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WWE SmackDown Results, March 6th 2018, Live Updates and Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 07, 2018 03:03 GMT

WWE Champion AJ Styles will clash with Dolph Ziggler before this Sunday’s huge title showdown.


03:03 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

That's all from us at Sportskeeda for this week's coverage of SmackDown Live. We'll be back for Fastlane, this Sunday.

Here are the results from the matches:

- Jinder Mahal defeats Randy Orton
- Becky Lynch defeats Carmella
- Sami Zayn defeats AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin

03:00 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

03:00 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Zayn is interviewed after the victory and says that he's the "best WWE has" and that he's been "the most-underlooked performer" since moving to SmackDown. 

02:59 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Styles is thrown out of the ring, and Zayn, incredibly, lands a Helluva Kick on Kevin Owens and the three count! So much for their friendship!

02:56 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Styles lands a kick to Corbin's head and then a kick to Corbin's head and then a reverse DDT on Zayn. 

02:55 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

It's now Corbin's time to land a few of his signature moves as he lands a Deep Six on Owens, and Styles - predictably - breaks the count. 

02:54 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Owens then lands a German Suplex on Ziggler and then a cannonball on Ziggler and a KO Bomb on Corbin, and Styles once again breaks the count. Ziggler lands a DDT on Owens and a Zig Zag on Corbin, and a Superkick on Zayn, but Styles breaks the count once more. 

02:53 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Back from the break, Zayn is superplexed, while Styles and Ziggler are powerbombed, from the top rope. Chaos everywhere! Zayn lands a Blue Thunderbomb on Ziggler and Styles just about breaks the count. 

02:50 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

02:47 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Corbin gets back into the ring and all five men are down as they take out each other with their signature moves, as we head to the break.

02:46 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Owens lands a senton on Ziggler and The Showoff just about kicks out. Owens and Zayn once again double team, this time on Styles, and the WWE Champion just about kicks out once again, as Zayn and Owens embrace in the middle of the ring. 

02:44 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Baron Corbin is taking everyone to the cleaners as he lands multiple punches on Ziggler and Owens and then throws Styles. Owens and Zayn capitalise on Corbin going to the outside as they throw him to the steps. 

02:42 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Back from the break, it's complete carnage on the outside as the five men try to destroy each other. 

02:40 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

02:37 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon puts an end to the assault and tells Owens and Zayn to get back in the ring and announces a fatal five-way match between AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin, for tonight's SmackDown Live main event. 

02:34 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Back from the break, Ziggler tries to put Styles in a Styles Clash, but Styles counters, but Ziggler now nails the Zig Zag. But before Ziggler can get the pinfall, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn assault them.

02:33 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

02:29 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Ziggler and Styles try to suplex each other but both fail. Ziggler then throws Styles face first into the post from the apron. 

02:28 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

02:28 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

... but Styles unloads with a forearm and then a clothesline and then lands another forearm. Ziggler lands a Famouser after putting a thumb to the eye of Styles, but Styles breaks the count. 

02:26 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

During the break, Styles fell awkwardly after being pushed off the apron. Ziggler tries to take advantage and Styles tries to counter but Ziggler still has control of the match...

02:22 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Styles lands a huge forearm on Ziggler, who is on the outside, as we head into a commercial break. 

02:21 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Ziggler tries to wear down Styles with a headlock but Styles counters and then lands a drop kick of his own. Beautiful.

02:20 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Ziggler goes for the roll-up cover, but Styles breaks the count. Styles then brings him to the floor and puts him in a headlock; Ziggler lands a picture perfect drop kick on the WWE Champion, followed by a shot to the chest of Styles. 

02:18 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Both Styles and Ziggler try to finish off each other as they go for the finisher right at the start. 

The two jostle with each other before Ziggler gets to the ropes. 

02:13 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

The two will now face off in a singles match. 

02:12 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Ziggler then proclaims that he's the best there is and that it is criminal that he hasn't had a singles WrestleMania match to date. 

