“I was a kid and just shut my mouth”: Kyle Busch reminisces contract negotiations from HMS to JGS when he was still young

Kyle Busch has spent one year with RCR
Kyle Busch has spent one year with RCR

One year into his partnership with RCR, Kyle Busch reminisces the time when he first did contract negotiations from HMS to JGS and was so immature.

Busch has been racing in NASCAR since 2003 and is now a veteran of the sport. Richard Childress Racing is his third team as he was first a part of Hendrick Motorsports from 2003 to 2007. The driver then made the move to Joe Gibbs Racing for the 2008 NASCAR season.

In a recent interview with RACER, he looked back at his first contract negotiations. Talking about how he was very young at the time, Kyle Busch said that he just shut his mouth and did not say much. Contrasting that with his negotiations with RCR, Busch said:

“When I did it the first time from Hendrick (Motorsports) to Gibbs, I was a kid and just shut my mouth and listened."
"I’ve come over here and I’m definitely not polished, I’m no politician, but I’ve definitely come in and been better at being able to voice a little opinion and discuss the pros and cons of a lot of different things. To have open arms and open ears from the RCR side has certainly helped that a lot.”

Kyle Busch looks back on his first year with RCR

Kyle Busch looked back at his first year with RCR and admitted he did not feel like it had already been 12 months. Talking about how it has been important to build a few dynamics within the new team, he said:

“This year has definitely flown by. No, I would not say that it has felt like it’s been 12 months’ time; maybe five or six months, actually. But it has been a year, and it’s been a really good year. But it’s been really fun to be brought into RCR and into the system and work with everyone in the front office.

He added:

"Also, Randall [Burnett] and the team and Richard and Austin [Dillon], and everybody at Team Chevy. It’s just been a whole learning experience, and just understanding the dynamic that I came from to the dynamic that I’m now in, and kind of morphing those two together into what can be better than maybe what RCR’s been.”

Kyle Busch currently finds himself qualified for the NASCAR playoffs and sixth in the standings. The driver is already a two-time champion and has become a veteran of the sport now.

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