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WWE SummerSlam Live Results (August 5, 2023): Jey Uso vs Roman Reigns, WWE star BUSTED OPEN, Brock Lesnar breaks character?

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 06, 2023 04:16 GMT

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04:16 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

04:15 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

04:15 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

04:15 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

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04:13 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey is heartbroken in the ring as Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman make their way out of the arena. Jey can't believe how it went down.

04:12 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Why Jimmy Why??

04:11 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

The mystery man is Jimmy Uso! Why Jimmy why? Jimmy smashes Jey with a superkick. Even Roman Reigns looks confused. Roman capitalizes and Spears Jey through the table in the corner and pins him!

Roman Reigns def. Jey Uso

04:09 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso now rolls Roman into the ring. He cuts Roman down with a Spear and hits him with a Uso Splash! He's moments away from winning when a mystery man pulls him out!

04:08 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

He goes for another Spinning Solo but misses, Jey hits a superkick and sets Solo up on the table and takes him out with a Frog Splash.

04:08 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Solo and Roman have a bit of a disagreement and Jey takes advantage, spearing Roman through the barricade. Solo goes after Jey Uso again and clears the announcer's table.

04:07 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey follows Roman out to ringside and goes to smash him with the chair again, Solo Sikoa takes Jey out with a superkick.

04:06 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Paul Heyman can't believe what he's seeing as Jey Uso decimates the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

04:05 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso now hits Roman Reigns with a Spear. Jey grabs a steel chairs and he starts smashing both Solo and Roman.

04:04 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

We're back in the ring and Roman tells Solo to finish Jey Uso off. They go for a Samoan Spike-Spear combo but Jey moves out of the way and Roman takes out Solo Sikoa! Wow!

04:03 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso in trouble as Solo Sikoa makes his presence felt

04:02 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Solo is really laying into Jey Uso here. He hits him with a Spinning Solo through a table. Solo is now dragging Jey through the crowd and towards the ring as Roman follows.

04:01 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Solo Sikoa comes out of nowhere and takes out Jey Uso!

04:00 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso is up first. He reaches under the ring and grabs a leather strap and smashes Roman with it. Roman is walking away through the WWE fans but Jey is after him and hits a right hand.

03:59 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso is perched precariously on the apron. He has Roman up and both men now go through the table as Jey hits a Samoan Drop!

03:57 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman tosses the table into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Jey charges at Roman but it gets countered. Jey manages to save himself from going through the table but eats a nasty right hand from Roman .

03:56 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman Reigns hits Jey Uso with a powerbomb into the bed of chairs in the middle of the ring. It's still not enough to pin Jey Uso. Roman looks frustrated as he pulls out another table from under the ring.

03:54 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey heads back out and takes out a pile of chairs and starts tossing them into the ring. Paul Heyman begs Jey Uso for mercy.

03:53 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso now reaches out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. Paul Heyman is pleading with Jey Uso but to no avail... Jey smashes Roman with the steel chair.

03:51 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman Reigns looks to follow it up with a Spear, but Jey stops him in his tracks with a series of Superkicks. He now heads to the top rope and hits the Uso Splash for a nearfall of his own...

03:51 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso rolls Roman back into the ring and heads up top! He goes for a Frog Splash, but the Tribal Chief is on his feet already and smashes Jey Uso with a Superman Punch. Reigns goes for the cover but it's only a nearfall.

03:49 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman Reigns has his sights on Jey Uso and goes for a Superman Punch! Jey smashes Roman with the kendo stick, more kendo stick shots, and he sends Roman crashing out of the ring. Jey now leaps over the top rope and wipes out Reigns.

03:47 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman goes for another kendo stick strike, but Jey smashes him with a series of right hands. Without warning, Roman turns it around and lays into Jey Uso with a series of clotheslines in the corner.

03:47 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

The fans are not happy. Loud "you suck" chants ring through the arena as Roman continues to taunt Jey Uso.

03:46 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman has Jey in his crosshair and nails the Drive-By but only gets a two-count off it. Jey fights back with an Enziguri. That one stunned Roman. The Tribal Chief heads out to ringside for a breather. 

Jey goes for a dive through the robes, but Roman smashes his cousin with a kendo stick. Roman heads back into the ring and dishes out more kendo stick shots as Paul Heyman screams "Tribal combat" from ringside.

03:42 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman is reeling out at ringside as Jey Uso takes out a table. Paul Heyman isn't happy and pleads with Jey that Roman is his Tribal Chief and Jey's own flesh and blood. 

Reigns uses the distraction to attack Jey from behind and sends him face-first into the steel steps.

03:39 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman Reigns takes Jey Uso down with a brutal knee to the jaw. That looked nasty. Roman goes for a backdrop by Jey lands on his feet and hits Roman with a series of right hands, shades of The Rock!

03:38 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

We have "Let's go, Roman, Roman sucks" chants as they lock up again. Roman takes Jey down with a nasty elbow across the neck.

03:36 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman and Jey finally lock up. Reigns has the power advantage and backs Jey up into the corner.

03:35 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

THe match is underway and Jey sizes up Roman from the corner. The stakes of the situation seem to have finally sunk in. Roman looks as calm as you can get.

03:34 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman Reigns (C) vs Jey Uso [for the WWE Universal Championship]

Roman has the lei in his hand and walks over to Jey. He says that if Jey wins, he gets the lei. Roman now hands it over to Paul Heyman.

03:29 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

This will be Roman Reigns' first singles match since he beat Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania.

03:26 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Roman Reigns is making his way down to the ring, flanked by Paul Heyman. No Solo Sikoa as of now. He was taken out last night on SmackDown.

03:25 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso is out first and ready to take on Roman Reigns

03:24 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Jey Uso is out first and gets a massive ovation from the WWE Universe in Detroit.

03:21 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

UP NEXT! It's main event time as Jey Uso tries to dethrone Roman Reigns as the new Tribal Chief...

03:16 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Dakota Kai has come out to celebrate with IYO SKY and Bayley. A great moment for Damage CTRL!

03:16 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Damage CTRL celebrate after IYO SKY's title win

03:11 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Bianca Belair (C) vs IYO SKY

SKY hits Bianca Belair with the Over the Moonsault, and she hits the cover. 1-2-3! IYO SKY is your new WWE Women's Champion!

IYO SKY wins

03:10 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

IYO SKY and Bayley are out! They take out Asuka and Charlotte! Io is cashing in her Money in the Bank contract.

03:09 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Charlotte goes after Bianca Belair's bad leg and locks in Figure 8. Asuka crawls over to Charlotte and spits the mist in her face!

Asuka goes to kick Bianca in the head, but she ducks and rolls Asuka over to retain the title! What a show of perseverance from Bianca Belair!!

Bianca Belair def. Asuka and Charlotte

03:06 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Bianca climbs to the top and breaks it up with a 450! She covers Charlotte but the Queen kicks out! Bianca clutches her knee again but was it worth it?

03:05 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Charlotte locks in Figure 8 as Bianca Belair drags herself back into the ring.

03:05 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Charlotte cuts Asuka in half with a Spear but the champ kicks out. The Queen was seconds away from her 15th world title.

03:04 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Bianca Belair is being helped to the back as Asuka and Charlotte are still going back and forth in the ring.

03:03 (GMT)6 AUG 2023

Charlotte hits a double moonsault to Bianca and Asuka. She tries to pin both women but both kick out. Charlotte launches Bianca Belair out of the ring and she went into the steel steps. Medics are out to Belair who is clutching her knee.
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