WWE TLC 2016 Results live updates, 12/4/16

WWE TLC 2016 Start Date and Time: 12/4/16, 8 PM ET/5 PM PT/ 6:30 AM IST (5th Dec, Monday morning).
Updated: 05 December 2016 09:18 IST - Published: December, 03 2016 10:35 PM IST

TLC Match for the WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles (c)

Main event time people! Let's go.

Styles may be a heel, but the crowd seems to be right behind him. Such are the times. Breathless start to the match as Ambrose goes right after Styles and knocks him down with a takedown followed by a couple of quick clotheslines.

The compliments that with knife edged chops to the chest and a back body drop. He leaves a grounded Styles in the ring and goes out to get a ladder and a chair into the mix.

Styles seizes the moment and looks to establish some offence of his own, only until Ambrose sends the ladder face first onto him. He knocks him out of the ring and follows him out next, doling out more punishment.

Ambrose slams Styles on top of a chair as they continue fighting up the ramp. Loads of tables, ladders and chairs have been stacked up conveniently as the Challenger looks to use anything and everything to his advantage.

Apparently, that also involves throwing a garbage bin on top of Styles' head and socking him with an elbow. Oh the ignominy :(

Styles, however, has had enough as he nails Ambrose with a picture perfect dropkick and a couple of leaping clotheslines out of nowhere. The Champion just seems to have turned the tide, when Ambrose deposits him crotch first onto the barricade before running onto him with a chair held in front of him.

AJ seems dazed by the impact, leading Ambrose to try and climb that ladder in the ring to try and retrieve the WWE Title. Styles, however, manages to make his way back into the ring and unsettle it enough to get Ambrose off it, spiralling to the ground.

He follows that up with stiff ladder shots onto the midriff of Ambrose, as the fans chant for him. Styles on a roll here as he sets up Ambrose for a suplex onto the ladder, but is reversed and sent flying over the ropes. Ambrose sends a ladder right behind him. Ouch.

They both scramble back into the ring, but AJ comes in with chair in hand. Slam! Blam! Wham! Chair shots galore as Ambrose is left writhing in pain in the middle of the ring.

Styles then brings in many more chairs and sets them up in the middle of the ring. He looks to Suplex Ambrose onto them, but is reversed and is sent back-first, painfully, through them himself.

The crowd chants "Holy Sh*t" and why not! Ambrose seems unhinged here and AJ seems defeated. The challenger isn't quite done, however, and looks to prop up a table in the corner of the ring, over the turnbuckles.

Just as he looks to finish off AJ, the Champion fights back with a flurry of strikes and suplexes Ambrose through the table!

Both men are exhausted, and with good reason. If ever there was a kitchen sink, these two men have thrown it at each other.

They go back and forth in the middle of the ring
The fight went outside, and Ambrose put him on the announcer's table. He places a ladder on top of the Spanish announce table, teasing an insane spot. He jumps and elbows Styles from top through the other announcers table!

What an INSANE spot! The crowd chants "This is Awesome!" and why not! Ambrose isn't quite done though, as he drags out the ladder and pushes it into the ring.

He sets it up and begins climbing, slowly, exasperatingly...when Styles explodes off the top of the ropes with a Phenomenal Forearm out of nowhere!

Both men are down, but both make it to their feet at the same time. They both climb the ladder, on either side, and they converge on top, exchanging blows.

Heavy shots from both competitors as both fall down at the same time. Styles looks to set up Ambrose for the Styles Clash, but Ambrose reverses it and spins Styles onto the ladder, shoulder first!

Ambrose begins the painful ascent again, but Styles gets up in time to intercept him again, and this time, sets up a powerbomb.

Before he can land it, however, Ambrose manages to topple him over the ropes as they both fall outside the ring.

Ambrose looks to get back to his feet and is met by a crazy moonsault-turned-reverse DDT from Styles off the apron.

Styles then sets him up on the table outside the ring, and hits a springboard 450 from INSIDE the ring and plasters Ambrose through the table!

Just as it seems like Ambrose is done, James Ellsworth comes out! The crowd goes crazy! AJ Styles who is about to climb the ladder in the ring, stops and goes after Ellsworth!

