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  • WWE SmackDown Results, September 26th 2017, Live Updates, Commentary; Shocking finish to SmackDown Live!

WWE SmackDown Results, September 26th 2017, Live Updates, Commentary; Shocking finish to SmackDown Live!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 27, 2017 07:40 IST

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07:40 (IST)27 SEP 2017

That's the end of another action-packed SmackDown Live! Here are the results from tonight's show:

Baron Corbin defeats Tye Dillinger
The Usos defeat The Hype Bros
Charlotte defeats Carmella
Sami Zayn defeats Kevin Owens (by DQ)

07:37 (IST)27 SEP 2017

07:36 (IST)27 SEP 2017

07:29 (IST)27 SEP 2017

07:29 (IST)27 SEP 2017

07:29 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Medical staff are looking into Zayn as Owens watches on. Owens then attacks Zayn as he was being escorted back to the locker room. Owens then picks up a steel chair puts Zayn's head through a steel chair before Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring, but Owens pushes Zayn towards McMahon, and exits the ring through the crowd. 

07:26 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Owens is on the outside and Zayn lands a suicide dive. Zayn goes towards Owens on the outside, but Owens lands another superkick and a huge powerbomb onto the apron. The referee calls off the match as Zayn looks to be injured.

Owens seems to have lost it, but seems like he feels sorry for Zayn.

07:24 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Back from the break, Zayn goes to the top rope, but Owens moves away; Owens then lands a HUGE superkick and covers, but just the two count. 

Owens then goes for a powerbomb, but Zayn counters with a DDT from the top. Owens then lands another HUGE superkick, but Zayn again recovers and lands a Blue Thunderbomb and covers, but just the two count.

07:20 (IST)27 SEP 2017

07:19 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Owens then throws Zayn back into the ring, but Zayn gathers some energy and clotheslines Owens. Zayn is outside and Owens tries to take advantage of the situation, but Zayn clotheslines him; both men are down on the outside.

Shane McMahon is now in the venue, as we go to the commercial break.

07:17 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Owens and Zayn land huge rights and lefts before Owens puts his opponent to the floor with a huge back elbow and then lands a few kicks. Owens then clotheslines him! Owens looks angry and determined to give a good beating to his former friend.

07:15 (IST)27 SEP 2017

First time ever on SmackDown Live, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens face off now!

07:12 (IST)27 SEP 2017

07:11 (IST)27 SEP 2017

07:10 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Ziggler mocks Roode's appearance but says he's not as good as him inside the ring. He then says that Roode is everything that's wrong with the WWE. And accepts Roode's challenge to face him at Hell in a Cell!

07:08 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Roode calls Ziggler an amazing talent but calls him a hypocrite. He says both him and Ziggler are very alike as they both demand respect. Roode asks him to back up his claim that he's one of the best in-ring competitors. 

Roode then asks Ziggler to face him at Hell in a Cell. 

07:06 (IST)27 SEP 2017

07:05 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Ziggler gets on the mic and the crowd chants 'you suck'. Ziggler goes on to impersonate The Undertaker, and mocks the fans and says, "Did you think you'd see The Undertaker two times in a year!"

He then says that no one cares, before Bobby Roode's music hits! 

07:03 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Back from the break, The Undertaker's music hits! But it's not The Deadman who is in Glendale, Arizona, but Dolph Ziggler! Ziggler continues to imitate various WWE Superstars of the past and present, as was the case last week!

07:00 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:57 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:56 (IST)27 SEP 2017

WWE SmackDown Champion Natalya makes her way to the ring and says that she's glad that Ric Flair has recovered and that she wants to see Charlotte lose to her in Hell in a Cell in front of her father. 

06:55 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Carmella then lands a huge kick; Charlotte somehow recovers and gets a roll up cover, but just the two count. Charlotte then lands a huge boot and the three count!

Charlotte defeats Carmella.

06:54 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Carmella again covers, but the two count; she then puts Charlotte in a sleeper hold. She tries to battle back but Carmella goes tot he top rope and lands a crossbody, and a cover, but just the two count. She then lands a reverse DDT, but just the two count again!