02:12 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

02:11 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Ziggler tells Styles that at Fastlane, Styles is going to lose his belt and says that the WWE Champion's head is not in the right place, and that the WWE Universe would stab him in the back.

02:10 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Styles says that he wants his WrestleMania moment of taking the WWE Championship belt to WrestleMania and defending it. 

He then says that at Fastlane he's not fighting for himself, but "fighting for us", alluding to the WWE Universe.

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring and asks Styles why he isn't "cool anymore" and that he's not phenomenal anymore and calls him "desperate". 

02:04 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

AJ Styles is in the ring and isn't unhappy about the six-pack challenge at Fastlane, but says that he's going to fight and isn't going to complain. 

He talks about Cena beating him last week and plays the video footage from last night's RAW, where Cena said that he will become WWE Champion for the 17th time. 

01:58 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Backstage, Naomi backs her friend Becky, while Natalya tells Naomi not to be friends with Becky. Naomi challenges Carmella and Natalya for a tag team match at Fastlane, with Becky Lynch as her partner.

01:58 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

01:53 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Becky counters by dropping Carmella to the floor with a kick. Lynch then explodes with a few punches, but Carmella once again gets back into the match after a side kick and almost has the three count, but Becky puts her leg on the ropes.

Becky Lynch counters and puts Carmella in the Dis-arm-her and gets the three count.

Becky Lynch defeats Carmella

01:50 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

An aggressive Carmella then throws Becky into the post and covers Lynch, who just about kicks out. 

01:50 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Carmella goes to the second rope and has her legs wrapped around Becky's legs and goes over the ropes for a unique move; she then follows it up with a knee to Becky and then throws Lynch into the barricade. 

01:48 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Carmella takes the initiative and after a few punches on Lynch, she goes for the pinfall but Becky kicks out. Ms. Money in the Bank drags Lynch by the hair but Lynch counters. 

01:46 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

01:46 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Becky Lynch will face off against Carmella in singles competition next. 

01:43 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

01:41 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Shinsuke Nakamura is interviewed backstage and before he can complete what he was saying, Rusev and Aiden English interfere. Rusev is unhappy about Nakamura hurting English last week and challenges Nakamura to face him at Fastlane. Nakamura accepts the challenge and imitates Rusev with a "Nakamura Day" chant. Hilarious!

01:38 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

A video package of The Usos and The New Day's incredible rivalry of the past, is played, hyping up their match at Fastlane.

01:32 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

01:30 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Backstage, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn talk about the six-pack challenge at Fastlane, and Zayn again reiterates that he'll lie down for Owens to become WWE Champion. The two embrace each other at the end of the segment. 

01:28 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Bobby Roode, incensed after being pushed to the floor, climbs up on the apron and confronts Orton. Mahal capitalises on this confusion as he lands a knee to the back of Orton and then finishes him off with the Khallas and gets the pinfall.

Jinder Mahal defeats Randy Orton

01:26 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Orton then pushes Mahal towards Bobby Roode, who falls over. 

Orton lands a DDT and then pumps up the crowd...

01:25 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Mahal puts Orton in a chin lock but Orton once again tries to get back in control of the match and lands a powerslam. Mahal goes to the apron and Orton brings him back into the ring and lands a fallaway slam; Jinder goes out of the ring and Mahal throws Sunil Singh towards Orton who drops him onto the commentary table.

01:23 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

Jinder Mahal is in command as we return from the break and The Viper tries to retaliate but Mahal lands a huge knee to Orton's face. Mahal goes for the pinfall but Orton kicks out. 

01:18 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

At the start of the match, the two trade submission holds before Mahal puts Orton to the floor with a shoulder tackle. Mahal then lands punches to Orton's sternum but Orton tries to land the RKO out of nowhere and Jinder, wisely, rolls out of the ring. 

01:17 (GMT)7 MAR 2018

In a singles match, Jinder Mahal takes on Randy Orton with United States Champion, Bobby Roode, ringside at commentary.
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