He knocks him down and is about to set up another Styles Clash on the steel steps when Ambrose comes back from the dead to take AJ Styles out!

Ambrose is clear for the win as Styles gets deposited outside the ring! Just as he is about to reach the title, James Ellsworth topples the ladder and causes Ambrose to crash and burn over 2 tables set up outside the ring.

Heel turn! Heel turn! James Ellsworth just turned heel!

AJ Styles crawls back into the ring and climbs the ladder to take down his WWE Title! Ambrose is motionless outside the ring, buried in a rubble of table.

Wow. No one saw that coming, did they?

Result: AJ Styles def. Dean Ambrose


Tables Match: Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch (c)
This one's been building for a while as well, and it's clear that the crowd is in Becky's corner. Straight off the bat, Becky goes after Alexa and takes her down with a fistful of punches and a clothesline.

She immediately goes outside the ring and looks to draw out a table from underneath. Bliss intercepts her with a baseball slide, but only briefly as Becky comes back with punches in bunches.

They take it back into the ring, where Becky imposes her superior in-ring skills with a snap suplex and makes her way outside to get a table again. This time, she has more success as she sets up the table outside the ring.

She she attempts to climb back into the ring, she is met with a volley of strikes from Alexa Bliss, who tries to send her back onto the table. Becky Lynch teeters dangerously, hanging on to the ropes with one hand, before creating enough separation to get back into the ring.

Bliss, however, asserts her dominance on the match by pounding Becky onto the turnbuckle before biting her hand when she tries to go on top of it and execute a high flying move.

JBL makes a Luis Suarez reference. Let that sink in for a moment.

Anyway, it's all Alexa here as she piles on the Champion, trying to weaken her enough to get her through the table that has been set up in the ring. She deposits Becky onto the table, before going up to the turn buckle, with a view to go high flying.

Becky however manages to recover in time and fights off the attempt by toppling the table over and trying to execute a Superplex on Bliss. Alexa isn't having any of that as she kicks Becky down and rearranges the table, propping it up against the turnbuckle.

They go back and forth, trying to send the other onto the table, but neither is successful. Again, the table gets toppled over and Becky's attempt to slam her on the table is reversed by Alexa, who hits a DDT on the Champion.

Just when it seems like Alexa Bliss has established telling dominance, Becky fights back and locks in the disarmer on her, with her hand passed through one of the legs of the table. Ouch. That doesn't look pleasant at all.

Becky has maimed Alexa here though, and sets a table over the first rope on a corner of the ring before pushing her on top of it. She looks like she's setting up for a Coup de Grace but Alexa literally kicks out of it.

Becky is sent reeling outside of the ring, and just as she looks to climb back into it, Alexa Bliss trips her up on the ring apron and powerbombs her onto a table set up outside the ring!

That came out of nowhere! Alexa Bliss just won the WWE SmackDown Women's Title!

Result: Alexa Bliss def. Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Title


Chairs Match: Baron Corbin vs Kalisto

Kalisto given Corbin absolutely no time as he goes after him straight off the bat with a chair shot! Shock and awe is a great tactic if it is pulled off properly, but not when your opponent snatches the chair off you and puts you on the floor with a nasty kick to the mid section.

All Corbin from then, as he ragdolls Kalisto from pillar to post, literally, before sending him careening onto a collection of chairs set up outside the ring. He brings him into the ring, and tries to pin him. Unsuccessful. Corbin goes back into attack mode.

He sends Kalisto hard into the turnbuckle, before slamming him hard with Deep 6. 2 count!

Corbin then decides that it's time for a career change to event management as he meticulously sets up 6 chairs in the middle of the ring. Before he can end Kalisto's life however, the diminutive Superstar takes to the air and comes down hard on Corbin, on top of the chairs!

Nasty spot!

Cover by Kalisto! 1,2, near fall! Corbin kicks out! That would have put any other Superstar out cold! As Kalisto regroups, Corbin slides out to create separation and catch his breath.

