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  • WWE SmackDown Results, October 3rd 2017, Live Updates and Commentary; Kevin Owens destroys Shane McMahon in shocking finish to SmackDown

WWE SmackDown Results, October 3rd 2017, Live Updates and Commentary; Kevin Owens destroys Shane McMahon in shocking finish to SmackDown

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 04, 2017 02:26 GMT

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02:26 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Natalya & Carmella defeated Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch
Bobby Roode defeated Mike Kanellis
Tye Dillinger defeated Baron Corbin
Randy Orton defeated Aiden English

02:08 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

02:05 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

02:03 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

01:59 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Owens hits a pop-up powerbomb and his music hits as he walks away. What a great finish to an overall terrible episode of SmackDown Live.

01:59 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

01:58 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Shane being more weakened struggles to fight back and KO eventually hits a superkick onto Shane. He starts to walk away but comes back in the ring quickly. Shane gets up and struggles to fight back and KO hits a nasty headbutt, reminiscent of a few weeks ago. Quite some shock in the crowd.

01:57 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Shane McMahon started to walk back in a struggle. KO jumps the barrier and attacks Shane but Shane fights back. He jumps from the barricade onto Owens and the two start to exchange blows before Owens flings Shane over the table. The crowd is chanting "This is awesome" as Shane climbs back in the ring.

01:55 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

01:55 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

After powerbombing the commissioner. Owens once again walks through the crowd to ringside. He says that what Shane McMahon is going through now is nothing compared to what he will do on Sunday. He says he agrees with his Falls Count Anywhere decision because he wants to beat him everywhere.

He vows to throw Shane off the cell, with him not being able to get back up this time around. 

01:51 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

01:51 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Kevin Owens walks away but Shane says that he would come after him. He starts going through the crowd and is at the merchandise stands. Owens then jumps him from behind and the two start to brawl. He POWERBOMBS SHANE through the merch table!!

01:50 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Kevin Owens starts talking and walking from the crowd, insulting Shane's theme song while he's at it. Owens shortly starts walking away, and Shane McMahon calls him a coward.

01:48 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Owens doesn't come out and Shane McMahon announces that the Hell In A Cell match will also be FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE

01:46 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Shane McMahon is all business as he calls Kevin Owens right out.

01:42 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Sami Zayn and Shane McMahon have an exchange backstage and he tells Shane that it's a different Kevin Owens he's walking in with at Hell In A Cell. Shane tells Sami with all due respect that he will be fine.

01:40 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Rusev tries to get in the ring while Randy turns his back but The Viper then turns his back quickly and looks Rusev right in the eye. The Bulgarian Brute retreats, shouting that he'll have his day.

01:38 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Aiden English, of course, gets caught with a pop-up RKO out of nowhere. Quick win for Randy.

Randy Orton defeats Aiden English

01:37 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Rusev distracts Randy and Aiden English jumps The Viper. He almost gets caught by a quick RKO but he instead drops Orton.

01:36 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

He gets quickly cut off by The Viper himself, who makes his entrance!

01:36 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Aiden English was accompanied by Rusev to the ring. Rusev cut a promo about how Randy Orton ruined Rusev day. He said there will be many more Happy Rusev Days to come!

01:30 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Randy Orton vs Aiden English next

Aiden English on TV is a good thing!

01:27 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Dana Warrior is in the ring repeating the exact same thing as yesterday. Like exactly. They're with the women's roster in the ring. 

01:21 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Is it sad to have low expectations from go-home shows nowadays?

01:20 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

A frustrated Baron Corbin is addressed to by Styles from the titantron and he starts talking about how Corbin keeps squandering his opportunities, taking dig after dig. No Triple Threat announcement. Surprised!

01:19 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Baron Corbin holds Tye Dillinger on the ropes and strikes him. However, back in the ring, Tye Dillinger gets a small package and WINS!

A huge upset here!

Tye Dillinger defeated Baron Corbin

01:17 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

01:17 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Corbin gained control right as SmackDown Live came back from the break.

01:14 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Tye Dillinger starts the offence in with elbows but Corbin then slammed his head into the turnbuckles. It goes into commercial break as the two are at a stalemate.

01:13 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

01:05 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Tye Dillinger vs Baron Corbin is next!

01:05 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

01:04 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Jinder Mahal is talking in Punjabi backstage. He replays what happened to Nakamura earlier in the night.

01:02 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

01:02 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

The New Day put over their matches with The Usos but last time they met, they left with the titles. They then vow to leave Hell In A Cell still champions.

01:01 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Kofi says that normally they'd make jokes or try to sell merch. They then advertise their new underwear and fling it to the crowd. Kofi wants to talk about "lefts" instead of the "rights"

01:00 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

The Usos tell The New Day that one of them is going to be on the outside eating Booty-Os while the other two get their work cut. They start talking some major trash to the champions.They start to cut a passionate promo about elevating the SmackDown Live tag team division. Right before they finish they get cut off by The New Day! 

00:55 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

00:53 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

The Usos are set to read New Day their rights up next. What does that mean again?

00:51 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

He also vows to expose Roode and calls him "Nothing more than an entrance" and that it's all he'll ever be. Ziggler walks away but Roode cuts him off this time and calls his entrance horrible. He did his "Glorious" taunt, standing tall.

00:49 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

He talks more trash to Roode and promises an entrance like they've never seen before

00:48 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Dolph Ziggler cuts off Roode's celebration and starts going on about the entrance thing, playing an ambulance noise and then banging drums. The crowd is chanting CM Punk but stops fairly quickly. He now has cheap confetti and horns and whatnot. What on earth are they trying to do?

00:46 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Roode is about to give the Glorious taunt but Mike Kanellis cut him off by attacking him. He celebrates his momentum which is short-lived after Bobby Roode countered. He then hits the Glorious DDT to win the match.

Bobby Roode defeats Mike Kanellis

00:44 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Greg Hamilton introduced him as Bobby Rooooooooo!

00:43 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

00:43 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Mike Kanellis is in the ring with his awesome theme song. The Glorious One is out to make his way!

00:39 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

Bobby Roode is up next!

Corey Graves asks his colleagues for a "Hallelujah" and they both repeat it. Corey then says "Not you Saxton". This guy is gold.

00:38 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

00:38 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

A highlight is shown of the feud between Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon. Pretty cool video package

00:31 (GMT)4 OCT 2017

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