Kevin Harvick hopes Kyle Larson is aware of his pull in NASCAR

Kyle Larson and Kevin Harvick
NASCAR's Kyle Larson and Kevin Harvick

Kevin Harvick recently urged Kyle Larson to keep his chin up amid the Double disappointment. After not getting what could've been a better result in the Indy 500 and being unable to take part in the Coke 600, Larson's hopes of making history last Sunday were washed out.

This led the Hendrick Motorsports driver to post a sad note on his social media. He expressed his disappointment with how the whole day turned out.

However, Kevin Harvick wants Larson to look at what he has already accomplished, and his impact on NASCAR and beyond. Harvick shared his thoughts on Kevin Harvick's Happy Hour podcast.

"When you look at the TV ratings from All Star race, when you look at the TV ratings for the Indy 500, you see the effect that Kyle Larson has on people and viewership because of the things that he was doing. I hope Kyle realizes the impact he has on people. I know he's down on himself for making that mistake and all the things that happened with the weather, but Gosh, whether he missed the race in Charlotte or not, it's just such a feat to be able to do the things that he did at the level that he's doing," Harvick said. [1:20]

Kevin Harvick praises Kyle Larson's efforts in the Double despite the result

Kevin Harvick believed that Kyle Larson took the burden of going out there in the Indy 500 and the Coke 600 on himself, considering the Hendrick driver was "much more vocal about the pressure" that was on him.

"You just go do the things that you're doing and you can't control the rain. You're going to make some mistakes here and there. Nobody around you is going to think any different. You're already doing things that are just out of this world spectacular," Harvick described on Happy Hour. [00:25]

He reasoned this by pointing to Larson jumping in an IndyCar, never wrecking it, and running in front of the pack. Larson had an opportunity to show his talent by doing what he did.

The former NASCAR driver mentioned that Larson was set to return to Charlotte and have his shot at finishing the Coke 600, but could not due to the weather. Harvick gave a shout-out to Justin Allgaier for doing "a great job" as the JR Motorsports driver took the #5 car to 13th place, figured it out, and kept making the fast car "better and better and better."

Having said that, Kevin Harvick added that what happened with Kyle Larson was "an unfortunate circumstance" on all fronts considering the time and effort they put into running the Double.

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