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WWE SmackDown Results July 11th 2017, live commentary and updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 12, 2017 07:35 IST

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07:35 (IST)12 JUL 2017

So, that's a wrap, and we hope you enjoyed our coverage of SmackDown Live. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all your WWE needs. 

07:34 (IST)12 JUL 2017

07:33 (IST)12 JUL 2017

07:33 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Styles eventually tries to lock in a calf crusher, but Owens breaks it up.  Rusev hits a superkick, but it isn't enough for 3. Kevin Owens tags in and takes Styles to Chinlock City. The Phenomenal One attempts a schoolboy, but Owens reverses and nails him with a clothesline. 

He tags in Rusev who ragdolls Styles and places him in a bear hug. Styles eventually breaks free and reverses a high-impact move. Cena and Owens are both tagged in. All hell breaks loose, but Styles hits the phenomenal forearm on Rusev and Cena connects with an AA on Kevin Owens, which allows the faces to pick up the victory. We go off the air as AJ Styles and John Cena have a staredown. 

07:25 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Rusev and Cena are exchanging strikes, and the Bulgarian Brute gets a nearfall with a spin kick. Rusev then attempts a Diving Headbutt, ala Chris Benoit, but misses. Cena makes the tag to AJ Styles, who starts to build a head of steam. 

07:23 (IST)12 JUL 2017

07:23 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Rusev heads out of the ring to wave the Bulgarian flag and showboat, but Cena intercepts him and hits a bulldog. Owens eventually tags in and hits Cena with a few "clubberin' blows", as Dusty Rhodes would say. 

07:18 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Kevin Owens and Rusev vs. John Cena and AJ Styles

John Cena and Rusev start proceedings. Rusev grabs a headlock, and the Leader of the Cenation begins to call spots at the top of his lungs, as usual. Sixteen-time World Champion, folks. 

07:12 (IST)12 JUL 2017

It's time for the main event, and the heels are out first. One can only hope that they practised counting the lights. 

07:11 (IST)12 JUL 2017

07:10 (IST)12 JUL 2017

07:09 (IST)12 JUL 2017

We then get to a Breezango segment where both of them are dressed as cowboys. This is apparently a reference to Walker Texas Ranger. They run into Ryder and Rawley, who begin to bicker over the Independence Day Battle Royal. The Hype Bros eventually decide to stay focused on winning the tag titles and leave.

07:05 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Maria and Mike are together backstage, and they demand an apology from Sami Zayn. The former El Generico says that he has already apologised and refuses to do so again. 

He then mocks Mike and asks him if he even wrestles. Zayn eventually gets too far under the couple's skin. Maria slaps him and Mike smashes a vase on his head. Maria then makes another reference to the power of love. You only get this level of cringe-worthy television from WWE, folks. 

07:00 (IST)12 JUL 2017

We then have a backstage segment where Maria Kanellis heads to the men's locker room and demands to see Sami Zayn. She sees Gable and tells him that she is looking for Zayn before storming off. 

06:58 (IST)12 JUL 2017

06:56 (IST)12 JUL 2017

With Charlotte distracted, Tamina subtly gets the tag. She then hits an unsuspecting Charlotte with a superkick and earns her team the victory.

Natalya and Tamina defeated Charlotte and Becky Lynch

06:54 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Natalya cuts off Lynch's attempt to make a tag and tries to make the tag. But, it's to no avail, and Charlotte finally gets the hot tag. Flair builds up a head of steam, and she is ready to finish things off when Lana distracts her. 

06:53 (IST)12 JUL 2017

When we return, Natalya is in control, and she has Lynch in a chin lock. The heels then isolate Becky and try to soften her. Suddenly, Lana makes her way to the ring! Charlotte beckons her partner to make the hot tag, and she tries to get the audience involved, but it's clear that their attention is focused on Lana.

06:50 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Natalya begins to showboat, and she is Becky quickly silenced by Charlotte. Lynch is tagged in, and she nails Nattie with the Bexploder to send her out of the ring. We head to commercial as Becky is thrown into the steps. 

06:47 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch vs. Natalya and Tamina
Becky Lynch and Tamina will start proceedings. Tamina takes the advantage and throws Lynch into a corner, but the Irish Superstar reverses and hits a leg drop before tagging in Charlotte. Tamina takes control and tags in Natalya.

06:44 (IST)12 JUL 2017

We have a women's tag team match next. The team of Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch will face Natalya and the woeful Tamina.

06:39 (IST)12 JUL 2017

06:36 (IST)12 JUL 2017

After the break, Nakamura comes out for his match with Baron Corbin, and he ambushes the Lone Wolf during the latter's entrance. The brawl spills into the audience, and both men have to be separated by the referees and road agents. 

Baron Corbin returns to the locker room, and the match has been called off due to the brawl. 

