Youth Olympics 2018, Badminton: Lakshya Sen vs Shifeng Li, Men's Singles Final, Live Score and Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 13, 2018 00:34 IST

Li Shifeng def Lakshya Sen 21-15, 21-19 in 44 minutes to take the gold


00:34 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Final score: Li Shifeng def Lakshya Sen 21-15, 21-19 in 44 minutes to take the gold

00:33 (IST)13 OCT 2018



00:32 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Sen saves yet another match point!


00:32 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Big smash from Li and he even started celebrating!

But it was OUT!

Sen 18-20

00:30 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Yet another point for Sen!


00:30 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Sen finds the corner!


00:30 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Very costly error from Sen at the net.

Li now has match points!


00:28 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Li is back in business, moves ahead to 18-14 now.

Are Sen's hopes over?

00:27 (IST)13 OCT 2018

But Sen finds some fire here and gets three quick points in a row!

So much can change in just seconds in badminton!

Sen now trails 14-16

00:26 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Li is now up 16-11

00:26 (IST)13 OCT 2018

But Li ends Sen's run here....very, very fresh and spirited.

Sen, on the other hand, is looking jaded and lost on the court.

Clearly the long semi-final took a toll on him.

00:25 (IST)13 OCT 2018

And that has started a run of points for Sen!

Sen is now trailing 11-14

00:25 (IST)13 OCT 2018

One point back for Lakshya as he blocks the net for Li, forcing him to go for a lob!

Li still up 14-10

00:22 (IST)13 OCT 2018

It's smooth sailing for the Chinese as he jumps ahead to 12-7

00:20 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Sen continues to send the shuttle long and that has given Li an 11-7 lead at the mid-game interval.

00:18 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Sen is trying hard but the Chinese looks more solid, more determined, more aggressive and obviously not letting errors hamper his game.

Li up 8-6

00:15 (IST)13 OCT 2018

His precision has again gone missing....missing angular dropshots!

Sen 4-7 now

00:14 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Now the Chinese has inched ahead to 5-3

Sen is still struggling with his energy levels

00:12 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Li is using his height well to go for jump smashes!


00:10 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Tremendous defence from the Chinese helps him to level matters.


00:09 (IST)13 OCT 2018

A lot more aggression from Sen to start the second game...he gets the first point

00:06 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Sen gets one point back but Li takes the first game 21-15.

00:06 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Sen targeted a down-the-line smash but he missed it,

Game points to Shifeng Li


00:04 (IST)13 OCT 2018

The streak ends and Li gets two points in a row to inch ahead to 18-13

00:02 (IST)13 OCT 2018

A rattled Li starts missing his bread-and-butter down-the-line shots as well

Sen 13-16

00:02 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Now Sen is engaging Li in long rallies to extract errors out of him.



00:01 (IST)13 OCT 2018



00:00 (IST)13 OCT 2018

Sen bags a couple more points and closes the gap to nine points.


23:59 (IST)12 OCT 2018

Li is very, very fast and has remained alert. The same cannot be said for Sen.

Li up 15-6

23:57 (IST)12 OCT 2018

Li is going for down-the-line shots now to trouble Sen and surprise him.

He is up 14-5

23:56 (IST)12 OCT 2018

A bit more speed from Sen after the break and he is also trying to play smart by incorporating delicate touches.

Trails 4-12

23:55 (IST)12 OCT 2018

Li is maintaining his speed and accuracy while Sen is looking full of doubts at the moment.

It is 11-2 to Li going into the mid-game interval.

23:54 (IST)12 OCT 2018

Lack of accuracy hurting Sen now as every other time he is hitting the shuttle out.

Sen trails 2-9

23:53 (IST)12 OCT 2018

It is 8-1 for the Chinese as he is finding it pretty easy at the moment

23:52 (IST)12 OCT 2018

Very good angles from Li as Sen is struggling to find his rhythm and form.

He is slipping a few times as well.

Li up 5-1

23:51 (IST)12 OCT 2018

It is a strong start from the Chinese as Sen looks very slow on the feet and is error-prone early on in this match.

Li up 3-1

23:47 (IST)12 OCT 2018

Good evening and welcome to the Sportskeeda live blog of the boys' singles final between Lakshya Sen and Shifeng Li. While Sen is seeded fourth, Li is seeded fifth.

Sen is the favourite in this clash. He saved a match point yesterday in a thrilling semi-final win over the second seed Kodai Naraoka of Japan. It was the Indian's first win over Naraoka. Having notched up his first match over his nemesis, and that too after giving up huge leads multiple times, Sen must have got a huge boost of confidence.

HS Prannoy remains the only Indian to win a badminton medal from this event so far. He got the silver medal in 2010. Sen is aiming to become the first Indian shuttler to win a gold medal from the Youth Olympics to add to his already glittering resume which has the Asian Junior Championships gold medal and a Junior World No. 1 ranking.
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