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WWE SmackDown Live Results, June 27 2017, live commentary and updates; Women's Money in the Bank re-match up next

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 28, 2017 07:36 IST

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07:36 (IST)28 JUN 2017


The Usos def. the Hype Bros
The Usos vs the New Day for the Tag Team titles made official for Battleground
Naomi def. Lana
Randy vs. Jinder Mahal in a Punjabi Prison match made official for Battleground
Battle Royale to determine the Number One Contender to the US Title announced for next week
Corbin def. Zayn
Carmella wins the MITB rematch

07:32 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:32 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:32 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:32 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:31 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:31 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:31 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:31 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:30 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:30 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:30 (IST)28 JUN 2017

07:29 (IST)28 JUN 2017

He is about to hand Carmella the briefcase but Becky pushes the ladder over and Ellsworth slams onto the ropes. However, Becky is stopped by Carmella who first pulls her down and then uses a chair. She then climbs up the ladder and picks up the briefcase yet again!!!!

Carmella is now Miss Money in the Bank. History repeats itself.

07:27 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Charlotte picks up and Natalya and their exchange spills out of the ring and eventually beyond the barricade. As the ring remains empty, Ellsworth enters the ring and climbs the ladder.

07:26 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Both Tamina and Charlotte get to their feet but Tamina connects with a super kick. She climbs the ladder but is spike to the mat eventually as Lynch and Natalya team up. However, Natalya soon lays Becky out with a sit-outpower bomb and then catches Carmella in the sharp-shooter. Charlotte kicks Natalya out of the way and then spikes Carmella with the Natural Selection.

07:24 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Charlotte and Tamina are bundled out of the ring in the following exchange and Carmella splashes onto Natalya and Becky. Charlotte returns to the ring and slams Tamina with the ladder. After trapping Tamina in the ladder, she climbs up only to be stopped by Carmella. Carmella and Charlotte brawl until Tamina topples the ladder over. 

07:22 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Natalya positions the ladder and climbs up yet again but is soon pulled down by Charlotte. Lynch and Tamina soon join the fray as the four women brawl on the ladder until the ladder falls to its side, leaving the four women strewn at ring side. Carmella then climbs up and has her hand on the contract but the four women recover in time and move the ladder. 

07:17 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Becky then throws the ladder at Natalya but misses. However, she is soon planted with a spear from Tamina as we go into a break. 

07:16 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Charlotte takes Tamina out after which she eats a discuss clothesline. Natty then climbs up the ladder in super slow motion only to have Charlotte follow her up the ladder. Carmella soon drops both of them by pushing the ladder but she has no time to celebrate as she is soon planted with a Suplex.

07:14 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Becky lands a huge slam outside while Charlotte and Tamina battle for the ladder inside. Lynch joins the equation all of a sudden by climbing up the ladder. Flair and Tamina then topple the ladder over after which Lynch is kicked onto the Queen. 

07:12 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Tamina lies strewn ring-side while Charlotte positions the ladder. However, Natty stops her with a Suplex. She then takes out Carmella soon after. Carmella tries to kick Tamina after evading a clothesline. However, Tamina catches the kick and flings her onto the announcers desk.  

07:08 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Tamina stops Becky's momentum with a Samoan Drop and a Superfly splash which connects. 

07:07 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Charlotte vs. Natalya vs. Carmella vs. Tamina vs. Lynch:

The women go at each other from the start with Carmella rolling out of the ring. Lynch and Natty go at each other, while Tamina and Charlotte take care of each other. Carmella takes advantage and climbs the ladder but is stopped by all four women.

Tamina is then bundled out of the ring, soon followed by Charlotte and Natalya, courtesy of a Lynch Bexplex. 

07:02 (IST)28 JUN 2017

The New Day and the Usos will face off in a rap battle next week. I guess we've found our toilet break next week.

06:58 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:57 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:57 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:56 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Shinsuke mumbles about Corbin being scared of him and leaves all of us confused with a smile before walking off camera.

06:55 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Corbin places Zayn on the top turnbuckle but Sami knocks him off and follows him with a dive which Corbin evades and counters into the End of Days.

Corbin wins

06:54 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Zayn tries to lift Corbin but Corbin just lays him out with a huge right. Zayn is then pummeled in the corner until he evades a splash to go for a quick cover.

06:53 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Corbin is in complete control with a side headlock and continues to dominate until Zayn fights back with a clothesline. Corbin then slides under the ropes and boomerrangs back only to slam into the ring post. Zayn dives from the top rope but doesn't secure the victory.

06:50 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:50 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:49 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:49 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Zayn vs. Corbin:

Zayn bounces off the ropes and takes Corbin down quick. The Lone Wolf is then thrown into the corner as Zayn takes the fight to him with a flurry of strikes. Corbin rolls out of the ring and Zayn thinks about following him but stops. Zayn eventually dives through but is caught in mid-air and slammed face-first onto the barricade.

06:46 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Maria informs us that she is the first lady of SmackDown Live, while Mike tells us that he is Maria's husband. However, the love-struck couple is soon interrupted by Zayn, who has a match right now.

06:42 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:42 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:41 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:40 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Bryan is on the phone when AJ tells him that Owens' open challenge isn't really open. Owens soon joins the conversation, following which Bryan tells KO that there will be a Battle Royal next week to determine the number contender to the US Championship next week. AJ thinks it's a great idea while KO doesn't think so.

06:35 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Jinder then comes out to the arena and says that there is a prejudice against him in the WWE. He says Randy didn't deserve a shot and got one only because of the bias against Mahal. He then announces that the two will face off in a Punjabi Prison match for the Championship. 

06:33 (IST)28 JUN 2017

An irate Orton asks Shane if he's going to fire him and says that even if he does, he's going to stalk Mahal for disrespecting his family. Shane finally gives him his rematch for Battleground after admitting that he'd never seen such fire in Orton's eyes. However, Shane says that Jinder gets to choose the stipulation.

06:31 (IST)28 JUN 2017

He then decides to head backstage and make good on his threat, however, he is interrupted soon by Shane O'Mac, who receives a gigantic pop. Shane says that although they've known each other for a while, he can't let the Viper put the WWE Champion's health in jeopardy. 

06:28 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Orton says that if he doesn't get what he wants, he's going to go backstage and beat the 'holy hell' out of Jinder.The Viper then follows in that vein and threatens to beats Mahal up until he gets a shot. 

06:26 (IST)28 JUN 2017

We return from the commercial to see Orton seated in the middle of the ring. Phillips lets us know that English received an RKO after being told to leave. English then has no choice but to leave, leaving the Viper in the ring. Orton tells us that he's not leaving the ring until he gets a rematch for the WWE title.

06:23 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:22 (IST)28 JUN 2017

06:21 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Aiden English's performance is interrupted by Orton who comes out for what I safely assume will be yet another squash. 

06:19 (IST)28 JUN 2017

Lana vs. Naomi:

As Naomi raises her title just before the fight, Lana ambushes her. She then stomps Naomi, soon after which the bell is rung. Lana immediately splashes her in the corner and then plants her to the mat with her Fisherman's suplex. Naomi kicks out and soon stuns Lana with a stiff kick. The Champ then completes it with a spring board moonsault to seal the deal.

Naomi wins in what was essentially a squash.

06:13 (IST)28 JUN 2017

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