After Lewis Hamilton’s appearance, Dale Earnhardt Jr. gives his nod for a fiery episode on the 'Hot Ones'

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (L) eager to appear on the
Dale Earnhardt Jr. (L) eager to appear on the 'Hot Ones' after Lewis Hamilton's (R) presence (Image: Getty)

Retired NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. has expressed his eagerness to appear for an episode on the renowned talk show, Hot Ones. This comes after the host, Sean Evans, recently interviewed the 7x F1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, following which Junior gave his nod.

The Hot Ones is an American talk show, wherein celebrities from different disciplines are invited and interviewed. However, unlike the conventional method of hosting talk shows, Evans' show has gone one step further. The producers have added a platter of spicy chicken/vegetarian/vegan wings to be eaten by the host and the celebrity invited.

The interesting point, however, is that each wing has a spicier sauce than the previous one. As the Scoville units, measuring the intensity of spice climb the charts, the questions fired by Sean become more challenging.

Lewis Hamilton marked the latest appearance on the show, wherein he talked about his upcoming F1 movie, his pre-race fashion, and several other things.

After witnessing the legend of open-wheel racing appearing on the show, the greats of NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Chase Elliott were asked about their interest in eating the hot and spicy wings while answering fiery questions (via Skewcar on X):

"I’ve reached out to do an episode," Dale Jr. replied.

NASCAR fanbase reacts after Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals reaching out for the 'Hot Ones'

Dale Earnhardt Jr has been in the high-octane sport for decades. His father, Dale Sr., popularly known as 'The Intimidator' has etched his name as one of the most dominant drivers, and his 7x NASCAR Cup Series championship serves as a testament to it.

Junior followed his father's footsteps and carved his place among the stock car racing legends. He competed at the Cup Series level for nearly two decades and registered 26 wins to his name. Dale Earnhardt Jr. showcased his prowess in the Xfinity Series as well. He collected 24 wins during his 27-year-long stint and bagged two consecutive championships in 1998 and 1999.

With that, Junior has amassed a huge fanbase, and amid his varied quests during his retirement, his followers actively participate and express their views on the same. Shortly after the 2x Xfinity Series champ revealed about reaching out for an episode, the fans opined:

"We need to know if dale can handle the heat 😂," one fan wrote.
"I see this happening 100 percent @seanseaevans," another fan commented and tagged the host of the show.
"Dale jr is and has always been a man of the people🙌🏻," another fan wrote.

This fan believed that Dale Earnhardt Jr. would be "just fine" and called for Joey Logano's appearance:

"I feel like Dale would be just fine. He likely grew up on spicy food or atleast had his fair share while driving. You might have to get like Logano who probably thinks black pepper is too spicy," the fan wrote.

This fan shared a snippet from the Hot Ones show and hilariously photoshopped Junior on it, highlighting how his presence might look visually:

So far, Chase Elliott hasn't given his take on appearing on the talk show, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s proposal to mark his presence is yet to receive any response from the producers.

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