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WWE TLC Results, 16th December 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 17, 2018 03:56 GMT

It's the final PPV of the year!


03:56 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:56 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

It's a 3-way war with two ladders. Asuka is down and Charlotte and Becky are fighting on the top. Ronda Rousey interferes and pushes the ladder and Charlotte and Becky go crashing down. She walks away. Asuka climbs the ladder and picks the title. #ANDNEW!

Asuka def. Becky Lynch & Charlotte to win the SmackDown Women's Championship

03:52 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Charlotte's talking trash and places Becky on the table. She slaps Becky HARD and shouts. "IM THE WOMAN". She climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a reverse moonsault through the table! What a main event!

03:50 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Charlotte stops Becky from climbing the ladder and takes her out to brutalize her.

03:50 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:48 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Charlotte hits them both with a kendo stick and sends them crashing. She goes out of control and goes after Asuka until Becky stops her. Becky hits a Bex-plex onto the table outside. Asuka then grabs the kendo stick and starts whipping them both. Asuka stands tall but Charlotte runs and spears her through the barricade! IT BREAKS! 

03:46 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:46 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:46 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Asuka takes advantage and tries to climb the ladder but she's too slow. Becky Lynch catches up and its a slugfest on the top of the ladder.

03:45 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:45 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Charlotte sends Becky through to the barricade but it isn't enough to keep her down. Becky Lynch places Charlotte and Asuka on the table and climbs the ladder. She hits a leg drop but Asuka moves away and Charlotte goes through the table. THAT HURT!

03:42 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Asuka sends Charlotte through the table as she tries to make the ascent and outside the ring, Becky hits them both with steel chairs, time after time. The Queen begins to fight back! 

03:38 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

We apologize for the delay. A Network streaming issue on our end.

Anyway, the match started off with the women going at it right off the bat. They too no time to get a table and a ladder in and Charlotte gets attacked by the two other competitors.

03:36 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte Flair vs Asuka - TLC match for the SmackDown Women's Championship

03:27 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:27 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:23 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:21 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Rollins climbs to the turnbuckles and hits a suplex and Falcon Arrow. Unsurprisingly, Ambrose kicks out. This time, Rollins starts talking trash and hits two back to back elbows. Ambrose, in desperation lifts his fist, signalling at a reunion. Rollins seems torn but uses his fist to punch Ambrose. He hits a superkick, a bucklebomb to the barricade and then brings him back in the ring.

Ambrose's face is red and Rollins goes for a stomp but Ambrose lands a dirty deeds. He takes time to pin him but he does, beating Rollins and winning the IC title.

Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion

03:16 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Rollins gets a little momentum with a counter attack and goes for the frog splash, but he's not fast enough and Ambrose lifts his knees up. Ambrose tries to pin him but Rollins kicks out

03:14 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:14 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Ambrose takes advantage of Rollins' lack of moomentum and slams him face first. He climbs to the top ropes but Rollins climbs to go high risk, but slips, allowing Ambrose to shove him against the ropes. He hits a vicious clothesline but it's only 2!

03:13 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:12 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:11 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Seth Rollins starts stomping the ground as crowd chants "Burn.It.Down!". He hits a kick to the gut and it's a very weak kick. It allows Ambrose to counter-charge and hit a kick of his own.

03:09 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Rollins escapes and starts to fight back. He uses his agility and adrenalin to bring an onslaught onto the challenger. He somehow lands a suicide dive as well

03:06 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Ambrose starts an assault on Rollins' knees and The Lunatic Fringe locks in a cloverleaf! 

03:05 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Ambrose starts taunting Rollins after having him in control and Rollins slams Ambrose into the turnbuckles

03:04 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

03:03 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

The match starts off slow, with Rollins trying to punish Ambrose. Ambrose rolls out of the ring and slams Rollins face first into the announce table. Ambrose has Seth Rollins in a haedlock and they're taking their time. 

02:57 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

02:56 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

02:49 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Seth Rollins (c) vs Dean Ambrose - Intercontinental Championship

This means that the SmackDown Women's Championship match is the main event! 

02:46 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

The action goes outside the ring and Styles hits a Phenomenal Forearm. He tries to get another one inside the ring but Bryan escapes. He tries shoving him towards the referee and hitting the knee but misses. Bryan gets a small package and wins. A flat finish to a great match.

Daniel Bryan def. AJ Styles to retain the WWE Championship

02:44 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

AJ Styles has Bryan in a calf crusher but the champ cleverly escapes and rolls outside the ring. He's clutching his left leg while Styles is holding his ribs

02:42 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Styles lands the 450 splash but it's still not enough! 

02:40 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Daniel Bryan almost hits a top turnbuckle hurricanrana but Styles counters and almost gets a Styles Clash. Bryan cleverly escapes and gets Styles in a Yes! Lock. Styles starts fighting back and neutralizes him. The crowd chants "This is awesome" and we agree! 

02:37 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Bryan starts going after the weakened midsection of AJ Styles. Bryan, meanwhile, has an injured left leg

02:36 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

02:36 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

02:35 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

The action goes outside and realizing that he can't win by countout, sends him back in. Bryan counters Styles with brutal knees to the head and almost knocks him out cold. This is brutal but it's amazing! 

02:32 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

AJ Styles tries to fight back but Bryan counters. He even flips over the turnbuckles and it soon becomes counter after counter. Bryan sends Styles face first into the turnbuckles and Styles then continues to fight back. He gets so aggressive that the referee has to pull him back.  Styles then manages to land a spinning backfist but it's only 2.

02:29 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

02:29 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Styles fires back with chest slaps of his own and Daniel Bryan hits a series of kicks to counter

02:27 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Bryan begins to slow him down and takes control as he has him in a unique position, working on the back of Styles. Bryan starts talking trash and hits Styles with a LOUD chest slap. Like REALLY loud! 

02:25 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Styles knocks Bryan down and the champion begins to fight back. He baits Styles into a dropkick but clings onto the ropes. Styles immediately follows up by landing the dropkick and sends Bryan outside the ring

02:23 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

02:23 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

Daniel Bryan rolls outside the match and does a little warming up. he slowly approaches. The crowd is completely rallying behind AJ Styles. Styles begins his onslaught with a series of strikes before slamming his head into turnbuckle after turnbuckle

02:18 (GMT)17 DEC 2018

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