Kalisto, however, follows up with a Toupe Suicida which is caught by Corbin in mid air and converted into a Deep 6 on the outside. Another nasty spot! He gets Kalisto back into the ring but only gets a near count!

That is it. Corbin snaps and goes chasing after the Luchador with a chair in hand. Kalisto manages to avert disaster twice and when Corbin stuns himself with a chair shot onto the steel steps with nobody home, Kalisto nails him with a hurricurana.

He gets the dazed Corbin back into the ring, places a chair over his torso and hits a beautiful moonsault from the top rope right on top of him. Cover! 1,2, Kickout!

Corbin kicks out at 2.99999! What a near fall!

Kalisto is at his wits end, and goes up on the top rope again. He flies at Corbin but this time, is intercepted by a chair to the face, smack in mid flight. The referee checks on Kalisto briefly to see if he is okay, but Corbin is having none of it.

He picks up Kalisto and nails him with an End of Days on top of a pile of chairs in the ring. Cover! 1,2,3! Corbin beats Kalisto, but it isn't a one-sided contest at all. Half decent match.

Result: Baron Corbin def. Kalisto via pinfall


Intercontinental Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler vs Miz (c)

Breathless start to the match as they kick off with an insane sequence that is ended by a baseball slide from the Miz that sends Ziggler reeling towards the Ladders set up just in front of the ramp.

They exchange offence in front of the ladder, trying to one-up each other, before Miz puts an end to that sequence with a boot to the face. He then uses the ladder as a battering ram to Ziggler's mid section.

Though, Ziggler - ever the lithe athlete - sidesteps his second attempted attack and causes Miz to crash the ladder against the steel steps next to the ring. As Miz is on the floor, Ziggler attempts to open the legs of the ladder and sandwich the Champion between them.

Miz, however, reverses with a perfectly timed leg trip to send Ziggler face first into the ladder. As he writhes around in pain, Miz compounds his misery with a baseball slide onto the ladder, onto Ziggler.

The crowd is up for this match, and split down the middle as they throw up duelling chants of "Let's go Ziggler - Let's go Miz!"

Ziggler has recovered meanwhile, and reverses an attempted powerbomb by the Miz into a Tornado DDT onto a ladder set up outside the ring. Miz goes face first, but Ziggler also feels the brunt of that move.

However, he does feel he's dealt enough damage to the Champion as he looks to set up a ladder inside the ring to possibly climb "the stairway to heaven". Ah, Mauro Ranallo you beauty!

Out of nowhere, however, Miz hits Ziggler with a dropkick from behind, onto the steel steps. He proceeds to deposit an injured Ziggler onto the turnbuckes, before piling on him with a Ladder.

He then sets up the ladder horizontally, resting over the second rope, before attempting to Superplex Ziggler over it. Ziggler manages to fight him off, before landing a flying elbow drop on him from on top of the Ladder.

With the Miz lying in the corner of the ring, Ziggler bring in another ladder and sets it up in the middle again. This time, he even climbs it and manages to touch the overhanging Title with his fingertips. Miz is up just in the nick of time however, and manages to avert disaster by toppling the ladder and sending Ziggler neck first onto the ropes.

It's the Miz's turn to go on the offence as he drives the ladder face first on Ziggler, who is propping himself up using the aid of the turnbuckles. He then mocks Daniel Bryan's Yes! chants before landing two running dropkicks on the ladder resting over Ziggler.

The third dropkick never comes, however, as Ziggler bursts out of the corner with the ladder and lays the Miz out. He then sets up the ladder in the center of the ring, and climbs it again. This time, Miz mirrors him on the other side and they exchange blows briefly on the top of the ladder.

Miz comes off worse but only for a bit, as he prevents Ziggler from taking down the Title by slamming his knee against the ladder. Cue, mean streak.
Miz repeatedly attacks it using the ladder, before trapping and twisting it with the ladder in between and locking on a figure four!

That looks NASTY! Nasty I tell you.

He picks up Ziggler, who fights him off with elbows before attempting a Superkick! He can't even lift his leg! Miz nails him with a Skull Crushing Finale face first onto the ladder!

