MotoGP: Lorenzo to not participate in Thailand GP after crashing in free practice; what lies ahead for him

Jorge Lorenzo crashed in the free practice session and will no longer participate in ThaiGP
Jorge Lorenzo crashed in the free practice session and will no longer participate in ThaiGP

Just when things had started to look decent, Lorenzo's crashes have brought a set back for the team Factory Ducati.

Jorge Lorenzo suffered a horrible crash on Friday in the free practice session at Chang International Circuit in Thailand. Lorenzo is already nursing the injury that happened while crashing at turn one in Aragon. Now, he will not participate in the Thai GP.

In the session, coming out of the right-hand corner at turn-3 on the circuit, he lost control over his bike and was tossed in the air while his bike went rolling in the asphalt and the gravel.

The intensity of the crash was very high as it temporarily stopped the session. His bike completely shattered and Lorenzo suffered injuries. He was rushed to the medical center on a stretcher.

Preliminary medical examinations revealed no severe injuries and fractures. He was declared fit for the weekend but it was left to Lorenzo to decide over his participation in the race weekend.

Today, Lorenzo with his team decided not to participate in the race due to a hairline fracture in the left wrist. He declared he is now looking forward to recovering before Japan GP at Motegi in two weeks time.

First corner fiasco at Aragon and Lorenzo blaming Marquez

Lorenzo had earlier crashed in Aragon two weeks back suffering various injuries. He suffered a dislocated toe and fracture in the right foot.

He crashed in the very first corner of the first lap of the race after being outcasted with a sharp inside by championship leader and Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez.

Lorenzo had bagged the pole before entering in the race in Aragon. He was confident to earn vital points to strengthen his chances for the second spot in the championship but his hope were shattered after the crash. He blamed Marquez solely for the crash, who would be his teammate next year.

While expressing his discontent he said,

“From the outside, [it looked like] I entered too fast, I lean too much and I entered too wide in the dirty part, that's why I crashed. From what I lived, what I experienced, I entered in the normal line, entered the corner as I did in the seven last years here in Aragon, but I watched Marc go into the inside, very aggressive, not making the corner because you saw where he finished, in the green [paint on the outside]. And when he saw that I was there, he tried not to let me pass into the corner, and I didn't have any options [but] to go to the dirty part."

Ducati decent run this season and Lorenzo's chances for the second position in the championship

After an insipid start of the season, Factory Ducati riders, Andrea Dovizioso and Lorenzo have appeared to have found their form in last few races. Especially Lorenzo, who has three wins so far in the season. However, after securing pole in Misano GP, Lorenzo failed to capitalize on the chance and couldn't end in the top 10.

He once again looked determined to better his results and reduce the championship gap in Aragon. Though championship is a distant dream, he would have certainly eyed to reduce the gap between him and Factory Yamaha rider and 9-times World Champion- Valentino Rossi.

MotoGP 2018 Championship Standings

However, he is set to miss out the Thailand Grand Prix, eventually widening the gap between him and Valentino Rossi. Andrea Dovizioso, who has three secured three wins this season, sits second in the championship tally with 174 points, behind Marc Marquez(246 points).

Rossi has already expressed his concerns with Yamaha and has said it would be a miracle he finishes third in the championship. In this case, Lorenzo(130 points) who presently sits behind Rossi, had a decent chance to end third with five race to go in the season. But, looking at his present condition it is apparently difficult for him.

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