MotoGP Deaths: List of Riders who met with Fatal Crashes

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Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing or famously called MotoGP is the highest class of motorcycle road racing championship sanctioned by the FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme). The MotoGP championship also boasts of being the oldest racing championship in the world which stared in 1949.

Over the years more than 100 riders have lost their lives in fatal crashes during the MotoGP races.

Spanish Youngster, Luis Salom was the most recent rider to meet with an fatal accident during the Catalan Grand Prix practice session.

The recent fatal crash in MotoGP class of Marco Simoncelli when the Italian made contact with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi during the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix.

MotoGP of Netherlands - Qualifying

MotoGP Rider (Country)Date of accidentRaceBikeEvent
Ben Drinkwater (UK)June 13, 19491949 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Edouard Bruylant (BEL)July 17, 19491949 Belgian Grand PrixNortonRace
"Hurst" (GBR)July 17, 19491949 Belgian Grand PrixNortonRace
David Whitworth (GBR)July 2, 19501950 Belgian Grand PrixVelocetteRace
John O'Driscoll (GBR)May 31, 19511951 Isle of Man TTRudgePractice
John Wenman (GBR)June 4, 19511951 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Chris Horn (GBR)June 8, 19511951 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Dario Ambrosini (ITA)July 14, 19511951 French Grand PrixBenelliPractice
Sante Geminiani (ITA)August 15, 19511951 Ulster Grand PrixMoto GuzziPractice
Gianni Leoni (ITA)August 15, 19511951 Ulster Grand PrixMoto GuzziPractice
Dave Bennett (UK)May 18, 19521952 Swiss Grand PrixNortonRace
Ercole Frigerio (ITA)May 18, 19521952 Swiss Grand PrixGileraRace
Frank Fry (UK)June 4, 19521952 Isle of Man TTNortonPractice
Norman Stewart (UK)August 16, 19521952 Ulster Grand PrixNortonRace
Harry Stephen (UK)June 8, 19531953 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Thomas Swarbrick (UK)June 8, 19531953 Isle of Man TTAJSRace
Leslie Graham (UK)June 12, 19531953 Isle of Man TTMV AgustaRace
Geoffrey Walker (AUS)June 12, 19531953 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Ernie Ring (AUS)July 5, 19531953 Belgian Grand PrixAJSRace
Simon Sandys-Winsch (UK)June 18, 19541954 Isle of Man TTVelocetteRace
Gordon Laing (UK)July 4, 19541954 Belgian Grand PrixNortonRace
Dennis Lashmar (UK)July 25, 19541954 German Grand PrixBSARace
Rupert Hollaus (AUT)September 11, 19541954 Nations Grand PrixNSUPractice
Ricardo Galvagni (ARG)June 25, 19551955 German Grand PrixNortonPractice
Julian Crossley (UK)August 11, 19551955 Ulster Grand PrixNortonRace
Derek Ennett (IOM)August 9, 19561956 Ulster Grand PrixMoto GuzziRace
Charlie Salt (UK)June 7, 19571957 Isle of Man TTBSARace
Josef Knebel (GER)June 28, 19571957 Dutch TTBMWPractice
Roberto Colombo (ITA)July 6, 19571957 Belgian Grand PrixMV AgustaPractice
John Antram (NZ)May 26, 19581958 Isle of Man TTAJSPractice
Des Wolff (RHO)June 6, 19581958 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Adolfo Covi (ITA)September 6, 19591959 Nations Grand PrixNortonRace
Peter Ferbrache (UK)June 25, 19601960 Dutch TTAJSRace
Bob Brown (AUS)July 24, 19601960 German Grand PrixHondaPractice
Mike Brookes (UK)June 10, 19611961 Isle of Man TTNortonPractice
Marie Lambert (CH)June 12, 19611961 Isle of Man TTBMWRace
Ralph Rensen (UK)June 16, 19611961 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Ron Miles (AUS)August 9, 19611961 Ulster Grand PrixNortonPractice
Tom Phillis (AUS)June 6, 19621962 Isle of Man TTHondaRace
Colin Meehan (NZ)June 6, 19621962 Isle of Man TTAJSRace
Hans Schuld (NED)June 29, 19621962 Dutch TTNSUPractice
Marcelin Herranz (FRA)June 1, 19631963 French Grand PrixMoto MoriniPractice
Brian Cockrell (UK)June 2, 19641964 Isle of Man TTNortonPractice
Peter Essery (UK)June 8, 19641964 Isle of Man TTMatchlessRace
Roland Föll (GER)June 26, 19641964 Dutch TTHondaPractice
Karl Recktenwald (GER)July 19, 19641964 German Grand PrixNortonRace
Vernon Cottle (UK)August 29, 19641964 Finnish Grand PrixAJSRace
Norman Huntingford (UK)June 25, 19661966 Dutch TTMatchlessRace