Ziggler is OUT! Miz sets up the ladder, and climbs it sufficiently enough to get his hands on the Title, but Ziggler yanks the ladder from underneath his feet just in time! Miz is hanging on for dear life, literally!

Ziggler slams Miz, who is suspended in mid-air, with a ladder! Miz is down now! What drama here! Ziggler takes the initiative now and attempts to climb the ladder. Dragging himself on with one good leg.

But all that effort is in vain as it is the Miz's turn to make an unlikely comeback from death as he sets Ziggler up for a powerbomb and crashes him against the ladder that has been horizontally propped up against the ropes!

Just when it looks like the road is clear for the Miz to climb the ladder and retrieve his belt, Ziggler sets up another ladder next to the one Miz is climbing and they tee off on each other at the top of their respective ladders.

Ziggler manages to get the upper hand by headbutting Miz off the ladder and just as he is about to clutch the Title, Miz speeds back up AGAIN and kicks him where it hurts. Twice. Ouch. Ouch.

Ziggler falls off limply, clutching his family jewels. Ouch again. Miz, finally, is clear to take the Intercontinental Title. Wow. What a match!

Result: Miz def. Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Miz takes the mic and rips the Dallas crowd while also referencing Daniel Bryan, saying that it was his hate and doubt that made him determined to be the winner!


Intercontinental Title on the line up next as Dolph Ziggler challenges the Miz. Perhaps for the last time. This should be a good match.


No Disqualification match: Nikki Bella vs Carmella
Carmella wisely slides out of the ring to take the sting out of Nikki first up, but it isn't long before they take it back into the ring. Nikki is ready this time, and takes down Carmella before pounding on her indiscriminately.

Carmella barely gets away from her and the fight spills on outside again. Carmella hits a beautiful head scissors on her to send Nikki leg first onto the steel steps. Game changer!

Nikki clutches her leg in agony, as Carmella begins targetting that leg. She hangs Nikki upside down on the turnbuckle and punishes that leg with a Kendo Stick, retrieved from underneath the ring.

Nikki is clearly on the back foot here, pun intended. But the fighter in her seems uninhibited still as she fights Carmella off with the Kendo Stick herself. The fight is taken outside yet again, where Nikki splatters Carmella's face with a flying kick from on top of the barricade.

Yes, you read that right.

She then retrieves a fire extinguisher from underneath the ring, and practically empties it on Carmella. Mostly on her backside. But that's enough to put her out, as Nikki pins her clean after hitting the Rack Attack 2.0.

That's that. A little disappointing perhaps?

Result: Nikki Bella def. Carmella via pinfall

Carmella gets on the mic as Nikki walks away, and says that it wasn't her who attacked her just before Survivor Series. She reveals it was Natalya, as Nikki looks slightly disturbed by the news.


WWE SmackDown Tag Titles: Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton vs Heath Slater and Rhyno

Rhyno squares off with Bray to start the match, and they exchange strikes in the middle of the ring, neither willing to yield. The first pop of the night goes the way of the Wyatts as Bray tags in Randy Orton.

*JBL: Once in a generation team here of Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt*

Nice plug.

Slater is welcomed into proceedings against Orton, but Wyatt cheap shots him to definitively turn the tide in their favour. They take turns to inflict punishment on Slater as Orton nails him with a Powerslam. Picture perfect, as always. Orton truly has one of the best Powerslams in the business.

Meanwhile, Slater manages to eke out a tag to Rhyno, who runs roughshod over Bray before sending him out of the ring. Then he follows him out and attempts to Gore Orton, only to be sidestepped by the Viper. Luke Harper gets taken out in place of him.

When Rhyno comes back into the ring, Bray is in his creepy spider position waiting for him. Rhyno is distracted, and out of NOWHERE, Randy Orton hits an RKO!

Cover! 1,2,3!

Orton and Wyatt are the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions!


Pre-show 10-man tag match just got over, and American Alpha pick up the win for Team Apollo Crews. Good way to put them over, but let's not kid ourselves. It's in the pre-show. 

Meaning. Inconsequential. :p

Alexa Bliss to capture the Title from Becky Lynch?

Alexa Bliss to capture the Title from Becky Lynch?


