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WWE Smackdown Results 4th October 2016, Live updates

Welcome to San Diego, California, where we pick up all the action on the go-home show for SmackDown before No Mercy this weekend!
Updated: 05 October 2016 07:38 IST - Published: 04 October 2016 23:40 IST

Thank you for joining us for the go-home show of SmackDown before No Mercy! We will see you this weekend at No Mercy. Until then, SK Out \m/


AJ Styles, Dean Amborse and John Cena - Face to Face to Face!

AJ Styles is out first (announced to the ring, upon his own request, as the 'Face that Runs the Place') and gloats about his achievements thus far in the WWE to the audience.

He says that he will beat both Dean Ambrose and John Cena at No Mercy, but is interrupted by Ambrose before he can complete the sentence. Ambrose is livid, and starts off trolling AJ Styles, before turning his ire onto John Cena.

He slates John Cena for interfering in their match-up last week, but is cut short by the Leader of the Cenation, who comes out to a loud, yet typically polarizing, reaction.

But before he can say a word, Styles tells him to shut up and says Cena shouldn't even dare to put his name next to that of Ric Flair. But before he can reply, Ambrose gets in on the act and calls Cena out in a promo that cuts extremely close to realism.

His words were something along the lines of Cena being a political figure in the WWE that plays 'suck-ass' behind the scenes to become a 'bonafide superstar', and that he would much prefer being real and just Dean Ambrose.

Cena has had enough and goes after Ambrose and nails him with an Attitude Adjustment! AJ Styles hits John Cena with the Phenomenal Forearm! Dean Ambrose recovers sufficiently to hit AJ Styles with the Dirty Deeds on the steel ramp as he is backing up with the Title!

Ambrose closes out the show holding up the WWE Title high! What an explosive segment!


Jack Swagger vs Baron Corbin

They start off measuring each other, Swagger looking to take the fight to the ground and wrestle Corbin while the Lone Wolf looks to keep the fight standing and let his hands go, even as JBL describes the contest as a perfect clash of styles.

Corbin assumes control of the match when he nails Swagger with a move that Ranallo describes as the Deep Six, before gloating to the crowd. It's been all Corbin to kick this match off, just as JBL also predicts that Corbin has all the attributes to be a future World Champion.

Swagger fights back meanwhile, with a belly to belly, before reversing that into an ankle lock on Corbin! Corbin stretches and claws towards the rope, which the referee construes as a tap and calls for the bell!

Corbin is apoplectic with rage, as he lays waste the to everything ringside even as Swagger marks his SmackDown debut with a fortuitous victory.


Randy Orton is shown next, lifting the shutter to supposedly let Wyatt out. But lo and behold! No wyatt. Chair is rocking back and forth. Randy Orton loses it and throws the chair onto the wall, before leaving agitated.


Jey Uso(w) Jimmy Uso vs Jason Jordan (w) Chad Gable

Jason Jordan takes down Jey Uso to kick off the match, but Jey bounces right back up and lands a neckbreaker over the ropes on Jordan. He whips him to the corner, but is reversed and rolled up.

1-2-3! Jordan pins Jey Uso!

But wait, the action is far from over as Jimmy sends Gable knee first into the steel steps, and Jey takes out an interceding Jordan's knee from behind with a nasty looking block.

They bring Jason Jordan back into the ring to inflict more punishment on his knee, but are interrupted by the SmackDown tag team champions, Slater and Rhyno.

The Usos back up to the ramp, as we cut off the segment.

Result: Jason Jordan def. Jey Uso via pinfall

We cut to a backstage vignette, that shows Bray Wyatt sitting on the arm chair in that room that he has supposedly been locked in, and saying cryptic stuff. What's new? :p



Miz is out with Maryse in what has been billed as an attempt to chronicle Dolph Ziggler's career in the WWE thus far. Miz doesn't waste any time in inviting Ziggler out, and directs our attention to the titantron.

Apparently it is a promo video for a parody of WWE 24, titled "The Success of a Failure - The story of Dolph Ziggler", which basically recounts every embarrassing moment in his WWE career. (TBH, there were many of those :p)

Ziggler sits through it and opens up on the Miz, with a heartfelt tirade about how for every 10 bad moments, there is one silver lining that makes it all worth it. Miz says all that comes to an end this Sunday, and says he has a special gift for Ziggler.

Wait. It's the Spirit Squad! Or what's left of them. There is Kenny Dykstra and another out of shape guy, who re-enact the Spirit Squad's usual shtick, before attacking Ziggler from behind.

Ziggler fights out and nails both of them with a Superkick each, before going after the Miz, who bails with Maryse just in time. 


Vaudevillains vs Hype Bros

The match gets underway, with Mojo Rawley doing the weirdest dance routine before he hits a downed Gotch with a move called the 'hammer'. Just when you think that the situation can't get any worse, the Ascension make they way down the ramp.

Aiden English, meanwhile, is taking control of the match by piling on Ryder. But it doesn't last long, as Ryder gets the tag to Mojo Rawley who absolutely runs roughshod over English.

They manage to kick Gotch out of the ring, before hitting English with the Hype Ryder to pick up a straightforward victory, as the Ascension watches on from the ramp.

Result: Hype Bros def. Vaudevillains by pinfall


Daniel Bryan with representatives from Susan.G.Komen in a segment
Daniel Bryan is out with 5 women from the 'More than Pink' movement who have fought Breast Cancer, and makes introductions to the crowd. He asks the crowd 'Aren't these women heroes?' and 'Aren't these women champions?', for which the audience responds with loud Yes! chants.

Bryan then gives each of them a SmackDown women's championship belt, before closing out the segment with Yes! Chants.


Bray Wyatt is shown looking for Orton backstage, and finds himself in a room with a rocking chair. Out of nowhere, as his wont, Orton closes the shutter from behind and locks Wyatt in.

Wyatt is shown, through a camera set up in the room, screaming that 'Walls cannot hold me in!'



Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss and Carmella

Whoa, what's this? Daniel Bryan makes the tag team match during the break and we return to the sight of Carmella and Alexa double teaming Nikki and beating up on her.

Carmella then takes the punishment to her by hitting a variation of the Bronco Buster on Nikki, before tagging in Alexa, who does her bit to target the attack on Nikki's surgically repaired neck.

Carmella then tags in and goes after Nikki, who gets out of the way and makes the hot tag to Becky. Becky comes in and takes the attack to Alexa, who was also tagged in by Carmella, but the action is headed off by Carmella who looks to interfere.

Nikki Bella floors Carmella with a spear, but Alexa takes advantage with a splash off the top rope to pick up the upset win over Becky!

Results: Alexa Bliss and Carmella def. Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch

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