Denny Hamlin furious at Chris Buescher over pit road issues at Charlotte - "I will stomp on your bumper"

NASCAR Cup Series Würth 400 - Qualifying
NASCAR Cup Series Würth 400 - Qualifying

Tempers flared between Chris Buescher and Denny Hamlin at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sunday. Buescher's team got the last pit stall because the number 17 driver didn't put up a qualifying lap. Unfortunately, it was next to Hamlin's pit box.

The way the pit boxes were laid at the ROVAL made it difficult for Hamlin to drive out of his pit stall. Hamlin would have to back up a little whenever Buescher and he committed to the pit road at the same time. This made the JGR speedster furious. He fumed at his crew chief, asking him to go to Buescher's pit and ask them to do something to remedy the situation.

Hamlin's crew chief Chris Gabehart radioed back to him saying (via On3):

"Brother, if I do anything more than I’ve already done, we’re going to FIGHT! Do you understand? I’ve done all I can do!”

However, the #11 driver was not happy with that. He declared:

“That’s what I’m going to do next time. Do you hear me 17? Park in your Goddamn box! I will stomp on your bumper!"

Luckily, things settled down between the two as Buescher's team asked if the RFK Racing driver could park a little differently than he had been doing so far. Buescher agreed and entered the pit stall in a way that would allow Hamlin to exit freely.

However, while doing so, Buescher had to back up to avoid contact with John Hunter Nemechek's #42 Toyota, which got stuck completely in his pit box.

“It takes its toll, for sure"- Denny Hamlin reveals the nature of racing at Charlotte

In a recent episode of Actions Detrimental, Denny Hamlin expressed his views on how difficult it was for the drivers to run 600 miles at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The stint at the ROVAL is so physically demanding that Hamlin needs two entire days to recover before he can race again.

"It takes its toll, for sure. It just kind of depends on who you are. Every driver is a little bit different," he said.
"For me, physically, now, it’s more on my back, more than anything," explained Hamlin, as reported by On3. "Just kind of riding in that position that I’m riding in, in the seat, and taking bumps and stuff, and with us being on our shock limiters all the time. It makes it pretty tough. But it just takes me like a day or two to recover, and then I’m ready to go again."

Driving in NASCAR's top-tier racing series is indeed a challenging task. On that note, Hamlin referred to a study on a race that he had run at Charlotte about 10 years ago and said,

"I know this was ten years ago when they did the study, but I lost about, was it 10 or 13 pounds of water weight? Now, I took some of that back through the fluids that I took in. I think I lost actually eight pounds during the race. It was a pretty hot one, on that evening, when I did it. So it was like 13.5 pounds of sweat. Burned 2500-2800 calories."

Denny Hamlin finished fifth in this year's Coca-Cola 600. Currently, he is third in the NASCAR Driver's Championship standings, with 447 points to his name; nine points behind his Joe Gibbs Racing teammate, Martin Truex Jr. His next race is at the World Wide Technology Raceway on June 3.

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