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WWE SmackDown Results July 4th 2017, live commentary and updates, Kevin Owens' opponent for Battleground confirmed

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 05, 2017 13:34 IST

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13:34 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Key Highlights of Smackdown 4th, July 2017

- John Cena made a return to WWE but his homecoming was interrupted by a returning Rusev, who challenged him to a match. The two will battle it out at Battleground in a flag match.

- AJ Styles and Chad Gable were pitted against each other and the winner of the fight would enter the Independence Day Battle Royal later that day. Styles won the match and took one step further in facing Kevin Owens for the US Championship

- 'Carmellabration' - Carmella and Ellsworth's celebration of Carmella's victory the previous week was interrupted first by Naomi and later by SmackDown GM, Daniel Bryan. Bryan suspended Ellsworth for 30 days and fined him $10,000.

- The Naomi vs Lana match ended as soon as it started as Naomi put Lana in a Headscissors Crucifix Choke and the Ravishing Russian tapped out.

- The Rap Battle between The New Day and The Usos brought a lot of laughs (and some controversy). The New Day were crowned winners by rapper, Wale.

- The Randy Orton vs Aiden English ended in disqualification for The Viper as he repeatedly beat English with various objects to possibly send a message to Jinder Mahal. 

- The Independence Day Battle Royal had 15 wrestlers compete for a chance to face Kevin Owens at Battleground. In the end, it came down to Sami Zayn and AJ Styles - the last two in the ring. Styles hit Zayn with a Pele Kick and was knocked out of the ring.

07:33 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Thank you for joining us for the SmackDown live blog. We'll be back for WWE Great Balls of Fire on 9th July, 2017.

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07:31 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:30 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:30 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Kevin Owens, from the announce table, runs into the ring and takes a shot at Styles and taunts at him. Styles hits Owens with the enzuigiri and KO scurries out of the ring. AJ Styles will face Kevin Owens for the United States Championship at WWE Battleground!

07:30 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Both wrestlers are going at it and Styles kicks Zayn, who was holding on to the ropes, to eliminate him! Styles wins! 

07:28 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Dillinger tries to eliminate both at the same time but both Zayn and Styles hold on the ropes. Zayn recovers and eliminates Dillinger, who looked threatening! Zayn is sizing up Styles, who is facing his second match of the night. Zayn goes for a few punches, but Zayn hits a suplex and goes for the Helluva kick but Styles moves out. Zayn is now on the apron and tries to suplex Styles out of the ring. 

07:26 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Sami Zayn, AJ Styles and Tye Dillinger are the three wrestlers in the ring and Dillinger is taking both Styles and Zayn to the cleaners. He looks up for it and chomping at the bit to eliminate both.

07:25 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Back from the commercial break, Fandago is eliminated from Erick Rowan. Tyler Breeze is thrown out by Rowan but Fandago holds on to his tag team partner and throws him back in the ring. Rowan gets his throw on point the next time, and Breeze is eliminated. Rowan is eliminated by Sin Cara; Konnor was eliminated by Harper and Harper was eliminated by Mojo Rawley. Rawley throws out his partner, Zack Ryder, before he himself is eliminated.

07:20 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:18 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Dolph Ziggler is eliminated! Luke Harper clotheslines him out of the ring, and Ziggler is the first man eliminated from the contest.

07:18 (IST)5 JUL 2017

The action begins and Dolph Ziggler is almost eliminated as he's thrown over the ropes by Sami Zayn but he holds on to the ropes and gets back inside. Styles is almost eliminated, but again, holds on to the ropes. 

07:17 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:16 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Kevin Owens is ringside with the commentary team, possibly taking notes of the man he'll face at Battleground.

07:15 (IST)5 JUL 2017

The rules for the Battle Royale are simple: get thrown over the top of the ropes and you're out of the competition. The last man standing wins and gets a chance to face Kevin Owens for the United States Champion at Battleground. 

07:12 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:12 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:11 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:11 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Renee Young interviews Maria Kanellis and Mike Kanellis about their 'Power of Love' before Sami Zayn interferes and says that he's a fan of their 'Power of Love' before running off to make an entrance in the Independence Day Battle Royal.

07:08 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Tyler Breeze is dressed as a female journalist and interviews Tye Dillinger with Fandango lurking behind him! Dillinger says that Breezango are a threat in the Independence Day Battle Royal.

07:06 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler, Tye Dillinger, Erick Rowan, Jason Jordan, Sin Cara, one of The Colons, Breezango, Hype Bros, and The Ascension will take part in the Independence Day Battle Royal tonight!

07:02 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:01 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:01 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:01 (IST)5 JUL 2017

07:00 (IST)5 JUL 2017

The two will fight each other on July 23, 2017 at WWE Battleground in a Punjabi Prison match!

06:59 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Jinder Mahal is here with the Singh Brothers and raises his title towards Orton! The crowd chants 'USA' before Mahal takes the mic. Mahal says that Americans are ignorant and hence disrespect him - more anti-American promos... ok. Mahal says that if he could, he'd put everyone of the fans in Arizona into the Punjabi Prison and teach them respect. He calls himself the 'true Superstar'. 

Orton tells him to shut up and listen to him. The Viper says that he'll RKO his a*s back to India.

06:56 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Orton is informed by the referee that he'll be disqualified if he hits English with other objects, but Orton doesn't heed the referee's warning and slams English's face with the steel steps. Orton is disqualified but goes on the rampage and hits an RKO on English.

06:55 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Back from the break, English is on the outside and Orton hits him with a knee and throws him over the commentary table and goes at him with multiple punches to the face. English's head is thrown into the steel turnbuckle on the outside and then backdropped onto the announcer's table. Orton is showing no mercy on English and DDTs him on the bare floor. He's sending a clear message to Jinder Mahal: Do not mess with The Viper. 

06:51 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:51 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:50 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:49 (IST)5 JUL 2017

English interrupts Orton's entrance and hits The Viper with the microphone even before the match begins and then throws Orton into the steel steps. English wants to finish his song... Still, very ridiculous.

06:48 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:48 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Aiden English is in the ring and begins a ridiculous singing performance and... Randy Orton's music hits. The Viper is to face English in singles action now.

06:46 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:42 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:42 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:41 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Woods says that Jimmy Uso only became famous because he was on Total Divas... Naomi ain't going to be happy about that..

The two teams engage in a brawl, before Wale announces that The Usos are disqualified and The New Day are the winners!

06:38 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:37 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:37 (IST)5 JUL 2017

It's now Kofi's turn to take on The Usos but he hasn't got a great reaction from the crowd. The crowd are clearly still in shock from what The Usos said previously. 

06:35 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Big E starts off the rap battle much to the delight of the Phoenix audience! 'New Day rocks' reverberates around the stadium!

The Usos are double teaming with their rap battle and Xavier Woods is incensed with what they have to say!

The Usos takes a jab at Xavier Woods by making a reference to a past 'tape'. This is serious. 

06:31 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:31 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Wale, today's MC for the rap battle makes his appearance! This is going to be a riot! The Usos make their way to the ring first... and they have reinforcements. They aren't known for their way with words but we could be in for a surprise. 

Phoenix gives a huge pop for The New Day, decked in Red, White and Blue! And they've got an array of unusually dressed characters with them... and I'm not talking about The New Day but their back-ups.

06:27 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:26 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:25 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:25 (IST)5 JUL 2017

06:25 (IST)5 JUL 2017

Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura is assaulted by Mr. Money in the Bank Baron Corbin with his briefcase! 
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