*SPOILER ALERT* you know you want to read on though :p

Apparently Alexa Bliss has shot from a -195 to a -1140 favourite to defeat Becky Lynch and capture the WWE SmackDown Women's Title. This usually indicates "smart money" coming in according to

The WWE were reportedly planning a couple of Title changes at TLC, and with the Women's Title being one, the other one could well be tha Tag Championships seeing as AJ Styles looks odds on to retain the WWE Championship.

Blissful days ahead. 
Okay. I'll admit. Bad one.

What a match this will be... :O

What a match this will be... :O


So, this may be a spoiler/rumour but it makes sense. AJ Styles' not-so-dominant albeit entertaining reign has been one of the main reasons why SmackDown Live is doing as well as it is, and the WWE are in no hurry to take the belt off him.

To give it to Dean Ambrose, that is.

AJ Styles will drop the belt soon, but not at TLC. And certainly not because James Ellsworth interfered. According to the backstage word, Styles will drop the Title to the Undertaker soon -  as soon as the Deadman is in ring shape of course.

And from then on, there would be a build to WrestleMania where John Cena will challenge Undertaker for it, and of course, capture it at the grandest stage of them all to tie Ric Flair's alleged record of 16 Title reigns. (more like 21 :p)

At least for now, AJ's reign is set to continue. So rest assured.

Too good to be true? Perhaps it is...

Too good to be true? Perhaps it is...


We can all agree that AJ Styles is a phenomenal worker; probably one of the top 3 pro-wrestlers in the world. And when he showed up at Royal Rumble, understandably, we went beserk with excitement.

The one wrestler who we thought will never grace the WWE's shores, finally made it. To top it off, the WWE had him beat John Cena twice and win the WWE Championship from Dean Ambrose as well.

But since then, has the WWE done justice in booking him as the imperious Champion we all know he can be? While you ponder over that, let us help you by indulging you in an excellent write-up on the issue.

Femme Fatale indeed...

Femme Fatale indeed...


Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss have formed up quite the rivalry of late on SmackDown Live! And although it isn't on the level of the feud that Charlotte and Sasha Banks have going on, it is still entertaining to say the least.

And much of it has to do with how convincing Bliss has been since her call-up to the main roster from NXT. Her mic work has been really catchy and she certainly knows how to advance a storyline.

Enough about what she knows though. What do you know about her? Not too much, we bet.

5 amazing things about Alexa Bliss you didn't know

Your welcome. 

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Randy Orton.....and Kane?

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Randy Orton.....and Kane?


So Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton have conjured up quite the formidable team, and contrary to logic, have to be considered favourites when going up against the SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno.

Heath Slater and Rhyno captured the title to give the WWE Universe a feel-good moment, but haven't really done anything to justify their billing as top dogs in the Tag Team division on SmackDown.

Orton and Wyatt on the other hand, give everyone the jeepers. Will the challengers conquer the champions or will Slater and Rhyno somehow legitimize their Titles in a victorious effort?

From what I hear though, the Wyatt family may be recruiting again... :O

WWE TLC 2016: 5 Possible endings for Wyatt Family vs. Heath Slater and Rhyno

Will Dolph Ziggler and The Miz put on another classic at TLC?

Will Dolph Ziggler and The Miz put on another classic at TLC?


The Miz has been one of the top heels in the WWE for a while now, and this move to SmackDown Live! has particularly led him to stand out from the crowd. His promos have cut deep and quite honestly, he's developed himself into a solid worker as well.

Ziggler, who has bene a perennial gatekeeper in the WWE, has also found his best when pitted against the Miz. They put on entertaining matches, and they seem to bring the best out of each other in promos as well.

As we gear up to the final instalment of their rivalry to be played out at TLC, here is a look at how the chips may fall for either Superstar. Oh wait, aren't Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn in the picture as well...

WWE TLC 2016: 5 Possible endings for The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler


While you're here, why don't you read our Rumours article for TLC. As they say in the WWE, expect the unexpected. Once you read this though, it wouldn't be as unexpected as it is for most others.

Ok, let me cut the rambling short and let you read in peace... 

