WWE Smackdown Results 15th November 2016, live updates, The Undertaker returns

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Edge is live on Talking Smack. He talks about how the Undertaker's entrance still gives him goosebumps.

Edge adds that SmackDown always gives an opportunity to those who deserve it, something that doesn't always have on Raw.

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Another great episode of SmackDown Live! Stay tuned for the latest from Talking Smack

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Edge presents The Cutting Edge

Edge is back in the WWE ring along with AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, Shane McMahon and James Ellsworth.

Ellsworth asks Edge if he'll do a 5-second pose with him but Styles interjects and asks Edge to ask a question to someone who matters. Edge turns to Orton and asks why he's joining the Wyatt Family and if Bray Wyatt needs to pull his string to make him talk.

Bray reveals that the old Randy Orton is dead and the world would see a much more dangerous Orton at Survivor Series.

Shane McMahon says that SmackDown Live was the fans team and they'd all have to co-exist. Styles replies that'd he already made a compromise by agreeing to team up with a hothead like Dean Ambrose and he threatens not to play nice at Survivor Series as The Undertaker's gong hits!

The Undertaker makes his way down the ring and stares off against Shane McMahon as the crowd lose their collective minds.

Taker says that there couldn't be a better commissioner of SmackDown Live than the man who knows no fear - Shane McMahon. Taker says that he's back taking souls and kicking holes before adding that he was born at Survivor Series while SmackDown has always been his home.

He tells team SmackDown that if they fail then they'll have reason to fear The Deadman and that Team Raw had better "Rest in peace".

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The Spirit Squad, The Ascension,  The Headbangers, The Vadevillians vs  American Alpha, Breezango, The Usos and The Hype Bros

Jason Jordan and Aiden English start us off before Jey Uso tagged himself in. He went to work on Mikey and tagged Jimmy in. Mikey tagged in Gotch as Jimmy tagged in his brother.

Mojo Rawley tagged himself in next but got hit by a forearm. Mojo knocked Gotch down and hit him with a seated senton. Mojo tagged in Zack Ryder as Gotch tagged in Konnor from The Ascension. Konnor went for the corner splash but was met with the double knees. Ryder followed it up with a basement dropkick to the outside but he hit Konnor's partner Viktor instead of him.

Konnor takes advantage and takes out Zack Ryder as we head to commercial.

We come back from commercial to see Zack Ryder tagging in Chad Gable. Gable suplexes both members of the Headbangers as Jason Jordan comes in and Suplexes Headbanger Mosh out of the ring. The Spirit Squad take him out before Breezango take them out. Breezango get taken out before American Alpha hit the Grand Amplitude to pick up the win.

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Nikki Bella vs Carmella

Nikki and Carmella lock up to begin the match. Carmella does Cena's "You can't see me" gesture before pushing Bella's face away. Carmella tries to run but Nikki catches up with her and hits her with a snap suplex followed by a dropkick that sends Carmella rolling out of the ring.

Nikki goes for a baseball slide dropkick but Carmella catches her and sends her neck first into the floor.Back in the ring, Carmella hits a lateral press for a two count before putting her in a sleeper hold leveraged against the ropes.

Nikki tries to roll Carmella up but Carmella reversed and hit a Superkick. Carmella follows it up with a vicious ground and pound on Nikki Bella. At this rate Nikki won't make it to Survivor Series.

Carmella follows it up with a snapmare followed by another sleeper hold. Nikki powers out of it and reaches the ropes. Carmella goes for a Bronco Buster but she misses and both women are down.

The women from Raw's women's division are here on SmackDown live!! We see Raw Women's Champion, Charlotte, make her way down to ringside and take a seat. Where are the other four women?

We come back from commercial to see Nikki finally on top as she hits Carmella with the corner clothesline followed by a spinning headkick. Nikki and Carmella brawl on the outside and Nikki doesn't appreciate Charlotte's trash talk.

She forearm's Charlotte in the face and drags her into the ring as the rest of the women from Raw come out to help Charlotte. The rest of the women from SmackDown come out as an all out brawl ensues.

Match ends by DQ

Nia Jax manhandles Natalya before trying to ram Becky Lynch through the barricade. Becky movThees out of the way and Nia Jax goes crashing through it. 

The women from Raw get beaten back as the women of the blue brand stand tall.

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Oney Lorcan vs Kalisto

NXT Superstar Oney Lorcan is on SmackDown tonight. Lorcan attacks Kalisto immediately and takes the fight to Kalisto. Lorcan smashes Kalisto in the corner before Kalisto hits him with a stiff kick. Kalisto then botches a springboard spinning shoulder and falls flat on his back. Lorcan does his best to cover up the botch as Kalisto hits him with a Salito Del Sol for the win.

Kalisto def. Oney Lorcan

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Alexa Bliss and Daniel Bryan are backstage as Alexa complains about the decision in the match last week. Natalya then comes in and tells Alexa to always get up when kicked down and calls it a teachable moment. Alexa isn't impressed and leaves.

