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WWE SmackDown Results, August 15 2017, MITB winner fails to cash in briefcase

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 16, 2017 07:50 IST

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07:50 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Results of tonight's SmackDown Live matches:

Natalya def. Becky Lynch by submission
Chad Gable def. Rusev by DQ
The Usos def. The New Day(Kofi & Xavier)
John Cena def. Jinder Mahal by DQ

07:33 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Corbin was absolutely distraught as SmackDown came to a close. The WWE Champion stood tall

07:33 (IST)16 AUG 2017

07:29 (IST)16 AUG 2017

What an absolute shocker. Corbin just became the 3rd man in WWE history to fail an MITB cash-in. This is absolutely crazy.

07:28 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Cena hits the super-AA from the top turnbuckle, and as he's about to pin Jinder, Corbin slides the MITB briefcase in and breaks the pin, effectively DQing Jinder.

After the match, Corbin walks away and then realizes that he can cash in the MITB. He runs in, gives the referee his briefcase and then says he's cashing in. Match takes a long time to start, with Cena lingering ringside. He attacks Cena and then turns around, only to be pinned by Jinder.

Baron Corbin failed to Cash in his Money In The Bank contract.

07:24 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Jinder attempts a Khallas, but outpowers Jinder. He hits an AA successfully and Jinder KICKS OUT! Jinder just kicked out of the AA!

07:24 (IST)16 AUG 2017

A distraught Jinder is distracted and is met with an STF when he turns around. Luckily for the champion, he reaches for the ropes on time. Cena then attempts an AA, but Jinder sees it coming and escapes. He hits Cena with the running knee.

07:22 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Cena's finally in control now as he hits Jinder with the Five-Knuckle Shuffle. The Singh Brothers then pull Jinder out of the ring. Jinder runs away and as he re-enters the ring, so does Cena behind him, except the Singh Brothers catch his leg and Jinder kicks Cena. The referee notices The Singh Brothers holding Cena's leg and sends them out!

07:20 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Samir Singh hits a cheap shot on Cena from behind.  Jinder is in full control now, even after the commercial break.

07:15 (IST)16 AUG 2017

The crowd is in full fledged "Let's go Cena! Cena Sucks" mode! Jinder extends his hands as the two try to out muscle each other. 

07:13 (IST)16 AUG 2017

07:08 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Looks like it's the end of the super-popular Fashion Peaks. This is truly saddening!!

07:07 (IST)16 AUG 2017

The screen wrote "Breezango will return in 25 years", and the "25 years" was changed to "2 weeks", to which the crowd popped.

07:06 (IST)16 AUG 2017

The Asenscion come to return their terrible pie. Fandango starts investigating the pie and finds gluten, band-aid and hair. When the Gluten part was mentioned, they got triggered as they live a Gluten free lives.

07:05 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Fandango says that Aliens "mentally probed" him. Tyler Breeze is wearing a comedic blonde wig. Fandango also has a "space rock" which they put in his "back pocket". 

07:01 (IST)16 AUG 2017

06:58 (IST)16 AUG 2017

06:57 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Kofi turns things around with a back body drop and he then tags in Xavier Woods, who hit a flurry of offence. He's really able to shine in these situations.He's caught with a crazy right hand outside the ropes but then hits an enziguri. Kofi gets tagged in slyly and the two then try to finish things, but it's not enough. Kofi tries to finish Jimmy Uso, but the former champions are too quick for their liking. The Usos then attack Kofi's leg and hit him with a double superkick for the win.

The Usos defeated The New Day

06:54 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Back after the break, Usos are the ones in control. JBL now uses another Game Of Thrones reference.

06:50 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Kofi starts strong and tags in Xavier Woods. New Day is rolling in a super fast paced mode as Xavier tags in Kofi again. They're just pounding on and jumping on Jey.

06:48 (IST)16 AUG 2017

New Day throwing those Game Of Thrones references in their promo. Xavier Woods saying that the Usos are going to have to bend that knee!

06:46 (IST)16 AUG 2017

It's time for The New Day vs The Usos! The champs make their entrance!

06:42 (IST)16 AUG 2017

06:40 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Shane says it wouldn't be appropriate for him to shake hands with KO, and suggests he shakes hands with AJ instead. the former champion extends his hands but AJ doesn't budge. KO shoves the champion and that starts a brawl between them, which Shane tries to stop. 

