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3 Reasons Aleksei Oleinik Will Defeat Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 136: Moscow

436   //    11 Sep 2018, 22:50 IST

UFC 217: Oleinik v Blaydes
UFC 217: Oleinik v Blaydes

UFC Fight Night 136: Moscow is coming up this weekend, and oddly enough, Oleinik is not the immediate favourite to win the fight. The fact that he is not the favourite is still understandable, given the popularity of Hunt among fans. However, things have changed in the past few years for Hunt.

While there is no doubting that Mark Hunt is anything less than one of the best UFC Fighters in the world and on the UFC roster, his reputation is one that has made him feel almost untouchable, and despite being 44 years of age, he has shown no signs of slowing down.

However, with any reputation, there is a danger that the fight itself might be overshadowed by how it looks on paper. Aleksei Oleinik has more than a fair chance of not only putting up a fight against Mark Hunt but defeating him, despite the odds, or perhaps, the strength of public opinion not being in his favour.

In this article, we will take a look at three of the reasons that Aleksei Oleinik will prevail and defeat Hunt to pick up the all-important win. Without any further ado, let's get into it.

#3 Hunt's Age:

UFC Brisbane
UFC Brisbane

Mark Hunt is currently 44 years of age, and while this is not a dig at the UFC Fighter, he is nowhere near the star he was near the beginning of his career. The demolition machine that Hunt was near the beginning is someone that the fans will be hard pressed to find in reality.

He has not shown signs of his age as such in the way he behaves, but that is not a positive for him. Not only has he shown a lack of the speed that he had in the beginning, his stamina from earlier in his career is also nowhere near what it had once been.

Hunt has said that it is not time yet for him to hang up his boots, and he enjoys being the one who defies expectations. However, with the pressure on him for being so old, he did confess after UFC 221 that he might retire after 2 more fights and not renew his contract.

UFC Adelaide was expected to be his last fight in December. Dana White has stoked the fire saying that if Hunt were to perform well in Moscow he might earn a further contract with the company, and possibly become the oldest star to perform for them in the future.

While nothing is concrete as of yet, Oleinik will look to take advantage of Hunt's age and take him out, using his superior speed against the fighter.

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