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  • WWE SmackDown Results, October 10th, 2017, Live Updates and Commentary; Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to make a huge statement tonight

WWE SmackDown Results, October 10th, 2017, Live Updates and Commentary; Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to make a huge statement tonight

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 11, 2017 07:33 IST

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07:33 (IST)11 OCT 2017

That's it from us, folks. That did not hit the heights of HIAC, but to be fair, not make shows or PPVs could match up to that show.

Thank you for joining us. This is me, Nishant, signing off.

Here are the results from tonight's matches:

- Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin win the fatal 4-way tag match and are the No. 1 Contenders to The Usos' tag titles.
- Becky Lynch defeats Carmella
- Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Aiden English and Rusev
- Baron Corbin defeats AJ Styles and retains his United States Championship title

07:30 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Corbin is interviewed in the middle and he tells the fans that he's not going anywhere and that the WWE Universe can cry. That's quite the statement. 

07:28 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Corbin puts Styles on the top turnbuckle, but Styles recovers. Tries the Calf Crusher, but Corbin evades, who is then pushed into the post. Covers, but Corbin just kicks out. Styles again gets the Calf Crusher but recovers again. Corbin was going for his finisher, but Styles lands a Pele Kick, which pushes Corbin outside.

Styles tried to take advantage on the outside but is caught mid-air and thrown to the floor by Corbin. Corbin brings Styles into the ring and hits the End of Days, and the three count.

Baron Corbin retains his United States Championship title

07:26 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Styles tries to get Corbin on his shoulder but can't. He then dodges Corbin and then lands a huge baseball slide which throws Corbin over the commentary table. 

Styles lands a forearm and then lifts him over his shoulder and then the Ushigoroshi. Covers and just the two count. Corbin just kicked out. Corbin somehow recovers and lands the Deep Six.

07:23 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Back from the break, Corbin lands a huge lariat and Styles is down and struggling. Corbin mocks Styles, and then lands a huge kick to Styles' sternum. Corbin misses a kick and Styles capitalises with a few kicks and punches. He then lands a baseball slide and drops Corbin to the floor. 

07:21 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Styles goes at Corbin and Corbin again moves out of the ring, as we go into a commercial break.

07:20 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Styles starts off the match on the front foot with an enzugiri and then a dropkick. Corbin goes out of the ring and then after returning gets hit by several rights. Styles then smartly puts Corbin out of the ring.

07:20 (IST)11 OCT 2017

07:13 (IST)11 OCT 2017

07:11 (IST)11 OCT 2017

07:09 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Ziggler calls Roode a cheater, but Roode disagrees and calls himself 'smart'. Ziggler demands a rematch - any time and any place. 

Roode accepts the rematch demand by Ziggler, and says he's sick and tired of his talking, and tells him to have the rematch right now. After what looked like Ziggler accepting the rematch, he walks away and says it won't be tonight. 

07:06 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Ziggler, who stills calls himself the greatest in-ring performer in WWE history, calls Roode a 'fraud' and that he was the better wrestler at HIAC. He then plays footage of Roode holding his tights while getting the pin at HIAC. 

07:04 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Roode says that he was pleased that his PPV debut was 'Glorious'. He then calls out Ziggler for attacking him after the match and that he's ready for a fight... Ziggler now makes an appearance.

07:02 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Bobby Roode, high on his victory over Dolph Ziggler at HIAC, makes his way to the ring...

07:01 (IST)11 OCT 2017

In a vignette, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper tease a new gimmick and call themselves Bludgeon Brothers.

06:58 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:56 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Backstage, AJ Styles is interviewed, and says that he wasn't pinned at HIAC. He says that Corbin is a good talent but he's prone to mistake. And says that the reality is that it's the end of days for Corbin's title reign.

06:55 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:53 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Nakamura puts English on the top of the rope and lands a huge knee. Rusev tries to interfere but Orton gets an RKO, while Nakamura lands a Kinshasa on English and the cover. Nakamura covers and gets the three count.

Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura defeat Aiden English and Rusev.

06:52 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Back from the break, Rusev has Orton in a hold in the middle of the ring. English is tagged in and continues to keep Orton in a headlock. Orton fights back and English tries to rile the crowd, and Orton gets the powerslam and then tags Nakamura, who lands a few kicks and a dropkick.

06:48 (IST)11 OCT 2017

The tag match starts off between Rusev and Randy Orton. Rusev gets a cheap shot in immediately. Orton goes for the early RKO, but Rusev moves away. 

Outside the ring, Orton throws Rusev onto the announcer's table.

Rusev landed a huge kick on Orton, as we head into a commercial break.