06:33 (IST)12 JUL 2017

06:33 (IST)12 JUL 2017

06:28 (IST)12 JUL 2017

We then go to a backstage interview with Renee Young and Baron Corbin. The Lone Wolf reiterates that he doesn't fear Nakamura. He promises to destroy Nakamura and bid him sayonara later in the night. 

06:27 (IST)12 JUL 2017

It appears that there will be no SmackDown Live Women's Championship match at Battleground.

06:26 (IST)12 JUL 2017

The entire Women's division is with Shane McMahon, and he announces a Five Woman Elimination match at Battleground between Tamina, Natalya, Lana, Charlotte and Banks. He says that the winner will face Naomi for the SmackDown Live Women's Championship at Summerslam. Carmella goes to see Shane, and she has a petition to reinstate James Ellsworth. To nobody's surprise, Shane rips it up. 

06:22 (IST)12 JUL 2017

06:19 (IST)12 JUL 2017

In a rather disappointing turn of events, it looks like The New Day will not cut a promo tonight. 

06:18 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Jey — now clearly the aggrssor— hits the superkick, but Woods kicks out at two. Jey takes to the top rope, but Woods gets his legs up. Woods then manages to hit a flying elbow of his own, and that's all she wrote. The announcer actually says that Jey Uso won before making the correction. Somebody call Maffew from Botchamania!!!

Xavier Woods defeats Jey Uso

06:16 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Xavier Woods vs. Jey Uso

Woods starts with a kick to the gut and connects with a flurry of strikes. He positions Jimmy on the ropes, but he's foiled by a trip from Jimmy, who is in Jey's corner. Big E and Kofi attempt to protest, but they are thrown out by the referee and so is Jimmy. 

06:12 (IST)12 JUL 2017

The New Day and The Usos are out for the Xavier Woods vs. Jey Uso match. 

06:11 (IST)12 JUL 2017

06:10 (IST)12 JUL 2017

06:07 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Xavier Woods vs. Jey Uso is next

06:06 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Mahal then takes the mic and regurgitates his usual spiel. He admonishes Randy Orton for threatening his family and mocks the audience for chanting "USA". The WWE Champion then promises to show Orton hell and bring the Punjabi Prison to the next episode of SmackDown Live.  

06:04 (IST)12 JUL 2017

The Modern Day Maharaja goes to work on Dillinger, and he hits him with a scoop slam. However, Dillinger reverses an Irish whip and attempts to comeback with the mounted corner punches. Mahal counters and knocks the Perfect 10 down with a knee to the jaw. Khallas for good measure!!!

Jinder Mahal defeats Tye Dillinger

05:58 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Jinder Mahal vs. Tye Dillinger

Both men lock up and Mahal forces Dillinger into the corner. Mahal takes the early advantage, but Dillinger comes back with a crossbody. However, Mahal doesn't really sell it and takes Dillinger down with a lariat. 

05:56 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Tye Dillinger is out next, and the Battle of the Canadians is about to commence. 

05:53 (IST)12 JUL 2017

As we return, the Singh Brothers announce the entrance of the WWE Champion, Jinder Mahal. Surprisingly, you can hear crickets chirping. 

05:49 (IST)12 JUL 2017

However, to the surprise of the audience, Rusev runs in and superkicks Cena. He then locks in the Accolade for good measure. Meanwhile, Kevin Owens nails Styles with a pop-up powerbomb. It looks like we're getting a tag team match tonight. 

As we head to commercial, the announcers plug Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Baron Corbin and Jinder Mahal vs. Tye Dillinger.   

05:47 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Just as both competitors are about to lock up, Kevin Owens' music plays and the recently deposed US Champion makes an entrance. He says that nobody wants to see another Cena vs. Styles match and pledges to reclaim his title and proclaims himself to be the rightful owner of the United States Championship.

He then bashes Cena and tells the Leader of the Cenation that nobody wants to see him. Cena retorts with a cheesy joke and pledges to run through Styles and Owens. 

05:43 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Cena picks up the microphone and accepts Styles' challenge. Both men summon a referee and get ready to put on their working boots. 

05:40 (IST)12 JUL 2017

John Cena makes his way to the ring!!!! What a way to open SmackDown Live!!!!!

05:40 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Styles says that he is an upgrade on Kevin Owens and that the United States title has been overlooked for too long. He then pledges to bring back the open challenge! The Phenomenal One then throws down the gauntlet and awaits the arrival of his opponent while the audience fills the arena with chants of "USA".

05:38 (IST)12 JUL 2017

The announcers put over Styles' victory at MSG as the Phenomenal One soaks in the adulation of the crowd. 

05:36 (IST)12 JUL 2017

AJ Styles is out for the opening segment, and San Antonio is going berserk. You'd be forgiven for thinking that Tim Duncan just walked into the arena.  

05:33 (IST)12 JUL 2017

Welcome to SmackDown Live, folks. We open with a recap of the Battle Royal from last week and AJ Styles' big win at the Mecca of professional wrestling, Madison Square Garden. 

05:29 (IST)12 JUL 2017

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