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WWE SmackDown results 12/20/16, live updates

Updated: 21 December 2016 08:35 IST - Published: 21 December 2016 00:11 IST

Number 1 Contender's match for the WWE Championship: Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance first as a clip showing his confrontation with Baron Corbin earlier in the evening is shown. Baron Corbin comes out next.

After the two men get into the ring, AJ Styles also makes his entrance. He joins the announcers at ringside on commentary as we cut to commercials.

Back from the commercials, Ziggler quickly starts things off by punching Corbin repeatedly. Corbin grabs him in mid-air but Ziggler powers out of it and dropkicks Corbin, Corbin leaves the ring to recover.

Corbin then comes back to the ring and Ziggler immediately goes for the takedown by clutching Corbin's leg. Corbin throws Ziggler off, however, and hits his head with a knee. Corbin then bounces Ziggler's throat off the ropes before driving his boot to Ziggler's head.

The two leave the ring as Corbin continues to beat Ziggler down. He then stares AJ Styles down before pushing Ziggler back into the ring. Corbin pins Ziggler but Ziggler kicks out.

Ziggler then begins an assault on Ziggler and starts beating him down. Corbin reverses an Irish whip attempt and sends Ziggler face first into the corner turnbuckles, as Ziggler's head bounces off.

Corbin continues to wear Ziggler down and punches him in the chest, sending Ziggler down. He then Irish whips Ziggler onto the other corner with full force which connects. Ziggler reverses the momentum by hitting Corbin with a dropkick but Corbin wastes no time getting back into the match, picking Ziggler up and dropping him on top of the ropes.

Corbin tries to go for a big clothesline but Ziggler counters with an elbow. Ziggler counters another clothesline attempt by moving out of the way but Corbin slides out of the ring and immediately returns, punching Ziggler in the back. He then viciously throws Ziggler into the steel ringpost and beats him down. We cut to commercials.

Back from the commercials, Ziggler punches Corbin down and then proceeds to drive a running Corbin into the ringpost by moving out of the way. Ziggler then hits Corbin with a Famouser and covers him for a pin. Corbin kicks out.

Corbin then picks Ziggler up for a powerbomb attempt but Ziggler gets out of it. Corbin ends up hitting Ziggler with an STO and pins him but Ziggler kicks out this time.

After taunting AJ Styles and telling him to pay attention to the match, Corbin goes back to beating down Ziggler and punches him. Ziggler attempts to hold on to Corbin to get up to his feet but Corbin bounces off the ropes, trying to land a big move. Ziggler reverses into a pin attempt by rolling Corbin up.

Corbin kicks out and immediately hits Ziggler with a huge clothesline. Corbin pins Ziggler but Ziggler kicks out. After a moment of recovery, Ziggler gets to the apron and bounces Corbin's head off of it. He beats Corbin down some more and hits him with the Zig-Zag.

Ziggler covers Corbin for the pinfall but Corbin kicks out. Ziggler then proceeds to punch Corbin down and places him on top of corner the turnbuckles. The two continue to fight with each other as both get on the middle rope. Corbin ends up striking Ziggler with multiple elbows and connects with a Deep Six.

Corbin pins Ziggler but Ziggler kicks out once again.

Corbin throws Ziggler out of the ring and follows him outside. He then throws Ziggler shoulder-first into the barricading. He then goes back into the ring but comes back out and picks Ziggler up, driving him to the other barriacde.

Corbin picks Ziggler up and ends up throwing him onto AJ Styles who was sitting near the announcers' table. The match ends at this point with a countout for both the wrestlers.

Result: No-contest/draw with both Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin getting counted out

AJ Styles retaliates by taking a chair and beating both Ziggler and Corbin up with it with multiple chair shots.

Daniel Bryan comes out and announces that AJ Styles, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler would be taking on each other in a WWE Championship match next week. 


Segment: James Ellsworth interviewed backstage

James Ellsworth is asked by the interviewer about what hurt the most and about his comments on the match with AJ Styles. He is also asked about his friendship with Dean Ambrose. A heavily bandaged James Ellsworth can only answer with groans.

Carmella enters the scene and takes Ellsworth away, telling him that she would take care of him. 


Match: Mojo Rawley vs. Curt Hawkins

Following a backstage confrontation, Mojo Rawley makes his entrance as Curt Hawkins is already in the ring. Rawley chases Hawkins around the ring and Hawkins gets the upper hand. Rawley, bounces off the ropes, however, and pushes Hawkins who slides out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Hawkins takes out Rawley with a big clothesline. He then tries to slam Rawley down but Rawley sandbags him and connects with a back-body drop on Curt Hawkins instead. Rawley then hits Hawkins with a couple of shoulder blocks, following them up with Stinger Splashes to the corner. Rawley eventually connects with a big punch on Hawkins in the corner.

Mojo Rawley then proceeds to pin Curt Hawkins in the ring and picks up the win.

Result: Mojo Rawley defeats Curt Hawkins via Pinfall

After the match, Mojo Rawley asks Ryan Phillippe, the guest of Smackdown and star of the "Shooter" TV series (featuring Randy Orton) to come to the ring. The two celebrate Rawley's win together.


Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Luchadora

Alexa Bliss faces a mystery masked opponent who the commentators refer to as "Miss Mascaras" Luchadora. The stipulation put by Daniel Bryan for this match was that Alexa had to face the opponent or forfeit her title.

Luchadora rolls around the ring and avoids Alexa Bliss' offence. She then takes Bliss down with a kick and pins her, Bliss kicks out. She then pins Alexa again after another barrage of moves, Bliss kicks out again. The crowd breaks out in "Si" chants for the mystery opponent who the commentators have been referring to as a Luchador.

She then proceeds to break Bliss down further with a hold. Bliss gets her own back in the match and beats her down.

Luchadora reverses the momentum, however, and dives off the top rope to connect with a dis-arm-her on Alexa Bliss. Alexa taps out and Luchadora picks up the victory.

Result: Luchadora defeats Alexa Bliss via Submission

After the match, Luchadora runs around the ring, celebrating her victory. She then gets into the ring and takes off her mask, revealing that she was indeed, Becky Lynch. A disgruntled Alexa Bliss walks off as the two stare each other down. 

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