Yeovil Town vs Manchester United Live Score and Commentary, FA Cup 2017-18

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Yeovil 0 - 2 Man United (Rashford 41', Herrera 61', Lingard 89', Lukaku 92')


03:20 (IST)27 JAN 2018



Good start to Alexis Sanchez's life at United as his side - inspired by the sheer quality off the bench - see off a very spirited, but ultimately outclassed, Yeovil Town side who surely will rue their lack of conviction in front of Romero's goal. 

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03:18 (IST)27 JAN 2018

United countered at supreme pace - Gomes fed Rojo, who in turn played the perfect ball into the box where Lukaku was left with the simple job of slamming it into the back of the net. 

03:17 (IST)27 JAN 2018


03:17 (IST)27 JAN 2018

92' McTominay tries to cushion an excellent Herrera ball into Lukaku's path, but Smith reads it; and it doesn't matter, 'cos....

03:15 (IST)27 JAN 2018

91' Gray doesn't see it like that, though, and he sends in yet another sublime ball into the box - where Sowumni heads it well wide. The guys at the end of his crosses have let Gray down tonight

03:14 (IST)27 JAN 2018

90' Three minutes to be added on. This has become all too routine for United

03:13 (IST)27 JAN 2018

Lingard takes the ball, runs and runs and runs before toe-poking it superbly, powerfully, into the far bottom corner. Lovely, lovely, goal.

03:13 (IST)27 JAN 2018


03:12 (IST)27 JAN 2018

88' OOOOO! Gomes runs at, and runs past, James before smacking a shot into the side-netting. Nice way to say, hello... that. 

03:12 (IST)27 JAN 2018

87' Gray has a pop from twenty-odd yard out, but it's well over. Mourinho takes the break to take off Rashford and give young Angel Gomes a couple more senior minutes under his belt. 

03:08 (IST)27 JAN 2018

84' OH OH OH! Rashford flies into the box as he runs onto a nice little Shaw ball and touches the ball past Krysiak - but Rashfod's touch takes it out of play. 

03:07 (IST)27 JAN 2018

83' Lukaku tries a give-and-go with Lingard at the edge of the box, but Sowumni reads it well and hacks the ball clear. Way makes his final change as he throws on big Connor Smith for Lewis Wing

03:06 (IST)27 JAN 2018

82' James take the freekick Ronaldo-style, but while he gets the direction correct, the power is far too low to trouble Romero

03:05 (IST)27 JAN 2018

81' A poor pass allows Zoko to race into the United third, and McTominay - perpetrator of said poor pass - absolutely clatters into him. Yellow for the young Scot. 

03:04 (IST)27 JAN 2018

80' Shouts for handball off Wing from Rashford fall on deaf ears; the young Englishman is incensed, but with United hogging the ball, he's forced to let it go. 

03:03 (IST)27 JAN 2018

79' Lingard slips in Rashford with a delightful ball - but Krysiak comes out superbly to smother the young man's shot. 

03:02 (IST)27 JAN 2018

77' Rashford and Shaw combine down the left after good work from Lukaku. The corner is poor, but Rashford races into the box - does a million stepovers - passes it to Lukaku, and the ball bounces off his leg and out of play. Poor touch that from the big man

03:01 (IST)27 JAN 2018

76' Dickson rips past Darmian with absurd ease once again - Darmian really has been poor - but his ball into the box is headed away by Rojo, THe ball is then worked out to Fisher at the edge of the United box; but his shot is straight at Rashford. 

02:58 (IST)27 JAN 2018

73' OOOO! Herrera plays an absolute peach of a ball down he middle but Lingard just can't connect with it first time under pressure from Sowumni. 

02:57 (IST)27 JAN 2018

72' Sanchez is all smiles as he gets a good solid debut under his belt. Just what the Chilean - and United - needed. 

02:56 (IST)27 JAN 2018

71' Sanchez tries to tee up Herrera -  a la Becks and Scholesy from aeons ago - but that still needs some work on the training ground. That will be Alexis' last contribution for the match as he is taken of, precautionary measure i figure, for Jesse Lingard

02:54 (IST)27 JAN 2018

70' Sanchez tries to pick out Lukaku, but Smith gets his noggin to it ahead of the big Belgian - United keep at it, though, till Scott McTominay does ever so well to run at James and win a corner off of him

02:53 (IST)27 JAN 2018

69' Yeovil make their second substitution as Jordan Green is taken for Alex Fisher. 

02:51 (IST)27 JAN 2018

67' Lukaku is playing down the left flank at the moment - with Sanchez down the centre and Rashford down the right - James clatters into Sanchez but the ref waves away his appeals, and Mourinho is absolutely incensed. 

02:49 (IST)27 JAN 2018

65' Substitution for United as Lukaku comes on for Mata. Smith and Sowunmi are in for a tasty little 25 odd minutes here. 