WWE TLC 2016 live preview and predictions

WWE TLC 2016 live preview and predictions


WWE TLC 2016 Result Predictions and Preview

Smackdown Live's latest exclusive Pay-Per-View comes this Sunday in the form of TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. This seems to be Smackdown Live’s answer to Raw getting Hell In A Cell. It is rumoured that the blue brand is all set to get Elimination Chamber in February as their final stop before Wrestlemania 33.

Six matches have been announced for TLC so far, four of which are championship matches. It should be noted that the entire card except for one match has a stipulation to them. There is a tables match, a ladders match, a chairs match, and a traditional TLC match. As of now, there is no match announced for the Kickoff show.

The TLC card features a rehash of existing feuds before Survivor Series except for one match. However, it was realistically done, considering there was just a two-week window between Survivor Series and TLC, making it hard to build fresh feuds.

However, from the looks of it, TLC is set to be the culmination of quite a few existing feuds. Let’s look at the main card and predict the outcomes of the stacked Pay-Per-View!

#1 Heath Slater & Rhyno(c) vs. The New Wyatt Family(Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton) (Smackdown Tag Team Championship match)

The only match on the entire card without a stipulation. The match itself was made on the go-home Smackdown Live. On November 22nd, American Alpha defeated the entire Smackdown Live roster including their rivals, The Usos, and should have technically been the number one contenders.
However, The Eater Of Worlds Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen with Randy Orton and Luke Harper and announced that they would have to face the Buzzards the following week to determine to gets a shot at the tithe. Since Wyatt & Orton were heels (with good momentum), it was no surprise that they defeated the red hot babyface tag team to get the Number One Contender's spot.

If observed carefully, over the past few months, Bray Wyatt has been one of the most protected characters on the entire blue brand, perhaps the most in his career. His alignment with Orton seems to be different from his "alliance' with Daniel Bryan.

The New Face Of Fear may be getting the push that the fans have desired to see for a long time. As for Heath Slater & Rhyno, they've had one of the sweetest storyline payoffs by becoming the first ever Smackdown Tag Team Champions. However, the storyline of Slater being a “free agent” is long gone now, and their time with the belts may soon come to an end.

Not to mention, both stars are quite over, and they don’t need the belts for that. Expect The New Wyatt Family to dominate and give Bray his first taste of WWE gold.

Predicted winners: And the NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The New Wyatt Family

#2 Kalisto vs. Baron Corbin (Chairs match

Baron Corbin and Kalisto had started their feud before Summerslam. However, the former Lucha Dragon suffered an injury that prevented a match between them. Their storyline continued upon his return when Kalisto “injured” Baron Corbin, costing him a spot in the Survivor Series Smackdown Live team.

Chairs match was announced after the two assaulted each other with the weapon on recent SmackDown episodes. The Lone Wolf is still fresh on the main roster despite the fact that that it has been eight months since his arrival. Smackdown Live desperately needs top heels, and Corbin will get some good heat by defeating the underdog, Kalisto.

Predicted winner: Baron Corbin

#3 The Miz(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler (Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship)

The feud between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler has arguably been the most captivating feud of 2016. This is where the brand split came to benefit the most, as both superstars have tremendously excelled in their performances since the move; both in terms of character development and in-ring work.

Every single match they have had so far has been an instant classic, none more so than their match at No Mercy, where Ziggler put his career on the line. Defying all the odds (and rumours), The Showoff prevailed and won the Intercontinental Championship and subsequently, got one of the biggest babyface pops of the year.

Surprisingly, he lost it back to The Miz just a month later, when he was scheduled to face Sami Zayn for the title at Survivor Series. The sudden title switch was surprising and still is to many of the fans. This is the feud that many believe has revived the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship.

While The Showoff continues his “so close” storyline, we expect The Miz to come out on top and get even more heat when he ends the feud with many slimy antics. Regardless of the outcome, this still has “Match of the year” candidate written all over it.

Predicted winner: And STILL the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz

#4 Nikki Bella vs. Carmella (No Disqualification match)

Many fans would not be particularly thrilled about a Nikki Bella-Carmella feud a year ago, as it then did not sound excellent on paper. However, this is the power of good booking. Nikki Bella returned from a career threatening injury at Summerslam and asserted her return when she pinned Carmella.

