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WWE SmackDown Results, August 29th 2017, Live Updates and Commentary; Major tag team debuts tonight

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 30, 2017 07:35 IST

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07:35 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Thank you for joining us in this week's coverage of SmackDown Live. Here are the results of tonight:

- Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin defeat The Ascension
- AJ Styles defeats Tye Dillinger in the United States Title Open Challenge
- Bobby Roode defeats Mike Kanellis
- Aiden English defeats Sami Zayn
- The Usos defeat The New Day
- Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton defeat Rusev and Jinder Mahal

07:33 (IST)30 AUG 2017

After the match, Orton laid Nakamura out with an RKO and sent out a strong statement before their #1 contenders match for the WWE title on next week's SmackDown. Is the heel Viper back? We sincerely hope so! 

07:32 (IST)30 AUG 2017

07:31 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Orton gets into the ring and goes for the RKO, but Rusev shoved him off. However, Nakamura drops the Bulgarian Brute with a knee strike from the second rope. Kinshasa! 1-2-3! Good night Machka! 

07:30 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Orton was going for the RKO but Rusev evaded it; Nakamura tagged in and hits the Kinshasa and the three count.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton win the match. 

The two smile at each other, and the two exchange words... but Orton lands a huge RKO out of nowhere! The two will face off against each other in a No. 1 Contender's match next week on SmackDown.

07:29 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Orton creates separation and makes the hot tag to Nakamura. The pop is deafening! The Rockstar comes in hot and lays Ruse out with a kick. He gets a near fall and follows it up with an exploder suplex. Rusev reverse, but Nakamura smartly transitions into an attempted cross arm breaker.

07:25 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Orton lands a huge slam on Mahal and as the Singh Brothers distract the referee, Rusev lands a huge one. Rusev tags in and covers Orton, but it's just the two count. The Bulgarian Brute lands huge kicks and then gets him into a submission hold, Orton now on his knees.

07:23 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Nakamura lands a jawbreaker and tags Orton, and he goes at Jinder Mahal with punches, uppercuts, stomp to the leg. Mahal goes for the clothesline, Orton ducks and goes for the RKO, but Mahal evades and goes out of the ring. Orton throws Mahal on his back into the barricade. 

07:21 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Mahal and Nakamura are in action and Nakamura lands a huge leg on Mahal; Nakamura is struggling to get to Orton, but the WWE champ pulls The Artist back to the middle of the ring. Mahal lands a huge knee to the back of Nakamura and gets him in a headlock...

07:18 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Nakamura and Orton take on Mahal and Rusev even before the bell is rung and both of them are thrown out of the ring, Nakamura and Orton stand tall in the ring, as we head into the commercial break...

07:15 (IST)30 AUG 2017

07:15 (IST)30 AUG 2017

07:11 (IST)30 AUG 2017

07:08 (IST)30 AUG 2017

In season 2 of the Fashion Files featuring Breezango -- Tyler Breeze and Fandango -- the two are in the police station trying to solve another climb. The two are back and check out the new 'tech' and long-distance, high-frequency listening device, and other gadgets. 

07:06 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Lana is in the ring and introduces 'the most dominant and feared women wrestler in the WWE' Tamina. Tamina is to face off against a jobber, who takes the initiative, but Tamina is aggressive and retaliates with a few kicks and a huge kick to the jaw. That's it! Lights out. She gets the three count.

Tamina gets the victory, with Lana by her side

07:02 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:59 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:58 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Backstage, James Ellsworth introduces Carmella and says that he's not going to tell James anything and blames him for last week. 

Natalya interrupts and tells her if she cashes-in on her, she'll make her a 'Baron Corbin' alluding to Corbin's unsuccessful Money in the Bank attempt. Naomi interrupts and says that she'll use her rematch clause and face her in two weeks time on SmackDown.

06:55 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Jimmy then enters the ring and superkicks E. Jey was going for the pop-up Samoan Drop, and Kofi counters with a submission. Jimmy is tagged in and gets a roll-up cover and the three count. That looked controversial as Jimmy held his tights.

06:55 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Jimmy lands a few huge right hands on Big E as they are in control; Big E lands a huge blow and both teams get the tag. Kofi lands a few clothes lines and a dropkick, and a New Day boom drop. He gets the crowd amped up, but Jey kicks him. 

06:51 (IST)30 AUG 2017

The winner of the match will get the chance to choose their stipulation for the rematch between them. 

06:50 (IST)30 AUG 2017

The New Day enter with boxes of Booty-Os and it looks like Big E and Kofi Kingston are going to represent The New Day as Xavier Woods looks injured and has a sign over him which says 'It's sore'.

06:46 (IST)30 AUG 2017

In a backstage segment, Dolph Ziggler is asked about his new persona, but says that it'll not happen tonight. Ziggler says that he's not considered seriously after these many years in the WWE and not noticed. 

He says that all the years of 'dedication and sacrifice' have meant nothing, and that he's going to debut his new avatar next week.

06:44 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Shane McMahon says that that match between English and Zayn does not count. He also said that he's not happy with Owens and leaves the arena to meet Owens.