02:48 (IST)27 JAN 2018

64' OHHHHFFFSIDE! Sanchez drifts into space in the middle with some lovely dribbling before feeding it to McTominay. The young Scot lays it off to Darmian - who drills it into the box where Mata is on hand to bundle it home, but he is also offside as he does said bundling in.,

02:47 (IST)27 JAN 2018

63' So Herrera scores at Huish Park again - and United are looking far more comfortable. Just to make the home side's condition just that little bit worse, Romely Lukaku has stripped into his playing kit

02:46 (IST)27 JAN 2018

UFF! From the Yeovil corner, United launch a brilliant counter through Herrera who pumps it long to Mata. The Spaniard holds it up for Sanchez and with it 4 v 3 in United's favour - Sanchez feeds Herrera who has raced into the box - and the Basque absolutely leathers one into the bottom corner. Superb goal

02:45 (IST)27 JAN 2018


02:45 (IST)27 JAN 2018

59' Browne irritates Rojo into giving away a corner with some good old-fashioned centre-forward chasing and harrying...

02:44 (IST)27 JAN 2018

58' United absolutely bombard Yeovil's box - Sanchez swings a ball in that Rashford can't head, but he does he keep alive for Shaw to have a pop - but it's blocked. It comes back into the box and Shaw has another go, but that's blocked too. United's incessant pressure finally ends when Sanchez is found offside from Shaw's pass. 

02:41 (IST)27 JAN 2018

56' Browne and Shaw get stuck in, and the Yeovil man wins a throw-in from it - possession's quickly handed back to United, though.

02:40 (IST)27 JAN 2018

55' Lindelof gets a talking to for jumping into Surridge - Way takes the break in play to bring on Rhys Browne for Jared Bird. A striker for a central midfielder. Tasty. 

02:37 (IST)27 JAN 2018

53' WOOOOF! Dickson comes flying down the left - as he did so often in the first half - before sending in a spectacular ball into the far post, where Shaw does just enough to make sure Surridge doesn't get his header on target. 

02:35 (IST)27 JAN 2018

51' OOOOH! A clever corner routine sees Sanchez's delivery hit onto the bar by Mata who'd ghosted into the box completely undetected. 

02:35 (IST)27 JAN 2018

50' As with the first,half, everything is going through Sanchez. He initially sends in Herrera into the box  but his shot is blocked. Sanchez gets it back and dinks it in for Rashford - who then whips past two defenders before smacking a shot at goal that Smith does ever so well to block

02:34 (IST)27 JAN 2018

49' Rashford tries to play in Alexis down the left but the ball ahs a bit too much oomph - even for the speedy Chilean. 

02:33 (IST)27 JAN 2018

48' Poor touches in quick succession from Herrera and Rashford sees Mourinho's face darken - but Krysiak's clearance is rather horrendous and United regain possession. 

02:31 (IST)27 JAN 2018

47' Alexis is sent tumbling with a rather ugly tackle from Sowunmi, who gets a yellow for that. No complaints from anyone in green and white. 

02:29 (IST)27 JAN 2018

46' Yeovil start off inauspiciously, giving the ball away to Alexis Sanchez right from kick-off. 

02:29 (IST)27 JAN 2018


No changes for either side  

02:28 (IST)27 JAN 2018

The players have trotted back onto the park. Football is imminent. 

02:26 (IST)27 JAN 2018

Actually, I've been unkind to the home side in that Half-time description one-liner. Yeovil Town have been bloody brilliant - and Way will be imploring his side to keep up the intensity in the second 45. 

Mourinho, meanwhile, must surely be having a few choice words with a few of his starters.

02:14 (IST)27 JAN 2018



If anything the home side have shaded this in terms of clear-cut chance creation, and comfort on the ball, but a momentary lapse at the back is all it needed for the side currently 87 places above them in England's hierarchy to take the lead. Plenty of positives for Yeovil - they are not out of this game yet, not by a long sight. 

02:12 (IST)27 JAN 2018

46' ONE MINUTE ADDED ON. Nothing happens. 

02:11 (IST)27 JAN 2018

45' United pass it around patiently, well in control of the situation now, their birthday celebrating boss looking on with a look that would have most in red out there worried. Darmian, especially. 

02:10 (IST)27 JAN 2018

43' UGH! Carrick, of all the people on this planet, plays a simple ten yard pass spiralling into the stands. A sheepish grin from the United captain. 

02:08 (IST)27 JAN 2018

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Good work from Sanchez and Rashford allows the latter to storm into the box, but James looks to have it under control - but inexplicably dawdles on it, despite Krysiak screaming at him to clear it - that's all the milliseconds Rashford needs and he pounces from behind to tuck it into the back of the net. United - and Rashford - needed that. 

02:06 (IST)27 JAN 2018


02:06 (IST)27 JAN 2018

40' OOOOO! Herrera picks out a clever Sanchez run down the middle; the Chilean kills it with a lovely first touch, but sends his shot fizzing wide with his second. 
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