Yuki Bhambri vs Kevin Anderson Live Score and Commentary Citi Open Quarter-finals

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Anderson beats Bhambri, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3


22:21 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

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22:20 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

It was only the colossal serve from Kevin Anderson that made all the difference at crucial times of the match. Anderson hit 21 aces and that worked in his favour in the end.

Yuki has had a tough 2016 with most of his season ravaged by elbow injury. But the former junior Australian Open champion came to Washington DC this week to show what he is capable of! Gave a fantastic display of his massive talent. Hopefully this will inspire him to keep climbing higher.

22:15 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

22:14 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

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22:12 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Final score: Anderson beats Bhambri, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3.

22:11 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

22:11 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Yuki does try hard but a backhand down-the-line, that went wide, gifts the match to the South African.

22:06 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Can his fortunes still change? Can he conjure up some magic here?

22:05 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Anderson to serve for the match now.

22:05 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

An effortless service game from Yuki to hold for 3-5 but it might have come too late.

21:56 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

One break back is all he needs

21:56 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Yuki closes the gap to just two games...2-4

21:52 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Is Bhambri's magical run finally about to end?

21:51 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Bhambri even forces a deuce with the 15th seed serving in the fifth game but it's all in vain. Anderson is successful in staving off the challenge and now has a massive 4-1 advantage.

21:49 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Bhambri does get on the board in the decider but the Kevin juggernaut is in no mood to stop. The South African is cruising at 3-1

21:41 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Bhambri can't....he is now trailing 0-3

21:40 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

He makes it 30-30 on the Anderson serve

21:40 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Not the ideal start for the Indian but can he find some fightback here?

21:37 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

And he makes it even better as he breaks Bhambri to go up to 2-0

21:35 (GMT)4 AUG 2017


Anderson doesn't falter this time and makes a good start to the decider..1-0

21:33 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

21:31 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Anderson's first serve percentage considerably dropped in the second set.....from 74% in the first set, it slid to 57% in the second, allowing the Bhambri comeback further.

21:28 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

That one break of serve in the very first game was all that became the difference-maker between the two men

21:28 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

No hiccup at all from the Indian as he serves out the second set to 15....6-4 to Bhambri

21:23 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Yuki is now one game away from taking the second set...5-3

21:19 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

And Kevin holds for 3-4...he has already notched up 16 aces!!

21:15 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Bhambri is ahead far his serve has held up

21:10 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Anderson holds and it is 3-2 to Bhambri

21:06 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Some signs of vulnerability from the 25-year-old Indian but he holds on for 3-1.

21:01 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Thanks to his serves, Anderson manages to weather the Bhambri storm for 1-2. Yuki still is a break up.

21:00 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Anderson erases that but THE BHAMBRI FOREHAND IS ON FIRE AGAIN! He now erases the Anderson game point for deuce!

20:58 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

WHAT A FOREHAND PASS FROM BHAMBRI!!!!! He has a break point again!!!

20:54 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

AND HE DOES!!!! Yuki is up 2-0

20:53 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

So far looking good for the Indian in the 2nd set...Yuki is pumped up, moving well and hitting with confidence. Can he consolidate?

20:53 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Yuki's smooth hitting really put the 15th seed under a lot of pressure and he buckled to concede the break.

20:52 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Makes up for the opportunity that he lost in the opener.

20:52 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

1-0 for the Indian

20:51 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

And Yuki BREAKS!!!!!! And roars 'Come On'

20:49 (GMT)4 AUG 2017


Now Bhambri has THREE break points on the Anderson serve!

20:49 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

The difference between the two players, was, however, the ability to convert the break point. While Bhambri squandered the only chance he had, Kevin didn't.

20:47 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Bhambri played well throughout the set except for that last game. Sensing that Bhambri was under pressure, Anderson simply amped up the pressure and intensity of returns and advanced to the forecourt. Bhambri tried to pass him but failed.

Can the Indian brush off this setback to start the new set with positivity?

20:45 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

And the 15th seed successfully converts the only set point he had....set goes to the South African, 6-4.

20:44 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Bhambri needs to be careful here....a double fault made a dent in his confidence and Anderson pounces on his opportunity to carve out a break point.

20:40 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

The 15th is serving a couple of aces per game. Up now at 5-4. Yuki will serve to stay in the set.

20:37 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

And Yuki too is inspired to come up with his third ace of the match and produces a flawless service game for 4-4.

20:34 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Anderson just never gets tired of serving down aces...he so far has 7 of them....and with those gigantic serves, the 15th seed inches ahead to 4-3.

20:31 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

And once more the Indian is able to come through....3-3

20:30 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

Backhand's breaking down for Bhambri...30-30

20:27 (GMT)4 AUG 2017

And Anderson holds without much fuss for 3-2...nothing much to separate the two so far.
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