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Conquering undiscovered terrains and having fun while at it: Meet Tuhin Satarkar, one of India's finest rock climbers

631   //    05 May 2018, 09:15 IST

Tuhin Satarkar

For Tuhin Satarkar, climbing comes naturally. It has always been a big part of his life. "Both my parents were climbers. It was because of them that I got into this sport and I'd say they are my number one inspiration," Tuhin tells Sportskeeda.

The Red Bull athlete has been climbing since 2007 and has discovered several uncharted terrains. The idea of the unknown doesn't scare him though. It's the freedom of travelling that gives him the motivation to climb. As Tuhin admits, "What I love the most about this sport is that I get to travel a lot and explore new places."

In fact, it was not very long ago that Tuhin was climbing his way through another unexplored area on the peripheries of Gujarat. "I recently explored Idar, a previously untapped area in terms of climbing. It was exciting to explore a completely new area," the explorer recalled. Idar is a completely uncharted territory and has a unique and difficult rock formation. Tuhin traversed the area with ease and marked a new climbing spot in India.

Of course, a lot goes into preparing yourself physically and mentally for a sport as taxing as mountain climbing. However, with the right training, anything can be achieved, according to the climber himself. Tuhin himself trains on indoor walls and outdoor terrains to keep himself physically fit.

Throughout his career, the youngster has made a lot of connections. However, one connection that he will treasure the most is with Red Bull.

"I have been with Red Bull for four to five years now. They have been a very big part of my career. With their help, I've been able to explore a lot of new areas and plan new stuff." In fact, the Austrian energy drink brand has played a major role in the life of athletes such as Tuhin, helping them realize their dreams.

Tuhin S
Tuhin Satarkar in Idar

The Red Bull athlete has been climbing professionally for a while now and says that people should pick up this sport for fitness, if not for adventure, "I think there are a few reasons why people should get into this sport. For a common person, it can be as simple as fitness. A lot of people come into climbing for weight loss. It is essentially a full-body workout. You don't need to put hours in the gym when you can get the same done in lesser time."

Tuhin also admits that more people are getting into this sport for adventure and even professionally. He, as a veteran, provides a few words of motivation, "I think first of all you need to see if you really like it or not. However, once you're in it, you're in it for good. Climbing is very addictive and you need to be ready to put in everything."


The 22-year-old provides helpful tips to anyone getting into climbing but not before giving the best piece of advice he has, "Oh, and of course, you should have fun with it!"

Unbeknownst to many, the mountain climber is also a part-time social worker. He hangs around local animal rescue centres when he is not scaling a mountainside. In the coming days, Tuhin will be taking part in the Wings for Life World Run. The Indian leg of the run will take place in Mumbai and is organized by Wings for Life, a not-for-profit foundation with the goal to research about spinal cord injuries and treatments.

"I think everybody should take part in the run. It is for a good cause, to research and find out about spinal cord injuries. All the funds and donations go through for the same purpose." A noble cause indeed. On being asked about what's next for him, Tuhin replies, "Some new competitions and climbing some new places."

And, as the mountain climber signs off, one can only sit and wonder which new unconquered terrain the 22-year-old will conquer next.