Two nights later on Smackdown Live, when Nikki Bella was scheduled to face off against Carmella, she began cutting a babyface promo about how glad she was to be back. She was cut short by Carmella, who viciously attacked her and turned heel in the process.

She also attacked Nikki later that night on Talking Smack. The basis of her attack on The Fearless one was due to stealing her thunder at Summerslam, which was near Carmella's home of Staten Island. The feud, as mentioned, has been booked excellently so far, with Nikki Bella playing the returning babyface and Carmella playing the jealous heel still trying to find her footing on new territory.

They faced off once at No Mercy, with Nikki coming out victorious.This storyline got that much more interesting at Survivor Series when Nikki was supposed to be the Smackdown Live team captain. She was attacked before she could come out by an “unknown assailant,” and Natalya (who she beat to get the captaincy spot) took her place on the team.

A No DQ match between the two has been teased for a while now by General Manager Daniel Bryan, even before No Mercy. The commentary on the go-home show seemed to indicate that the No DQ match will be the blow off to this incredibly entertaining feud.

Nikki got the better of Carmella on the go-home Smackdown Live show. WWE’s usual pattern indicates that The Princess Of Staten Island gets a victory. However, it isn’t going to come clean by any means. We predict Nattie to assist her and start a fresh feud with the Fearless One.

Predicted winner: Carmella

#5 Becky Lynch(c) vs. Alexa Bliss (Tables match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship)

One merit of the blue brand that can be bragged about is how they have truly turned the “female superstars” into just “superstars” by integrating the women into being part of the show, and something about “revolution” and “history” on a constant basis, patting themselves on the back.

The feud between the Smackdown Women’s Champion and Alexa Bliss started the night after Backlash, right after Becky became the inaugural champion.The two were supposed to face each other No Mercy, but Becky faced an undisclosed injury that barred her from wrestling for a few weeks. The match eventually happened on a SmackDown episode in Glasgow where Becky Lynch prevailed, albeit in a dusty finish.

The referee failed to spot Alexa Bliss’ feet on the ropes, and when she tapped, declared the match in favour of Lynch. This was a clever way to set up another match between the two. On the go-home Smackdown Live, Alexa put Becky through a table, and on Talking Smack, it was announced that the bout between the two was to be a tables match.

One of the notable aspects of the feud was Alexa Bliss’ rapid character development and showcasing just how truly skilled she is on the mic. However, Becky Lynch’s reign is still very young, and she is being groomed to be the face of the Smackdown Live women’s division. While this feud may not be over just yet, we expect The Lass Kicker to prevail in what will likely be an excellent match between the two.

Predicted winner: AND STILL the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch

#6 AJ Styles(c) vs. Dean Ambrose (TLC Match for the WWE World Championship)

AJ Styles has been one of WWE’s MVPs this year. It's still surreal to believe that Styles is in the WWE, let alone the fact that he is the World Champion of the company. He has been feuding with Dean Ambrose since the end of August which lead to him winning the title at Backlash through nefarious means.

Ever since then, he does not have a single clean defense of his world title to his name. However, he is still the character with the most momentum on the roster, and in the WWE. What seems certain is that the feud won’t continue for that long. Whether the blowoff is going to be at TLC or not is yet to be seen. However, Styles has been excellent with the belt on him, playing the heel champion to perfection.

Now that James Ellsworth is out of the picture after that nasty Styles Clash onto the steel steps, Dean Ambrose has no assistance by his side. The match itself could be the match of the night, with an immense number of spots to get the Dallas crowd to chant “Holy Sh*t”.

Tables will be destroyed, ladders will be smashed, and many chairs will be used in a cruel manner. However, the end result will be the Phenomenal one retaining over The Lunatic Fringe, and perhaps even being confronted by his next challenge. Could it be The Undertaker? We'll have to wait and watch.

Predicted winner: AND STILL the WWE World Champion, AJ Styles

What are your predictions? Voice your comments in the live chat box.

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