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WWE TLC 2016 Results live updates, 12/4/16

WWE TLC 2016 Start Date and Time: 12/4/16, 8 PM ET/5 PM PT/ 6:30 AM IST (5th Dec, Monday morning).
Updated: 05 December 2016 09:18 IST - Published: 03 December 2016 22:35 IST

TLC Match for the WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles (c)

Main event time people! Let's go.

Styles may be a heel, but the crowd seems to be right behind him. Such are the times. Breathless start to the match as Ambrose goes right after Styles and knocks him down with a takedown followed by a couple of quick clotheslines.

The compliments that with knife edged chops to the chest and a back body drop. He leaves a grounded Styles in the ring and goes out to get a ladder and a chair into the mix.

Styles seizes the moment and looks to establish some offence of his own, only until Ambrose sends the ladder face first onto him. He knocks him out of the ring and follows him out next, doling out more punishment.

Ambrose slams Styles on top of a chair as they continue fighting up the ramp. Loads of tables, ladders and chairs have been stacked up conveniently as the Challenger looks to use anything and everything to his advantage.

Apparently, that also involves throwing a garbage bin on top of Styles' head and socking him with an elbow. Oh the ignominy :(

Styles, however, has had enough as he nails Ambrose with a picture perfect dropkick and a couple of leaping clotheslines out of nowhere. The Champion just seems to have turned the tide, when Ambrose deposits him crotch first onto the barricade before running onto him with a chair held in front of him.

AJ seems dazed by the impact, leading Ambrose to try and climb that ladder in the ring to try and retrieve the WWE Title. Styles, however, manages to make his way back into the ring and unsettle it enough to get Ambrose off it, spiralling to the ground.

He follows that up with stiff ladder shots onto the midriff of Ambrose, as the fans chant for him. Styles on a roll here as he sets up Ambrose for a suplex onto the ladder, but is reversed and sent flying over the ropes. Ambrose sends a ladder right behind him. Ouch.

They both scramble back into the ring, but AJ comes in with chair in hand. Slam! Blam! Wham! Chair shots galore as Ambrose is left writhing in pain in the middle of the ring.

Styles then brings in many more chairs and sets them up in the middle of the ring. He looks to Suplex Ambrose onto them, but is reversed and is sent back-first, painfully, through them himself.

The crowd chants "Holy Sh*t" and why not! Ambrose seems unhinged here and AJ seems defeated. The challenger isn't quite done, however, and looks to prop up a table in the corner of the ring, over the turnbuckles.

Just as he looks to finish off AJ, the Champion fights back with a flurry of strikes and suplexes Ambrose through the table!

Both men are exhausted, and with good reason. If ever there was a kitchen sink, these two men have thrown it at each other.

They go back and forth in the middle of the ring
The fight went outside, and Ambrose put him on the announcer's table. He places a ladder on top of the Spanish announce table, teasing an insane spot. He jumps and elbows Styles from top through the other announcers table!

What an INSANE spot! The crowd chants "This is Awesome!" and why not! Ambrose isn't quite done though, as he drags out the ladder and pushes it into the ring.

He sets it up and begins climbing, slowly, exasperatingly...when Styles explodes off the top of the ropes with a Phenomenal Forearm out of nowhere!

Both men are down, but both make it to their feet at the same time. They both climb the ladder, on either side, and they converge on top, exchanging blows.

Heavy shots from both competitors as both fall down at the same time. Styles looks to set up Ambrose for the Styles Clash, but Ambrose reverses it and spins Styles onto the ladder, shoulder first!

Ambrose begins the painful ascent again, but Styles gets up in time to intercept him again, and this time, sets up a powerbomb.

Before he can land it, however, Ambrose manages to topple him over the ropes as they both fall outside the ring.

Ambrose looks to get back to his feet and is met by a crazy moonsault-turned-reverse DDT from Styles off the apron.

Styles then sets him up on the table outside the ring, and hits a springboard 450 from INSIDE the ring and plasters Ambrose through the table!

Just as it seems like Ambrose is done, James Ellsworth comes out! The crowd goes crazy! AJ Styles who is about to climb the ladder in the ring, stops and goes after Ellsworth!

He knocks him down and is about to set up another Styles Clash on the steel steps when Ambrose comes back from the dead to take AJ Styles out!

Ambrose is clear for the win as Styles gets deposited outside the ring! Just as he is about to reach the title, James Ellsworth topples the ladder and causes Ambrose to crash and burn over 2 tables set up outside the ring.

Heel turn! Heel turn! James Ellsworth just turned heel!