Toshio Fujii (JPN)August 26, 19661966 Isle of Man TTKawasakiPractice
Brian Duffy (UK)August 28, 19661966 Isle of Man TTYamahaRace
Alfred Shaw (UK)June 10, 19671967 Isle of Man TTNortonPractice
Werner Daubitz (DDR)July 16, 19671967 East German Grand PrixMZPractice
Ian Veitch (NZ)June 10, 19681968 Isle of Man TTKawasakiRace
Johann Attenberger (GER)July 7, 19681968 Belgian Grand PrixBMWRace
Josef Schillinger (GER)July 7, 19681968 Belgian Grand PrixBMWRace
Rolf Schmid (GER)October 13, 19681968 Hockenheim Grand Prix [N 1]BMWRace
Arthur Lavington (UK)June 6, 19691969 Isle of Man TTVelocettePractice
Bill Ivy (UK)July 12, 19691969 East German Grand PrixJawaPractice
František Boček (CSK)July 20, 19691969 Czechoslovakian Grand PrixJawaRace
Robin Fitton (UK)May 2, 19701970 German Grand PrixNortonPractice
Les Iles (UK)June 1, 19701970 Isle of Man TTBultacoPractice
Michael Collins (UK)June 3, 19701970 Isle of Man TTSeeleyPractice
Dennis Blower (UK)June 3, 19701970 Isle of Man TTBSAPractice
Santiago Herrero (ESP)June 8, 19701970 Isle of Man TTOssaRace
John Wetherall (MLT)June 12, 19701970 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Brian Steenson (UK)June 12, 19701970 Isle of Man TTSeeleyRace
Maurice Jeffery (UK)June 12, 19711971 Isle of Man TTNortonRace
Christian Ravel (FRA)July 4, 19711971 Belgian Grand PrixKawasakiRace
Günter Bartusch (DDR)July 8, 19711971 East German Grand PrixMZPractice
Gilberto Parlotti (ITA)June 9, 19721972 Isle of Man TTMorbidelliRace
Hans-Jürgen Cusnik (GER)July 16, 19721972 Czechoslovakian Grand PrixBMWRace
Renzo Pasolini (ITA)May 20, 19731973 Nations Grand PrixHarley-DavidsonRace
Jarno Saarinen (FIN)May 20, 19731973 Nations Grand PrixYamahaRace
Billie Nelson (UK)September 8, 19741974 Yugoslavian Grand PrixYamahaRace
Phil Gurner (UK)June 4, 19751975 Isle of Man TTYamahaRace
Rolf Thiele (GER)June 28, 19751975 Dutch TTYamahaRace
Paolo Tordi (ITA)May 16, 19761976 Nations Grand PrixYamahaRace
Otello Buscherini (ITA)May 16, 19761976 Nations Grand PrixYamahaRace
Walter Wörner (GER)June 7, 19761976 Isle of Man TTYamahaRace
Les Kenny (AUS)June 12, 19761976 Isle of Man TTYamahaRace
Hans Stadelmann (CH)May 1, 19771977 Austrian Grand PrixYamahaRace
Giovanni Ziggiotto (ITA)June 18, 19771977 Yugoslavian Grand PrixYamahaPractice
Ulrich Graf (CH)June 19, 19771977 Yugoslavian Grand PrixKreidlerRace
Patrick Pons (FRA)August 10, 19801980 British Grand PrixYamahaRace
Malcolm White (UK)August 10, 19801980 British Grand PrixNARace
Michel Rougerie (FRA)May 31, 19811981 Yugoslavian Grand PrixChevallierRace
Sauro Pazzaglia (ITA)July 11, 19811981 San Marino Grand PrixMBAPractice
Alain Béraud (FRA)August 30, 19811981 Czechoslovakian Grand PrixYamahaRace
Jock Taylor (UK)August 15, 19821982 Finnish Grand PrixWindleRace
Iwao Ishikawa (JPN)March 29, 19831983 French Grand PrixSuzukiPractice
Michel Frutschi (CH)April 3, 19831983 French Grand PrixHondaRace
Rolf Rüttimann (CH)June 12, 19831983 Yugoslavian Grand PrixNARace
Norman Brown (UK)July 31, 19831983 British Grand PrixSuzukiRace
Peter Huber (CH)July 31, 19831983 British Grand PrixSuzukiRace
Kevin Wrettom (UK)July 7, 19841984 Belgian Grand PrixSuzukiPractice
Alfred Heck (GER)July 21, 19881988 French Grand PrixLCRPractice
Iván Palazzese (VEN)May 28, 19891989 German Grand PrixApriliaRace
Nobuyuki Wakai (JPN)May 1, 19931993 Spanish Grand PrixSuzukiPractice
Simon Prior (UK)June 12, 19941994 German Grand PrixLCRRace
Daijiro Kato (JPN)April 6, 20032003 Japanese Grand PrixHondaRace
Shoya Tomizawa (JPN)September 5, 20102010 San Marino and Rimini Grand PrixSuterRace
Marco Simoncelli (ITA)October 23, 20112011 Malaysian Grand PrixHondaRace
Luis Salom (ESP)June 3, 20162016 Catalan Grand PrixKalexPractice

List of MotoGP riders fatalities circuit wise

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps10
Brno Circuit3
Imatra Circuit2
Bugatti Circuit2
Charade Circuit1
Circuit d'Albi1
Circuit Paul Ricard1
Snaefell Mountain Course36
Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari1
Autodromo Nazionale Monza4
Misano Circuit1
Mugello Circuit2
Suzuka Circuit1
Sepang International Circuit1
TT Circuit Assen7
Automotodrom Grobnik2
Opatija Circuit3
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya1
Circuito de Jerez1
Circuit Bremgarten2
Clady Circuit3
Dundrod Circuit3
Silverstone Circuit4