running drop kick. 

06:24 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:22 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:22 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:21 (IST)21 JUN 2017

He then scrapes Nakamura's face on the top rope which JBL compares to a cheese grater. He then charges Nakamura only to be hoisted over the top rope. 

06:20 (IST)21 JUN 2017

A jumping knee and Good Vibrations seem to give Nakamura control until he slams the post as Ziggler narrowly evades him. Dolph then capitalises with a drop kick and a boot to the side of the fac.

06:19 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Ziggler returns and the men exchange two quick unsuccessful pins after which Ziggler latches on a headlock. Nakamura works out of it with ease and taunts Ziggler who runs into a knee to the mid-section and an Enzuguri. 

06:13 (IST)21 JUN 2017

Ziggler vs. Nakamura:

Ziggler begins by trying to grab the leg and narrowly evades a quick kick from Shinsuke. Ziggler finally gets a body lock in which Nakamura works out of and reverses into a quick pin. Ziggler has had enough for now and rolls out of the ring.

06:10 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:10 (IST)21 JUN 2017

06:09 (IST)21 JUN 2017

We are shown Randy being interviewed backstage and the Viper insists that he dropped the ball because he saw red. He goes on to say that Jinder crossed the line on Sunday and that he's going to travel to India and RKO all of the Champ's family members because the Maharajah disrespected his family.
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