WWE Super Show-Down Results, October 6th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

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WWE comes to you live from MCG in Melbourne, Australia for a massive stadium show!


13:09 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

IT's been a pleasure bringing Super Show-Down to you. We apologize for the delays in updates. We'll be back in full swing next week for RAW! 

13:01 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

The legends embrace in respect together. The four legends raise each other's hands in victory. It's all over.

But Undertaker and Kane turn on them and Undertaker hits a tombstone on Triple H. The Brothers of Destruction destroy Shawn Michaels, chokeslamming him through the announce table. The Brothers Of Destruction have the last word. Was that an Undertaker heel turn?

12:56 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:56 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:56 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:55 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:55 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Ok I'm going to be honest here. This match was REALLY slow and Triple H unfortunately carried The Undertaker. The Phenom looked out of breath constantly and it was overall sloppy. It's hard not to respect the two legends, but for Undertaker, it's very clear what the next step for Undertaker should be.

12:53 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Triple H and Undertaker then drop their weapons and Undertaker chokeslams Triple H. As he gets ready for a tombstone, he gets hit by a Sweet Chin music. Triple H and Michaels team up and HBK hits another sweet chin music, leading to Triple H hitting the pedigree.

It's all over. Triple H wins.

Triple H defeated The Undertaker

12:52 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:51 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:51 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:50 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Undertaker then locks the Hells Gate on Triple H but The Game presses the sledgehammer against the neck. They've just exhausted each other and the hold is broken

12:50 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Triple H slams the sledgehammer towards the steel chair and what should have been a 3 count didnt happen because referee #2 is out too.

12:49 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Triple H then wraps the steel chair around Undertaker's neck and stomps on it. Kane pulls the referee out of the ring. Michaels then hands a sledgehammer to Triple H while Kane hands a steel chair by The Undertaker

12:47 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Undertaker assaults Triple H with a steel chair and places his through his neck. The referee gets attacked by The Undertaker and HBK begs Undertaker not to go through with the attack. HBK gets attacked by The Undertaker, giving Triple H time to escape. He hits a spine buster on Undertaker and then a pedigree, but Undertaker kicks out at what felt like 2.9 by the new referee

12:45 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

So a quick recap of what happened so far:

Undertaker and Triple H took the action to the crowd and went far. Back in ringside, Taker also attacks Shawn Michaels, while Kane also gets involved in the chaos. Undertaker teases a suicide dive, but thankfully Triple H stops him. 

Kane meanwhile, gets elbowed through the table by Triple H. Undertaker tombstones Triple H but he kicks out

12:43 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

We apologize for the delay in updates. We've been facing some technical issues

12:39 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:35 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

The match is quite slow so far and there's even a confrontation between HBK and Kane as HBK sets up a table. Undertaker manages to backdrop Triple H to the mat.  

It's all Undertaker now as he throws Triple H into the timekeeper's area. 

He then starts to remove the cover on the commentary table but HBK distracts him and The Undertaker goes after him, before Triple H attacks him from behind.

12:33 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

The action goes outside fast and Triple H pushes him towards the steel steps. It's all Triple H as The Undertaker struggles to get up

12:29 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Undertaker vs Triple H 

Triple H ducks the Undertaker's strike and then taunts him by putting his hands to the back, similar to Conor McGregor. It's all psychological warfare from The Game as he shrugs The Deadman off.

12:27 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

The Undertaker and Triple H have a staredown and the crowd is feeling it. Triple H talks some trash but Undertaker does the throat slash taunt. 

12:26 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

The Undertaker looks so old. He also looks oddly orange. 

12:21 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:20 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:19 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:18 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:19 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:13 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:09 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:09 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:08 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles for the WWE Championship is now official for Crown Jewel

A rematch between Becky Lynch & Charlotte for the SmackDown Women's title is official for SmackDown Live this coming Tuesday

12:06 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

12:05 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

AJ Styles is watching on from the back. 

The Miz starts off on the aggressive, instantly mocking him with Yes chants. The two run at each other and crossed paths before Miz hits a running knee on Bryan. In a bizarre sequence, Bryan just roll-up pins him...and it's OVER?? Bryan wins. Everyone seems confused.

Daniel Bryan def. The Miz

12:02 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Daniel Bryan vs The Miz - WWE Title #1 Contenders match

12:00 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

11:56 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

11:55 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

11:55 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

11:55 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

11:55 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

11:54 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Ambrose celebrates with Rollins and in a sign of unity, picks Roman up from the barricade area. Rollins and Ambrose  carry him and at ringside, they bump fists in victory! The Shield stand tall

11:53 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

With Strowman out,  McIntyre and Ziggler try to finish Ambrose but Rollins catches McIntyre with a superkick. Ambrose hits the Dirty Deeds on Ziggler and picks up the win. WHAT A MATCH! 

The Shield def. Strowman, Ziggler & McIntyre

11:52 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Strowman bulldozes through Reigns and Rollins outside and Ambrose gets hit with a Zig-Zag. He kicks out at 2! 

Strowman gets ready to charge on Rollins but Reigns SPEARS HIM THROUGH THE BARRICADE. THAT TIMING WAS INSANE!

11:51 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Reigns and Rollins get assaulted by the trio and they surround the ring like a pack of wolves. Ambrose gets up on the fourth corner and there's a moment of suspense where he's teasing joining Strowman's faction. 

Thankfully, he enters the ring and dropkicks Strowman. The Shield take the trio out and isolate McIntyre. In position for a Triple Powerbomb , they get run into by Strowman and McIntyre falls on Reigns!

11:48 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

11:47 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

McIntyre evades a Superman Punch and ROMAN REIGNS PUNCHES AMBROSE! He just took out his own teammate

11:47 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Roman Reigns finally gets the hot tag and he decimates McIntyre (who also tagged in). Every other superstar in the match has been taken out and Roman Reigns hits a drive-by kick. He continues the decimation until Ziggler distracts him and McIntyre hits him with a kick.

11:44 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

11:44 (GMT)6 OCT 2018

Strowman CLIMBS to the top rope, struggling to get balance. He jumps on Rollins but misses!  He finally gives Rollins the opportunity to tag Ambrose in and he FINALLY DOES! 

Ziggler's in too and Ambrose starts the attack on him. Thanks to a slight distraction Ziggler manages to get some offence too but so far it's been all Ambrose. It all comes to a huge clash as their bodies slam against each other
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