06:40 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:39 (IST)11 OCT 2017

The two raise each other's arms and announce each other's name. We didn't learn much apart from the fact that Zayn did it because he wanted to 'save his brother'.

06:38 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:37 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Zayn says he saved Owens because it was the right thing to do and that Shane had become a psychopath. He then thanks Owens and the two hug it out...

06:36 (IST)11 OCT 2017

He then says that like every other fan, he wanted Shane McMahon to win. Zayn says that although Owens and him have gone through a lot, he'll always be his 'brother'.

06:35 (IST)11 OCT 2017

... he then says that he was waiting for his time to shine, and when Shane invited him to the Land of Opportunities, SmackDown Live, it was the last meeting he had with Shane McMahon. 

Zayn then says that he tried to warn Shane about Owens and what he's capable of, but was shushed by Shane. Zayn says that McMahon never cared about him. 

06:33 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Zayn and Owens look at each other and Owens says that he had no idea that Zayn was to come to HIAC and asks Zayn to explain why he did that. He then thanks Zayn for what he did.

Zayn says that Owens powerbombing him a few weeks ago was the reason for his change. He says that he's been pleasing everyone (fans) and that led him to mediocrity...

06:31 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:30 (IST)11 OCT 2017

... he then says that he welcomes everyone to 'Kevin Heaven' and introduces Sami Zayn.

06:29 (IST)11 OCT 2017

And that he was almost dead and that he saw the 'pearly gates of Heaven' and that St. Peter himself told him that the people in earth needed him and that St. Peter provided him with a 'guardian angel' i.e. Sami Zayn.

06:28 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Owens recounts what he did at HIAC with an evil smile on his face, and says he 'sent Shane McMahon to hell'. He then says that Shane is gone and 'is never coming back'. 

06:26 (IST)11 OCT 2017

The segment we've all been waiting for! Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring with a slight limp after that historic match against Shane McMahon at Hell in a Cell...

06:23 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:22 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:21 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:20 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Carmella covers and a kick out at just 1. Carmella then lands a modified headlock on The Irish Lasskicker.

Becky recovers and gets a roll-up cover, but just the two count. She seems to have gotten back in the competition by landing a few rights and lefts.

Lynch then puts in the Dis-arm-her submission and Ms. Money in the Bank taps out!

Becky Lynch defeats Carmella.

06:18 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Lynch immediately takes down Carmella and lands a few rights, and continues. Carmella slaps Lyynch and tries to get out of the ring. Lynch lands the Bexploder, but Carmella rolls out. Outside, Ellsworth distracts Lynch, and then Carmella throws Lynch's face into the apron.

06:16 (IST)11 OCT 2017

In singles action tonight on SmackDown, Carmella will face off against Becky Lynch. 

06:15 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:13 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Baron Corbin is interviewed and is asked about his match tonight against AJ Styles. Corbin says that his victory means that the 'keyboard warriors' are shut up. He looks cocky and confident about his re-match against Styles. 

06:11 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Backstage, Natalya is proud of her title and is joined by Lana and Tamina. Lana says the title will look great on Tamina; the trio are joined by Carmella and the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Charlotte joins the group and after Natalya says something disparaging about Ric Flair, Charlotte attacks Natalya. 

06:08 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:04 (IST)11 OCT 2017

06:04 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Back from the break, Rawley and Tyler Breeze are in the ring, and Rawley covers, but the cover is broken up. There's more confusion between Rawley and Ryder. Benjamin tags in and lands two spine buster, while Gable lands a huge suplex on Breeze.

The two are looking like the in-form team. Breeze lands a kick to Benjamin's head... Gable then hits a moonsaw. Gable and Benjamin team up well and after a huge high-flying move, Benjamin covers Breeze and gets the three count.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin are the No. 1 Contenders of the SD Tag Team title.

06:03 (IST)11 OCT 2017

05:57 (IST)11 OCT 2017

05:56 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Gable tries to counter and then now it's his turn to work on Viktor's arm. Viktor tries to fight back with a few punches to the bag and tags in Konnor, who after landing a big boot, covers... but just the two count as all the wrestlers come in to break the count, as we go into a commercial break.

05:54 (IST)11 OCT 2017

Ryder and Viktor are in the ring, and the latter covers, but just the two count. Gable is tagged in who immediately goes for the roll-up cover, but just the two count. 

Now, he goes after Viktor's shoulder; Benjamin is tagged in and lands an arm drop... cover, but just the two count. Gable is tagged in and goes to work on Viktor's shoulder yet again. Viktor turns tables and now he goes to work on Gable's arm.
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