Kevin Harvick urges NASCAR to clarify waiver rules amid Kyle Larson fiasco

Kevin Harvick calls out NASCAR for clear waiver rules amid Kyle Larson making playoffs (Picture Credits - Getty)
Kevin Harvick calls out NASCAR for clear waiver rules amid Kyle Larson making playoffs (Picture Credits - Getty)

NASCAR veteran Kevin Harvick recently called for NASCAR to clear out the playoff waiver rules amid the ongoing Kyle Larson waiver debate. Larson was recently given a waiver because he no longer met the requirements to qualify for the playoffs.

In a recent episode of Kevin Harvick's Happy Hour, the former Cup Series champion Harvick talked about having a clear set of rules and regulations regarding the waiver rules. Harvick said:

"There got to be some guidelines though. It can't be everything and it can't be just at the decision of couple of people. I guess it can be but I like strong leadership." [43:15]
"I like the days when NASCAR ruled with an iron fist I love those days you know there's nobody I respect as much as I do Mike Helton(former NASCAR president). He led this thing with an Iron Fist and it's become not the same as far as that goes being able to lead as hard as Mike did. But we respected him and he had a lot of authority on what he was doing so I think it's just got to be more clear." Harvick added.

The NASCAR sanctioning body recently announced that they have granted the #5 Kyle Larson a playoff waiver for the 2024 Cup Series Playoffs. The 31-year-old Larson missed his opportunity to start the Coca-Cola 600 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, due to a rain-delayed start of the Indy 500 earlier that day. As a result, Larson had an unsuccessful Memorial Day double, and that made his 2024 Cup Series playoff future uncertain.

"I don't like it" - Kevin Harvick against the idea of a waiver

According to NASCAR's rulebook, all drivers must start the 26 race of the regular Cup Series season to have a chance in competing for the playoffs. In most cases, NASCAR has been giving out waivers for injuries and there wasn't any set of rules for the recent Kyle Larson fiasco.

The 48-year-old Harvick doesn't seem keen on having a waiver for drivers altogether. In the aforementioned podcast, Harvick said:

"I don't like it(waiver) at all like I don't like it for injuries I don't like it for childbirth. I don't like it for anything." [44:06]

Regardless of whether they have started every race, Harvick stated that the top 16 drivers in terms of points should be allowed to advance to the playoffs.

"I don't know what the solution is, I like Simplicity. I like the Simplicity of who gains the most points. The top 16 guys that gain the most points, they get into the playoffs that's the simple thing. If you miss two of them and you can finish 16th more power to you." Harvick said. [at 44:46]

The 2021 Cup Series champion, Larson, looks strong for the championship run. He currently sits in P2 in the overall Cup Series standings. He has two wins, with six top-fives, and seven top-tens in just 14 starts this 2024 season.

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