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WWE Smackdown Results 11/29/16, live updates

Updated: 30 November 2016 08:32 IST - Published: 29 November 2016 19:52 IST

Match: Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton vs. American Alpha

Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton make a combined entrance to the Wyatt family's music. American Alpha come out next as we cut to commercials.

Jason Jordan starts things off with Randy Orton. He covers Randy Orton for a quick pin but Orton kicks out after a series of wristlocks are exchanged between the two. Jason Jordan responds to a forearm by Randy Orton by a series of chained arm-drags.

Bray Wyatt gets tagged in and Jason Jordan immediately goes to work by beating him down. Jordan then brings Wyatt to his corner and tags Chad Gable in. The two execute a double dropkick on Bray Wyatt. Jason Jordan gets tagged back in. Wyatt slides out of the ring and throws a fit by throwing the top off of the announce table.

Wyatt finally makes it back and connects with a lateral press and covers Jason Jordan for a 2-count. Wyatt then tags Orton in, Orton throws Jordan on the top rope, as Jordan's body bounces off back to the mat. Orton proceeds to get Jordan in a headlock and wears him down.

Jason Jordan finally makes the tag to Chad Gable and Gable immediately gets the upper hand. Gable locks an armbar on Randy Orton over the ropes as the referee breaks it up. We cut to commercials.

Back from the commercials, Wyatt connects with a running clothesline onto Gable in the corner. Gable and Wyatt exchange punches on the ring apron, Wyatt connects with an elbow on the back of Gable's head, driving him to the mat.

Back in the ring, Wyatt tags Orton in. Orton puts Gable in a headlock which Gable powers out of and punches Orton. Orton then turns a running Gable into a power slam and tags Wyatt in. Wyatt bounches off the ropes but Gable dropkicks him. Wyatt takes out Jason Jordan and Gable goes to make the tag but Jordan is knocked out at ringside.

Wyatt then connects with another sidewalk slam and pins Gable. Gable ends up kicking out. Randy Orton gets tagged in. Orton takes Gable to the top rope and connects with a superplex. Jason Jordan and Bray Wyatt get tagged in.

Jordan drops Orton with a dropkick off the apron. Jordan then connects with a Sidewalk Suplex on Bray Wyatt and Gable takes Randy Orton out at ringside. Bray Wyatt finally gets the upper hand in the ring with some offence of his own but Jordon connects with a German Suplex.

The lights go out as Luke Harper makes an appearance. Wyatt kicks and sets up a distracted Jason Jordan for a Sister Abigail but Chad Gable interferes with a dropkick. Randy Orton comes to Wyatt's aid however, and connects with an RKO on Gable.

Bray Wyatt connects with a sister Abigail on Jason Jordan after driving him into the corner and covers him for the win.

Result: Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt defeat American Alpha via Pinfall

Backstage, AJ Styles walks on an interview with Heath Slater and Rhyno, calling the tag team titles insignificant. Ambrose makes an appearance and proceeds to beat AJ Styles down as the show comes to a close. 


Segment: Becky Lynch interviewed backstage

Upon being asked about her condition, Becky Lynch says that the doctors have informed her that she has a spine bruise from the beatdown by Alexa Bliss earlier in the night. 

She then proceeds to call Alexa Bliss a 'bitch' and says that she will take her revenge at TLC. 


Match: Kane vs. Luke Harper

Kane is the first to come out. Luke Harper makes his entranc enext.

The match starts off with the two locking horns in the middle of the ring but Kane pushes Harper off with superior strength. Harper then proceeds to get Kane in a Headlock but Kane pushes Harper off. Harper pushes Kane back but Kane doesn't budge, another attempt by Harper fails as Kane runs his shoulder into Harper, knocking Harper off his feet.

Harper then connects with a couple of uppercuts on Kane and kicks him, but Kane doesn't seem bothered. The two do their signature taunts at each other, Harper slides out of the ring and tries to get some offence on Kane by driving Kane's head onto the top rope, Kane launches Harper back outside. We cut to commercials as Harper stares at Kane in disbelief.