06:52 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Carmella looks to be in control of the match and throws Charlotte to the turnbuckle, landing huge kicks. Charlotte tries to counter but Carmella gets another headscissors, and covers again. But just the two count.

06:51 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Carmella brings Charlotte back into the ring and covers, but just the two count. Carmella then lands a few lefts and covers, but the two count again.

06:50 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Carmella slaps Charlotte before Charlotte goes for a Figure-Eight Leglock which was broken. Carmella then distracts the referee before Ellsworth interferes.

Charlotte lands huge slaps across the chest of Carmella, before Charlotte lands a headscissors variation. 

The two go outside and Carmella hits a huge kick on Charlotte, who's down...

06:48 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Carmella makes her way to the ring with James Ellsworth, who is tied to the ringbuckle with a dog collar! This is something we haven't seen before!

06:46 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Randy Orton is backstage and sees Renee Young. Orton asks Renee to tell Rusev that he'll face off with The Bulgarian Brute in Hell in a Cell!

06:43 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:43 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:39 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Backstage, Daniel Bryan is on the phone, and has Sami Zayn beside him. Bryan announces that Shane McMahon is coming to the venue. Zayn asks Bryan to tell Shane not to interfere in his match and that he wants Kevin Owens all for himself in tonight's match!

06:37 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Aiden English then says that he has prepared a song in celebration for 'Rusev Day' and goes on to sing a song about Rusev, before Randy Orton comes from nowhere and lands an RKO on English, before landing another RKO on Rusev!

06:35 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Rusev gets on the mic and relives last week's victory against Randy Orton! Rusev says that he's the new alternative to Orton and calls Smackdown 'his jungle'.

06:33 (IST)27 SEP 2017

The Mayor of Rusev's hometown speaks in Bulgarian before presenting Rusev with the key of the city of his hometown Plovdiv, and proclaims that September 26th is 'Rusev Day'.

06:32 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:30 (IST)27 SEP 2017

The Pride Of Bulgaria Celebration begins with Aiden English hosting the ceremony! This celebration is for Rusev's 9-second victory over Randy Orton in last week's edition of SmackDown. 

English sings the Bulgarian national anthem as Rusev makes his way to the ring...

06:29 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:25 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:25 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:24 (IST)27 SEP 2017

The Usos then confront The New Day, who are ringside. The New Day propose to face off The Usos at Hell in a Cell PPV inside a Hell in a Cell!

06:23 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Ryder goes to the top rope to take advantage but Rawley tags in much to the displeasure of Ryder. Jimmy pushes Rawley into Ryder. Jey then lands a splash on Rawley and covers, gets the three count.

The Usos defeat Rawley and Ryder.

06:21 (IST)27 SEP 2017

The New Day are ringside among the fans.

Mojo Rawley starts off the match on the front foot, but The Usos take control. The brothers cover Mojo, but he kicks off at two. Rawley tries to recover, and lands a backbreaker before tagging in Ryder. Ryder then lands a neckbreaker and the cover... but just the two count.

06:16 (IST)27 SEP 2017

06:14 (IST)27 SEP 2017

The Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The New Day, make their way to the ring before the match between The Hype Bros and The Usos.

06:12 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Before Nakamura can make his way to the ring, The Singh Brothers come out to stop him, but Nakamura lands a few blows before he's outnumbered and Mahal hits him. Mahal and Nakamura get into the ring and Nakamura lands a few huge kicks and then the Kinshasa! 

NAKAMURA STANDS TALL! The two will face off once more at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship!

06:10 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Nakamura then comes on video and utters a few words, before the lights dim and Nakamura's music hits!

06:09 (IST)27 SEP 2017

Back to Smackdown, WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is with The Singh Brothers in the ring. Boos ring around the stadium, as usual. 

Mahal says that he may have gone a little too far last week, and says he respects Nakamura and says that he's going to compliment Nakamura this week.

He then points to the screen and shows different photos of Nakamura and he and the Singh Brothers laugh hysterically. 

06:06 (IST)27 SEP 2017

JUST ANNOUNCED: Baron Corbin will face AJ Styles at Hell in a Cell for the United States Championship.

06:04 (IST)27 SEP 2017

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