AJ then tries to strike KO with his fist but Owens ducks and AJ's fist gets caught by Shane. There's another moment of great tension between the two former rivals. Owens attempts a superkick, but AJ ducks and the kick lands on Shane instead. A shocked KO fled from the ring while the crowd chants "You Suck"

06:37 (IST)16 AUG 2017

KO tells AJ that he doesn't believe that he hit Shane unintentionally. He also praises Shane for his rules, stating it to be fair rules. KO then tells Shane that if he does hit him on Sunday it will be completely unintentional. He offers Shane a handshake for a fair fight.

06:35 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Shane was about to say something and waited for a long time before KO's music hit. Seems like a bit of a miscue with the music.

06:34 (IST)16 AUG 2017

AJ asks Shane "man to man" if he isn't going to use the Special Guest Referee privilege to screw him over. Shane tells AJ that if he gets pushed or shove, it's a whole different story. Shane threatens to strike back if AJ does first. You can sense the tension there.

06:33 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Shane McMahon comes out and receives huge chants. Shane says that there's no need for an apology and vows to be neutral during his match against KO at SummerSlam. AJ tells Shane that the Pele Kick to him last week was totally accidental.

06:31 (IST)16 AUG 2017

AJ Styles receives huge chants of his own name, and tells the crowd to hold on while he calls out Shane.

06:28 (IST)16 AUG 2017

06:27 (IST)16 AUG 2017

06:24 (IST)16 AUG 2017

AJ apologizing to Shane McMahon NEXT!

06:21 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Randy does his signature pose to celebrate. Got to admit, even though Randy's been pretty bland the past few months, that RKOOuttaNowhere is pretty cool to watch!

06:21 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Rusev isn't done. He removes the monitors from the announce table and then puts the accolade on Gable. Crowd starts chanting "Randy", and The Bulgarian Brute takes the mic. Once again, "USA" chants. 

He says "Randy" and is met with an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!

06:19 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Gable stars off with an awesome suplex, met with a cool reaction. Rusev rolls out of the ring and then tosses the Olympian onto the steel steps outside. He then tosses Gable on the chairs of the announce table, leading to a DQ.

Chad Gable defeated Rusev by DQ

06:14 (IST)16 AUG 2017

06:13 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Rusev and Chad Gable in a rematch next! This should be awesome!

06:12 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Daniel Bryan gets approached by The Usos. D-Bry asks if he can be the 3rd member of their rap group. Usos ask him which members of the New Day they'll be facing at SummerSlam. D-Bry then says that they'll be facing Big E and Xavier Woods, with Kofi Kingston in the corner. Usos ask for a match tonight against Woods and Kofi, to which Bryan agrees.

Usos then put up a fist bump, and Bryan instead high fives their closed fists, which was by far the funniest thing so far tonight

06:10 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Backstage, Tamina asks Lana why she didn't have a match. Lana says that Tamina isn't ready and that they don't fear her. Lana tells Tamina that with her help, people will start fearing her and that together they'll be unstoppable. 

06:04 (IST)16 AUG 2017

06:03 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Ok commentators, Jinder vs Cena is NOT the most significant match in SmackDown history. No one is getting fooled by that.

06:03 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Fashion Peaks FINALE tonight? This is truly saddening. WE NEED MORE!

06:03 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Carmella's getting a lot of heat. She wished both competitors the best of luck on Sunday. James Ellsworth then said whoever wins still loses.

06:01 (IST)16 AUG 2017

The commentators tell Naomi that this could be her fate on Sunday. She says that that's not the case because she has the glow. After the match, Natalya tries to assault Becky with another sharpshooter, but the champion enters the ring and saves Becky. Nattie teases a brawl with Naomi, but guess who's out now? Ms MITB: CARMELLA!

06:00 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Nattie tries a sharpshooter, and Becky escapes, following up with a Dis-Arm-Her attempt but doesn't land it. Becky then misses a leg drop from the top turnbuckle, to which Natalya wastes no time to put a Sharpshooter. Poor Becky taps.

Natalya defeats Becky Lynch(clean)

05:59 (IST)16 AUG 2017

It was an awfully short time before the commercial break came. Regardless, after the break, Nattie is now in control. The Irish Lass Kicker makes a quick comeback with a series of kicks followed by a Bexploder and forearm. Only a 2 though.

05:53 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Becky starts off strong against Nattie, who provokes the former champion with a slap. Becky then fires back with a series of strikes and tries to target the arm early, but the #1 contender rolls out.

05:53 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Naomi made quite a big entrance for someone who's just sitting on the commentary table.

05:51 (IST)16 AUG 2017

Just as the two superstars are about to go at it, the Champion makes her way out with her super-glowy entrance

05:49 (IST)16 AUG 2017

It's time for some women's action as Natalya takes on the Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch! Will Nattie pick up the win heading into SummerSlam?
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