Back from the commercials, Harper and Kane are in the middle of the ring with Harper seemingly having the upper hand. He has Kane in a headlock. Kane powers out of it and attempts a chokeslam but Harper superkicks him instead. Harper kicks Kane again and attempts a pin but Kane kicks out.

An Irish whip to Kane by Harper gets reversed as Kane connects with a DDT. Kane then proceeds to connect with a series of punches and a sidewalk slam. He pins Harper but Harper kicks out in 2.

Kane then proceeds to place Harper in the corner turnbuckle and runs off the ropes but Harper reverses the momentum with a dropkick instead. Harper then puts Kane in the corner instead and connects with a couple of strikes.

Kane eventually reverses Harper's attempt at another move by powerbombing Harper instead. After the powerbomb, Kane tries going for a chokeslam but Harper reverses it with a sidewalk slam. Harper goes for a pin but Kane kicks out.

Kane then goes to the top rope, trying to go for a high flying punch on Kane, Harper gets up, avoids the move and superkicks Kane. He then covers Kane for the pin but Kane kicks out again.

Harper takes to the top rope, but Kane follows with an uppercut, gets on the middle rope and proceeds to Superplex Harper to the mat. The two men finally make it to their feet and exchange punches. Harper powers up for a big punch but Kane connects with a choke slam.

Kane then covers Luke Harper for the pin and wins the match.

Result: Kane defeats Luke Harper via Pinfall


Segment: James Ellsworth on a stretcher

James Ellsworth is being roled off on a stretcher backstage by medical personnel. 

Dean Ambrose promises him that he will make it right. Ambrose also accepts that Ellsworth's destruction was his fault and says that he will fix it. Ambrose accompanies Ellsworth on the Ambulance as its' doors shut and it exits the arena. 


Segment: The Ambrose Asylum with Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose walks to the ring and starts things off by introducing James Ellsworth. James Ellsworth makes his entrance.

Ambrose asks Ellsworth how old were his wrestling boots, he then asks Ellsworth if he ever thought that he would be on Smackdown. Ellsworth says that six months ago he would have never thought that he could be on Smackdown, but he kept fighting and with the help of Dean Ambrose, he was finally a Smackdown Superstar.

He then proceeds to tell Ambrose that if Ambrose ever needed him for anything, he would always be there for him. Ambrose tells Ellsworth that he didn't need to thank him for anything, but asks him to run some errands for him anyway. 

Ambrose asks Ellsworth who he would like to face for the WWE championship. Ellsworth says that as much as he would like to face Ambrose, he thought he had a better shot at the title facing AJ Styles since he has defeated him three times already. Ambrose says that Ellsworth is "drunk with power".

AJ Styles makes his entrance and tells Ellsworth that he was just a prop to insult AJ Styles, he then proceeds to deride Ellsworth for his lack of a chin and calls him a ventriloquist dummy. Ambrose asks AJ Styles if he was insinuating that he got beat by a dummy thrice. 

AJ Styles tells Ambrose that Ellsworth would have never won if it wasn't for Ambrose's help. He then proceeds to threaten Ambrose by telling him that he was going to dismantle him with tables, ladders and chairs at TLC. AJ Styles adds that after beating up Ambrose, he'll have something special for the "Superstar", referring to Ellsworth.

Styles then dares Ellsworth to show up at TLC and promises to beat him down as well. Ambrose says that Styles was mentally feeble and "easy", Ambrose then tells Styles to not worry about the "mutant" Ellsworth and adds that the "fun and games" were over at TLC. Styles then pushes Ellsworth onto Dean Ambrose, knocking them both to a ladder. 

He then beats Ellsworth down, before following Ambrose outside and beating Ambrose up as well, throwing him to the steel steps. Styles then comes back into the ring and beats Ellsworth up. Styles then throws a ladder on Ellsworth, hangs him upside down from the ring apron and hits him with a cheap shot. 

Styles then connects with a Styles clash off the steel steps on Ellsworth and takes him out completely, before walking off. Medics, referees and Dean Ambrose are seen tending to a downed Ellsworth as we cut to commercials.

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