WWE SmackDown Results May 23rd 2017, Live Updates

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07:36 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:32 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:32 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:32 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:31 (IST)24 MAY 2017

The winners stare each other down as the show comes to an end, Money in the Bank promises to be yet another action-filled SmackDown PPV and we just can't wait for it.

07:30 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Ziggler attempts the Famouser but Nakamura counters into the reverse exploder. Owens then joins the fray only to be greeted by a pele kick. AJ then sets KO up for the Styles Clash but eats a super kick. Nakamura then takes Ziggler out and hits Owens with the Kinsasha to hand his team the victory.

Styles and Nakamura win

07:27 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Ziggler has AJ on the top ropes in position for the slam but AJ works out of it and then plants Dolph face first into the match. Both men then make the tag and Nakamura uses kicks and knees to take advantage. He even manages to cover Owens but is stopped by Ziggler. 

07:26 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Ziggler, however, fights back by sending AJ threat first into the ropes giving him space to make the tag. He then hits AJ with a running Senton outside the ring. He then drives a running knee into AJ's back as Styles sits on the apron. Owens then hits him with a slam and tags Ziggler.

07:23 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Ziggler smashes the ring post and this allows Nakamura to make the tag after which Styles clears house. Styles takes Owens out with a forearm and hits Ziggler with the Ushigorushi.  

07:21 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Nakamura fights back with a quick cover out of nowhere but he is stopped yet again with a snap kick to the face. Owens is then tagged in after which he just rag dolls Shinsuke. Owens then tells Ziggler to take his revenge for last night and he tries to do that until Nakamura evades a spear in the corner. 

07:18 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:17 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:17 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:16 (IST)24 MAY 2017

The heels then continue to dominate as KO slams a cannon ball home in the corner.

07:16 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Nakamura tries to fight back but Owens kicks him to the gut to stop his progress. The heels work together in their corner until Shinsuke fights valiantly to his corner only to be stopped by Ziggler. 

07:14 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Ziggler uses classic wrestling holds and constricts Nakamura until he tags Owens in. Owens then unleashes a fantastic snap mare followed by a hard kick to the back. 

07:12 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Owens has Nakamura in a side headlock which the charismatic star works out of with a slam. Nakamura then uses Good Vibrations to force KO into the corner. Owens fights out of it by pulling his hair and then underlines his authority with stomps. Ziggler then mocks Shinsuke as he is tagged in and then lands a sweet neck breaker.

07:07 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:06 (IST)24 MAY 2017

07:06 (IST)24 MAY 2017

KO and Nakamura are then tagged in. KO screams about SD being his show when he is smacked to the face. Nakamura is about to unleash the Kinsasha when Owens rolls out of the ring.

07:05 (IST)24 MAY 2017

AJ whips Dolph off the ropes and the Show off holds on to the ropes to avoid AJ. He then lands a drop kick and then eats one for his troubles.

07:04 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Nakamura & Styles vs. KO & Ziggler:

Ziggler and Styles start things off. AJ goes for the back right away but is caught in an arm lock. AJ quickly transitions into a side headlock.

07:02 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Up next we have Nakamura's SD debut in the ring!

07:02 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Natalya and Carmella argue with each other in front of Shane about who deserves a shot at the title. They are soon joined by Lynch, Tamina and the Queen, all of whom claim they are owed a shot.

Shane then announces that a fatal five-way involving all five women will take place next week. 

06:56 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:55 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:55 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:55 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Breezango vs. The Usos:

Unfortunately for India, the new ad format still hasn't reached our shores, so we return from commercial to see Fandango hit Jimmy with the Last Dance, only to have Jey slam him with a splash. This is enough to put Fandango down fo the three-count.

The Usos retain.

06:49 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:49 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Fandango vs. Jimmy Uso:

Jimmy slaps Fandango to kick things off again. Outside the ring, Breeze puts on his 'grandma' wig and taunts Jey Uso with handcuffs. Jey chases him into the ring and his brother gets a hold of Breeze. The wily Fandango takes advantage of the situation and rolls Jimmy up for another quick win!

Fandango win.

As they walk away from the ring, Fanadango takes the mic and asks them for another shot at the belt, the enraged Uso oblige them right away! We have a tag team title match on our hands!

06:45 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Breeze vs. Jey Uso:

Jey takes the mic and tells Breeze he doesn't deserve a shot because they already lost. However, he is distracted by Fandango who sprays him with a water gun. This gives Breeze the opportunity to roll him up for the quick pin and the victory.

Breeze wins

06:37 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:37 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:37 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:36 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:36 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Jinder then calls Orton the epitome of America as he is on the decline! He then speaks to 'his people' in Punjabi and says that he did what he promised. Pyro then shakes the arena as the entire contingent of dancers follow Jinder out after he celebrates with his belt on the ropes. 

06:33 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Let the Punjabi Celebration begin!

A fantastic drum sequence preludes the WWE Champion's entrance as he walks down the ramp while dancers dressed in Indian ethnic wear dance around him. He steps into the decorated ring and begins by berating the crowd for not accepting him. He says he embraces the hate because everyone in India has got his back and he's not wrong there. 

06:26 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:25 (IST)24 MAY 2017

In what could be the last episode of Fashion files Shane is bewildered at the props lying around and is then confronted by a dejected Breeze and Fandango. The duo hand in their 'badges' and 'guns' and say that they don't deserve anything after their loss last night. Just as Breeze takes off his pants half-way, Shane stops him and tells them they are in singles matches with the Usos.

Did we just see Shane stop Breezango from parting ways?

06:21 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Styles tries to convince Nakamura to work together and keeps calling him 'Rockstar'. Shinsuke is fine with working as a team but insists he will make SD his playground at Money in the Bank.

06:18 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:18 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:18 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:16 (IST)24 MAY 2017

In the crowd, Corbin lifts Sami and drops him face-first onto the barricade and continues to hit him with giant rights on the barricade. Once he's had enough Sami is left in a heap and a stretcher is called out as one fan chants, 'Get the stretcher!'

06:11 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Corbin vs. Zayn:

Corbin starts aggressively and flings him across the ring but the ever resilient Sami manages to counter for the quick pin and actually manages to keep the big guy down for the three-count!

Zayn wins.

Corbin doesn't take to kindly to being squashed and hits him to the back of the head as he celebrates. He takes things out of the ring, hurls him into the announcer's table and slams him off the barricade into the crowd with a steel chair.  

06:08 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:07 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:07 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:06 (IST)24 MAY 2017

06:06 (IST)24 MAY 2017

Lynch attempts the dis-arm-her and is almost stopped by Ellsworth, who tries to interfere from the apron. Naomi takes him out with ease, however, as Lynch locks in the submission.

Lynch and Charlotte win
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