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WWE SmackDown Results and Live Commentary 14th November 2017; New Champion crowned on SmackDown

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 15, 2017 03:12 GMT

SmackDown is all set for a great go-home show before Survivor Series.


03:12 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

That was an incredible end to SmackDown's final show before Survivor Series. Team Raw seem to have the upper hand going into Survivor Series, and Shane McMahon will have to cajole his troops to stand any chance of Team SmackDown coming away from the PPV victorious.

Here are the results of tonight's show: 

- Baron Corbin defeats Sin Cara and remains the US Champion
- Charlotte defeats Natalya and is the new SmackDown Women's Champion
- Jimmy Uso defeats Chad Gable
- Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens vs The New Day - No result

03:06 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

03:06 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:57 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Raw GM Kurt Angle looks Shane McMahon and asks him how this feels and tells him there's more on Sunday. 

Angle then lands an Angle Slam on Shane. Survivor Series is going to be an incredible show!

02:56 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Shane McMahon is assaulted by The Shield in the middle of the ring and Sheamus then lands huge punches on the SmackDown Live Commissioner. 

02:55 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:55 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:54 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

KURT ANGLE IS IN THE BUILDING AND USHERS IN BRAUN STROWMAN! Nakamura is dispatched and then he's face to face with Shane McMahon, who is the only SmackDown man in the ring now.

02:53 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Owens, Zayn and The New Day stand in unison as the three Shield members go to the three corners of the ring. Zayn and Owens move out of the ring and walk back to the locker room. The Usos then come to the aid of The New Day.

Now, Sheamus and Cesaro make their way to the ring.

Backstage, the Raw Women's team assault the SmackDown Live Women's team. Alexa Bliss then lands a huge right on Charlotte. 

Titus O'Neill, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe now make their way to the ring, before Shane McMahon and Team SmackDown run to the ring. AN ALL OUT BRAWL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING

02:50 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Woods fights back, but Owens lands a DDT and covers, but just the two count. Zayn is then tagged in and mocks Woods by kicking him. Woods tags in Big E who lands two belly-to-belly suplexes and then a splash.

Owens, then tries to interfere but Woods throws him out of the ring.

Big E tries to take control... but The Shield's music hits and the three make their way to the ring!

02:47 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Back from the break, Woods is put in a lock by Zayn, who then tags in Owens. Owens puts Woods in a headlock as Big E tries to pump up the crowd to help motivate Woods...

02:45 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:45 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:43 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Woods is tagged in but Owens drags Woods outside and lands a Senton Bomb on the outside. OUCH! That's got to hurt Woods' back. 

02:43 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

The match starts off with Xavier Woods and Sami Zayn locking up. Zayn throws Woods to the floor and then mocks him. Woods recovers and tags in Big E, who kicks Zayn multiple times, before tagging in Woods who continues the kicking. 

Woods is now the legal man, and covers, but just the two count. 

Zayn drags Woods to his corner and then tags in Owens, who lands a few lofty blow. Woods then drop kicks Owens onto his back, before Big E is tagged in and covers.

02:39 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:34 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

In the ring, The New Day are hyping up their match against The Shield at Survivor Series. Kofi Kingston talks about how The New Day can trust each other, unlike The Shield, and that they'll always stick together, even during WrestleMania season. 

02:30 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:30 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

In the locker room, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are talking where both of them are unhappy about them not featuring on the Survivor Series card. 

Owens says that the only show that matters is the Sami and Kevin Show.

02:24 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:22 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Gable runs into the ring and tries to surprise Jimmy. A distraction by his brother Jey on the outside helps Jimmy land a BIG superkick... Jimmy covers and gets the three count.

Jimmy Uso defeats Chad Gable. 

02:21 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Back from the break, Gable throws Jimmy face first into the ring; Gable goes to the rope and almost lands a moonsaw, but Jimmy moves out. Jimmy lands a huge kick to Gable's knee and then another kick before a Samoan drop. Jimmy then covers, but just the two count. 

02:16 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Jimmy starts off with huge rights and Gable smartly moves out of the ring. Gable takes advantage of a distraction by Shelton Benjamin, and goes to work on Jimmy's left knee, before covering... but just the two count. 

02:15 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Next, one-half of the SmackDown Tag Team champions, Jimmy Uso, will face off in singles competition against Chad Gable. 

02:11 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:09 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Charlotte Flair now has an enviable record, she's won the NXT Women’s Champion, WWE Divas Champion, RAW Women’s Champion and now Smackdown Live Women’s Champion.


02:07 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

And as Charlotte makes her way up the ramp, Ric Flair's music hits and he comes out to hug his daughter!

