What makes MotoGP bikes so expensive?

The speed is something dangerous but very exciting.
The speed is something dangerous but very exciting.

How much does a MotoGP racing bike cost?

Well, this is one question that is on everyone's mind who adore the sport and follow it religiously. As Valentino Rossi says, "The speed is something dangerous but very exciting." Every professional MotoGP racing bike rider is much aware of the life-threatening risks on the tracks but what matters is his enthusiasm for his own bike.

It is not difficult to comprehend that the normal bikes cost not as much as MotoGP racing ones. Firstly, because they are rare and secondly, they are produced for a specific purpose and specific riders.The amount that these MotoGP Racing Bikes cost are mind-boggling. In general terms the figures range from $3 million to $3.5 million. The dominant reason why they are so expensive is due to the required parts accumulated and put together to build up these racing bikes such as their tires, engines, metal, etc. So, if one is planning to invest in one of these bikes, he should be ready to break the bank.

The following aspects explain the reason why MotoGP Bikes are so Expensive.

Built-up price

MotoGP bikes are customized. These lavish bikes are made and then, modified on the basis of requirements or budgets of the riders. These bikes are mostly handmade and hence, human labour often costs more than machine labour. In a few cases, the engines can be upgraded according to the race track. For its distinctive structure and hand-built situation, the MotoGP bikes costs a hefty amount and in order to purchase it, one has pay a King's ransom. The Built-up Price can be anywhere between $350 thousands to $3.5 million.


The most salient part of the MotoGP bikes is its powerful engine. However, engines may vary from bike to bike where the customer has the choice to select it as per his requirement or budget. Its engine is much powerful than the average Racing Bike. The total cost of the engine parts is between $20,000 and $350,000. The multiple classes of MotoGP bikes are based on it's engine formation such as single-cylinder, power, formation, fuel, rev delivery, etc. Say for, MotoGP classification on the basis of Maximum Speed shall be as follows:

  1. Moto3 class (244 km/h (152 mph))
  2. Moto2 class (280 km/h (174 mph))
  3. MotoGP class (361 km/h (224 mph))


Yamaha, Ducati, Honda and Suzuki are the most famous MotoGP Racing bikes produced in the world. Since, the manufacturing and built-up of these bikes have been undertaken by some of the most prestigious names of this world, it becomes exorbitant on its own.

Some of the most Expensive MotoGP Bikes are:

  1. Honda RC213V
  2. Ducati Desmosedici
  3. Avintia GP14
  4. Paul Bird Motorsports
  5. Yamaha YZR-M1
  6. Suzuki GSX-RR
  7. Aprilia RSV4
  8. Kawasaki Ninja
  9. BMW S1000RR

Rare Parts

Although factories use parts from third-party companies, such as Ohlins for their suspension, for MotoGP bikes, few bike-specific pieces are produced and they are fine-tuned and custom adjusted for each rider. The very limited quantity of parts available for the production of MotoGP bikes also affects the cost. When factories Produce CBR1000RR, they manufacture in components in batches of thousands at a time. Factories are programmed to take advantage of economies of scale.

Costly Materials

Expensive, hardwearing and extremely light materials like titanium, magnesium and carbon fibre are used in the production of MotoGP bikes. Metal and plastics that cost pennies to a dollar per pound are replaced with carbon fiber, which costs £2 per 100g.

Wear and Tear

MotoGP bikes are out under extreme conditions during races. Therefore, unlike the normal bikes’ tyres, their tyres are made of softer, stickler materials for necessary grip and movement. The tyres have short lifespans whereas our normal bikes have longer ones. These bikes are respectively made for winning races and preventing accidents even at maximum speed whereas our normal bikes are made for everyday use at an average speed. Parts such Tires, brakes, oils, and other wearables need dramatically more frequent replacement, sometimes just after hours.

MotoGP Racing Bikes is nowadays, a true desire of young generation for racing. Although, one has to pay through his nose to buy his favourite one, it is worth all the hard work and technology behind its build up. Because for us, it's a game of speed whereas for the riders, it's their passion, they are willing to die for.

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