Chris Buescher reminisces cleaning the North Wilkesboro racetrack with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Marcus Smith after Tuesday's tire test

North Wilkesboro Speedway
Chris Buescher, Tyler Reddick and Austin Dillon at the North Wilkesboro Speedway tire test (credit @NWBSpeedway)

NASCAR driver Chris Buescher took part in the two-day tire test at North Wilkesboro Speedway. The old-school track will return to the NASCAR calendar by hosting the All-Star race in May. The historic 0.635-mile oval last hosted a Cup race in 1996.

Chris Buescher was happy to be a part of the test as it brought back fond memories of the time spent on the track. His initial assessment of the track was optimistic. He said:

"It’s pretty dang cool. I made a few laps here in a pickup (truck) when we were cleaning the track with Dale [Earnhardt Jr.] and Marcus [Smith] a while back. It looks a little better now; definitely pretty nice out here."

All three manufacturers were represented by single entries for the Goodyear tire test. Chris Buescher drove the #17 RFK Racing Ford, while Tyler Reddick drove the #45 Toyota Camry for 23XI Racing, and Austin Dillon the #3 RCR Chevrolet took part in the test.

The Speedway is currently undergoing renovations to host the All-Star Race. In recent months, the entire infield area has been paved, the track's suite boxes have been renovated, and a portion of the pit road has been torn up and replaced. SAFER barriers have also been installed. A 5000-seat temporary grandstand is being added.

Austin Dillon said it was "cool" to see the revival of the famed track. The RCR driver said:

"There’s so much history here. The track’s still the old track. It just teaches you short-track racing (techniques), being easy on that gas pedal and trying to take care of the rear tires, finally getting here was cool. This place was dormant forever and now it’s alive, and you can feel the energy and the momentum that’s building. It's going to be electric (in May)."

Tyler Reddick also enjoyed his time on the track as he said:

"When you’re on the race track, the surface, the elevation, it feels really old-school. It’s very much different from a lot of the race tracks that we have on the circuit, and I really enjoyed it."

All three drivers felt positive after the initial test but admitted that the track still retains its abrasive surface.

"It’s got a ton of character": Chris Buescher on the North Wilkesboro Speedway

While Chris Buescher enjoyed his time on the track, he was also busy getting the targeted laps under his belt. The team learned a lot from the tire test, which will help Goodyear choose the optimal tire compound for the race.

The #17 RFK Racing driver gave his opinion about the track, saying:

"It’s going to put on a good race, too. It was a lot of fun in the race car. We got to make several hundred laps in our race car, went through different tire options and learned a lot. It’s a track that's rough around the edges. It’s got a ton of character."

Chris Buescher further added that fans were going to love the track. He felt that the track had a good combination of old and new.

The track's fans will be treated to exhilarating action during the All-Star weekend as the next-gen cars roar on the Speedway.

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