MotoGP Top Speed: Ducati's Dovizioso Sets a New Record During The Italian GP Practice at Mugello

MotoGp star: 33-year-old Italian rider has created an enthralling world record
MotoGp star: 33-year-old Italian rider has created an enthralling world record
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Formula 1 may seem risky and hell, it is. But no other sport quite aligns risk-taking and mortality at every possible corner of a track to a driver as much as MotoGP.

A sport that has produced legends such as Barry Sheene and where Valentino Rossi is basically a synonym for glory has found a new idol, so to speak.

The man's name is Andrea Dovizioso and the 33-year-old is currently the darling of the world media for one simple achievement. And truth be told, it's a feat that isn't scaled everyday; an effort that takes immense guts and skill to be performed at the highest level in MotoGP.

The 33-year-old Italian motorcycle racer from Forlimpopoli established a brand new speed record for his Ducati Corse team.

When Dovizioso went at a staggering speed of 356.7 km/hr during the third-practice at Mugello, he became the fastest rider in the history of the sport to reach that mark.

Interestingly, while Dovizioso went at an unbelivable pace of 221.6 mph, he also happened to break the previous record that he had set at the very same venue for the Italian Grand Prix in 2018.

Last year, Dovizioso set the world record when he went at a blistering 356.5 km/hr at Mugello, in Tuscany.

A few months down the line, the Italian driver has returned the famous scene of his mesmeric 2018 achievement only to break his own record. This begs a simple question.

Just how often does such a rare feat take place in the top-echelons of MotoGP? Furthermore, what are the MotoGP Top Speed Record's like?

That said, here's some more information.

A leading motorsport journal published an elaborate report on the Ducati star's feat and stated the following:

Dovizioso's new benchmark means the seven fastest speeds ever recorded in MotoGP have all been set by Ducati riders and at Mugello, the Italian marque's home track.

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