AJ Styles crawls back into the ring and climbs the ladder to take down his WWE Title! Ambrose is motionless outside the ring, buried in a rubble of table.

Wow. No one saw that coming, did they?

Result: AJ Styles def. Dean Ambrose


Tables Match: Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch (c)
This one's been building for a while as well, and it's clear that the crowd is in Becky's corner. Straight off the bat, Becky goes after Alexa and takes her down with a fistful of punches and a clothesline.

She immediately goes outside the ring and looks to draw out a table from underneath. Bliss intercepts her with a baseball slide, but only briefly as Becky comes back with punches in bunches.

They take it back into the ring, where Becky imposes her superior in-ring skills with a snap suplex and makes her way outside to get a table again. This time, she has more success as she sets up the table outside the ring.

She she attempts to climb back into the ring, she is met with a volley of strikes from Alexa Bliss, who tries to send her back onto the table. Becky Lynch teeters dangerously, hanging on to the ropes with one hand, before creating enough separation to get back into the ring.

Bliss, however, asserts her dominance on the match by pounding Becky onto the turnbuckle before biting her hand when she tries to go on top of it and execute a high flying move.

JBL makes a Luis Suarez reference. Let that sink in for a moment.

Anyway, it's all Alexa here as she piles on the Champion, trying to weaken her enough to get her through the table that has been set up in the ring. She deposits Becky onto the table, before going up to the turn buckle, with a view to go high flying.

Becky however manages to recover in time and fights off the attempt by toppling the table over and trying to execute a Superplex on Bliss. Alexa isn't having any of that as she kicks Becky down and rearranges the table, propping it up against the turnbuckle.

They go back and forth, trying to send the other onto the table, but neither is successful. Again, the table gets toppled over and Becky's attempt to slam her on the table is reversed by Alexa, who hits a DDT on the Champion.

Just when it seems like Alexa Bliss has established telling dominance, Becky fights back and locks in the disarmer on her, with her hand passed through one of the legs of the table. Ouch. That doesn't look pleasant at all.

Becky has maimed Alexa here though, and sets a table over the first rope on a corner of the ring before pushing her on top of it. She looks like she's setting up for a Coup de Grace but Alexa literally kicks out of it.

Becky is sent reeling outside of the ring, and just as she looks to climb back into it, Alexa Bliss trips her up on the ring apron and powerbombs her onto a table set up outside the ring!

That came out of nowhere! Alexa Bliss just won the WWE SmackDown Women's Title!

Result: Alexa Bliss def. Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Title


Chairs Match: Baron Corbin vs Kalisto

Kalisto given Corbin absolutely no time as he goes after him straight off the bat with a chair shot! Shock and awe is a great tactic if it is pulled off properly, but not when your opponent snatches the chair off you and puts you on the floor with a nasty kick to the mid section.

All Corbin from then, as he ragdolls Kalisto from pillar to post, literally, before sending him careening onto a collection of chairs set up outside the ring. He brings him into the ring, and tries to pin him. Unsuccessful. Corbin goes back into attack mode.

He sends Kalisto hard into the turnbuckle, before slamming him hard with Deep 6. 2 count!

Corbin then decides that it's time for a career change to event management as he meticulously sets up 6 chairs in the middle of the ring. Before he can end Kalisto's life however, the diminutive Superstar takes to the air and comes down hard on Corbin, on top of the chairs!

Nasty spot!

Cover by Kalisto! 1,2, near fall! Corbin kicks out! That would have put any other Superstar out cold! As Kalisto regroups, Corbin slides out to create separation and catch his breath.

Kalisto, however, follows up with a Toupe Suicida which is caught by Corbin in mid air and converted into a Deep 6 on the outside. Another nasty spot! He gets Kalisto back into the ring but only gets a near count!

That is it. Corbin snaps and goes chasing after the Luchador with a chair in hand. Kalisto manages to avert disaster twice and when Corbin stuns himself with a chair shot onto the steel steps with nobody home, Kalisto nails him with a hurricurana.

He gets the dazed Corbin back into the ring, places a chair over his torso and hits a beautiful moonsault from the top rope right on top of him. Cover! 1,2, Kickout!

Corbin kicks out at 2.99999! What a near fall!

Kalisto is at his wits end, and goes up on the top rope again. He flies at Corbin but this time, is intercepted by a chair to the face, smack in mid flight. The referee checks on Kalisto briefly to see if he is okay, but Corbin is having none of it.

He picks up Kalisto and nails him with an End of Days on top of a pile of chairs in the ring. Cover! 1,2,3! Corbin beats Kalisto, but it isn't a one-sided contest at all. Half decent match.

Result: Baron Corbin def. Kalisto via pinfall

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