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Sami Zayn will now take on The Miz at Survivor Series.

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Dolph Ziggler (C) vs The Miz (for the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Dolph and The Miz's feud has been one of the best things on SmackDown Live since the brand split. They face off once again tonight for the Intercontinental Championship.

Ziggler and Miz lock up to begin the match. They match each other move for move in the opening exchanges. Dolph goes for the early Superkick and misses.

We come back from the commercial to see Ziggler hitting Miz with a high dropkick to counter Miz's double axehandle. Both men are down but they get to their feet and Miz hits a sweet neckbreaker before taking a shot at Ziggler's knees.

Miz went for the Awesome Clothesline in the corner but Ziggler managed to get out of the way and Miz went crashing into the turnbuckle. Ziggler gets to his feet first and hits the Miz with two clotheslines and a corner splash followed by an elbow drop.

Ziggler goes for a mat based sleeper but Miz reaches the ropes. Miz follows this by a pin attempt of his own but the referee sees him leveraging against the ropes. As Miz turns around, Ziggler hits a Famouser for the nearfall as we head into another commercial.

The Miz taunts Daniel Bryan as he hits Ziggler with the 'Yes' kicks as Ziggler attempts a roll up. Miz kicks out and hits Ziggler with a running knee followed by a Skull Crushing Finale and he goes for a pin - 1 - 2 - Ziggler kicks out.

Miz followed it up with a DDT attempt but Ziggler counters and hits Miz with a Zig Zag but Miz reaches the ropes. Ziggler looks like he'll go for the Superkick but the Spirit Squad come out and distracts Ziggler for a second. Miz takes advantage and locks in a Figure-4 leglock. Ziggler somehow reaches the ropes.

Miz goes for another Figure-4 but Ziggler rolls Miz up as Maryse pushes Miz over to help him reverse the pin attempt into one of his own. 1 - 2 - 3!!


The Miz def. Dolph Ziggler        .

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Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are out first. They take the crowd through what's in store for this episode of SmackDown Live before announcing that the episode is kicking of with Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz.

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Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the 900th episode of SmackDown. We have appearances by The Undertaker and Edge scheduled tonight plus and Intercontinental Championship match between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz.

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Spoiler on Undertaker's role tonight on Smackdown Live revealed

The Undertaker's much-anticipated return on tonight's SmackDown may lead to a massive match in the near future. WWE teased the possibility of a WWE superstars standing up to the Phenom and many feel it could be his next opponent.

According to reports, WWE may kickstart the Orton and Undertaker feud tonight. As Orton is now part of the Wyatt Family, WWE may have plans of a tag team match featuring the Brothers of Destruction (Kane and Undertaker) vs. Orton and Bray Wyatt. Plans of having a singles match between the Apex Predator and The Deadman are also in the works.

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What will happen when The Deadman comes home?

The selling point of tonight's SmackDown is unsurprisingly the Undertaker's much-hyped return. The Deadman would be making his first appearance ever since he beat Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 32 and the anticipation is quite high.

Undertaker is one of the most influential stars in SmackDown history, and his appearance is a fitting addition to the celebratory atmosphere. It would be interesting to see if WWE begins the build up towards Undertaker's WrestleMania 33 match and have the opponent confront the Phenom. The names currently doing the rounds are Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and not to forget, John Cena.

Can The Rated-R Superstar contain SmackDown LIVE’s Survivor Series Team?

The second most anticipated segment of the night would see the entire SmackDown men's Survivor Series team be the guests on Edge's Cutting Edge. After SmackDown's chaotic invasion of RAW, the possibility of the red team extracting some payback are quite high.

Edge would have the tough task of maintaining order - which would obviously not happen - in a volatile setup. Will Edge get physical? Will SmackDown get the better of RAW if team red invades the blue brand? We'll have to wait and watch.

Will The A-Lister take back the Intercontinental Title?

The Miz gets another chance to reclaim his lost title in a rematch for the Intercontinental title against Dolph Ziggler. The winner of this match would go on to face Sami Zayn for the title at Survivor Series in a cross-brand match.

The match is expected to be a five-star classic, something that the two have gotten accustomed to putting out off late. Will the Show-off retain and set up a face vs. face clash against Sami Zayn or will Miz shock the world by winning the title again?

Internal turmoil threatens Survivor Series Women’s Team

The SmackDown Women's team captain Nikki Bella is set to take on her teammate and rival Carmella. The growing tension between the two, team mentor Natalya's ambitions and the roles of other teammates make for interesting subplots in the match.

Which SmackDown LIVE tag teams will survive?

With the cut-throat competition in the SmackDown tag team division, the survival of the Survivor Series teams is up in the air. Breezango were the final team to qualify last week, and it will be intriguing to see what WWE do to amp up the excitement towards the match on the go-home episode of Survivor Series.

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