02:07 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

02:05 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

In the ring, Renee Young asks Charlotte how she feels about facing Alexa Bliss. An emotional Charlotte says that all she wanted since the Superstar Shake-Up was the SmackDown Women's title. 

She vows to win this Sunday at Survivor Series against Alexa Bliss and said that before the 'Goddess of SmackDown', there was a 'Queen of SmackDown'. 

She then dedicates her title win to her dad, Ric Flair.

02:02 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Charlotte almost reaches the ropes but Natalya drags her back to the middle of the ring; Charlotte again drags herself to the ropes. 

Natalya is then thrown out of the ring and when she returns back to the ring, Charlotte lands a HUGE boot and then locks in the Figure-Eight Leglock. Natalya holds on but then taps out to the Figure-Eight Leglock.

Charlotte is the new SmackDown Women's Champion.

02:00 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Natalya drags Charlotte into the ring and puts her into the Sharpshooter...

02:00 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Natalya goes outside the ring, Charlotte follows her and lands a boot. Charlotte goes up to the barricade to land a high flying move, but Natalya grabs her and lands her back into the steel post.

01:59 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Back from the break, Natalya is in control as she puts Charlotte in a headlock, but Charlotte gets some energy from somewhere and spears Natalya, and covers. But just the two count. 

Charlotte goes for the figure four lock, but Natalya kicks her into the turnbuckle. Natalya covers and just the two count. Another cover, but Charlotte kicks out again. Natalya looks frustrated; she slaps Charlotte and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Charlotte delivers a slap of her own, and then suplexes here. 

01:53 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

As soon as the match kicks off, Charlotte goes for a quick cover, but not quick enough as Natalya kicks out. Natalya shows aggression with a few punches; Charlotte recovers and throws Natalya into the barricade before dragging Natalya inside the ring and covering. But Natalya kicks out.

Charlotte then kicks Natalya out of the ring as we go into a commercial break. 

01:49 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

01:45 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Next, the SmackDown Women's title will be defended by Natalya against Charlotte's own, Charlotte Flair. 

01:44 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Backstage, Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan meet and Shane thanks Bryan for his support. Bryan says that after Survivor Series, he and Shane should have a conversation about Shane not telling him about the raid on Raw. 

He says he'll meet Shane after Survivor Series.

01:36 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

01:33 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Back from the break, Corbin has taken control of the match and throws Sin Cara face first into the floor. Corbin then mocks him and a riled Sin Cara fights back with kicks and punches, and then flies through the ring and pushes Corbin into the barricade. 

Sin Cara reverses and then lands a crossbody. Corbin quickly makes his way back to the ring after sliding outside and lands a Deep Six and covers, but Sin Cara kicks out.

Baron Corbin then lands the End of Days, after Sin Cara briefly took control of the match; Corbin covers and gets the three count.

Baron Corbin defeats Sin Cara and remains the US Champion.

01:26 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Sin Cara begins the match on the front foot with his speed and athleticism and kicks Corbin out of the ring, as we head into a commercial break. 

01:24 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Next, US Champion Baron Corbin will defend his title against Sin Cara. Corbin is set to face The Miz at Survivor Series on Sunday, but if Sin Cara wins, he will face the Intercontinental Champion.

01:23 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Jinder Mahal meets AJ Styles backstage and says that he will regain the WWE Championship after Brock Lesnar rips him apart...

01:18 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

01:18 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

01:18 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

01:18 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Styles then says that he can talk for himself and that he's not a puppet like Lesnar as he takes over the microphone. Wow! That was harsh!

He ends his promo by passionately saying that 'SmackDown Live is the house AJ Styles built'.

01:15 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Bryan hits all the right notes as he says Lesnar is a quitter and that he quits when he's pushed into deep water. He then proceeds to say that AJ Styles will push Brock Lesnar into deep waters at Survivor Series and that the Universal Champion will mentally quit and that he cannot keep up with the Phenomenal One. 

01:09 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

Bryan then announces the New WWE Champion, AJ Styles, who makes his way to the ring.

But before Styles can talk, Bryan asks Styles if he wants his 'own personal Advocate'? And Styles responds with a 'Yes'. 

Daniel Bryan then goes on to talk like Paul Heyman and mocks Brock Lesnar's Advocate. This is hilarious stuff!

01:06 (GMT)15 NOV 2017

SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan makes his return back to television since being brutalised by Kane on Raw.

He says that Raw is afraid of SmackDown because they 'don't have heart' and that Raw is embarrassed after The Siege, which he says he wasn't fully behind that idea because he knows how vindictive Stephanie McMahon can be.

Bryan then goes on to say that he's proud of SmackDown and the roster. 
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