06:40 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:40 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:39 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:37 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Samie Zayn and Aiden English are to face off in singles competition with Owens in commentary.

English goes to action quickly and lands a suplex and covers... just the two count. Zayn recovers and clotheslines English out of the ring and lands on English over the top of the rope. He covers and just the two count. Zayn goes to the top of the rope, but Owens enters the ring and takes the referee's jersey...

This is an unusual turn of events. Everyone is confused, including Zayn who argues with him, and Owens interferes in the match and lands a pop-up powerbomb on Zayn. English covers and it's a fast count and victory for English. 

Kevin Owens looks angry and just cheated his former friend, Sami Zayn.

06:33 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Shane reminds Owens that it was him who picked the referee and that Corbin was biased as a referee, and that he became the official only because Corbin left the ring. Shane tells him that he lost to Styles fair and square, but Owens doesn't agree. 

Shane says that he's tired of complaining and asks Aiden English to get back in the ring, and introduces Sami Zayn to the ring. 

06:31 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Owens asks how McMahon could take over as special guest referee and says McMahon 'screwed him over' not once but twice. McMahon says that this wouldn't have happened in Raw; he says that SmackDown is Shane McMahon's personal playground... and on cue, Shane's music hits... 

06:29 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Owens talks about how Shane McMahon 'screwed him over' last week, which he isn't very unhappy over. Footage of last week's match is shown when Shane became the referee after special guest referee Baron Corbin walked out, and Styles won the match.

06:27 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Aiden English was upto his usual shtick by singing in the middle of the ring, but an unhappy looking Kevin Owens interrupts him and tells him to vacate the ring as he has to get to important business, and English obliges.

06:24 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:24 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:23 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:22 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Roode, who was working as a heel in NXT and was superbly successful, is now working as a face in SmackDown, and has the backing of the WWE Universe, if we go by his first two appearances on SmackDown.

06:21 (IST)30 AUG 2017

The two lock horns, and Kanellis goes to work on Roode's left arm; Roode counters and makes a mockery of Mike by rotating on top of him. Kanellis lands huge rights and then kicks him near the turnbuckle. Roode lands huge chops on Kanellis and ups the ante and the speed of the match. Goes to the second rope and gets a neckbreaker.

He then lands another huge Spinebuster, and then a Glorious DDT... and the three count.

Bobby Roode gets the victory over Kanellis.

06:16 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Mike Kanellis is in the ring with his wife Maria, and Mike will be in action against Bobby Roode. It's going to be... no... not saying it... GLORIOUS!

06:13 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Backstage, Rusev and Jinder Mahal are in the locker room. Mahal asks him how it's a great night for their two countries -- Bulgaria and India. The Bulgarian Brute says that he's not Jinder's friend and that he wants to get revenge. Rusev says he came to SmackDown Live to become the WWE Champion and that after tonight he's coming after Mahal's title.

06:13 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:09 (IST)30 AUG 2017

AJ Styles makes his way to the ring for another Unites States Open Challenge this week on SmackDown. Tye Dillinger accepts the challenge but Baron Corbin makes his way to the ring and attacks him. 

But Dillinger knocks Corbin out of the ring and the match between Styles and Dillinger begins. 

Dillinger goes at it right from the start and almost lands the Tye Breaker, but Styles counters and gets him in the Calf Crusher. Corbin attacks Dillinger and then gets to the ring, but is attacked by Styles. Corbin doesn't look amused, as usual.

06:03 (IST)30 AUG 2017

06:00 (IST)30 AUG 2017

In a backstage interview, Baron Corbin is asked about 'squandering' his Money in the Bank contract but Corbin replies by saying that Cena cost him the chance of a WWE title. He then says that he'll 'cash in' on AJ Styles' opportunity at facing him for the United States title.

06:00 (IST)30 AUG 2017

05:57 (IST)30 AUG 2017

05:57 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Viktor lands huge slaps on the chest and Gable retaliates with a slap of his own. Konnor is tagged in tries to scurry to the tag, but Konnor pulls him away. Gable tags in Benjamin and he lands two huge clotheslines and then an enzuigiri. He then lands a huge right on the head of Viktor and a huge clothesline from the top rope.

Benjamin drops Viktor face first on the mat and gets the cover... and the win!

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin get their first victory as a tag team in their very first match!

05:54 (IST)30 AUG 2017

... back from the commercial break, Konnor and Gable are the legal people in the ring. Konnor lands a huge spinebuster and the cover... but just the two count. Viktor is tagged in as Gable is struggling and in need of a tag. 

05:50 (IST)30 AUG 2017

Viktor and Gable start the match, and Gable has got off to a great start and tags in Shelton Benjamin, who lands a huge right and suplexes... covers... but just the two count. Gable is tagged in and gets a belly-to-belly suplex, but he's soon pushed out of the ring by Viktor as we go into the commercial break...

05:48 (IST)30 AUG 2017

The Ascension are the first competition for the new tag team of Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable!

05:46 (IST)30 AUG 2017

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