“That is why this team is so good”: NASCAR Insider explains reason behind Kyle Larson’s superiority 

NASCAR Cup Series Toyota/Save Mart 350
NASCAR Cup Series Toyota/Save Mart 350

Renowned journalist and NASCAR expert Jordan Bianchi pinpointed what makes the No. 5 Hendrick Motorsports team so good. The driver of the #5, Kyle Larson, won his third point-paying race of the season on Sunday; thanks to his crew chief's strategy table.

Crew chief Cliff Daniels made the call to have Larson on the track and pit late in the race. This allowed the racer to capitalize on tires that were about 13 laps fresher than Chris Buescher and Martin Truex Jr. (who were running alongside Larson) and thus, maintain a stronghold on the final nine laps. Larson's offensive move is what got him the victory, believes Bianchi.

In a recent episode of The Teardown, Bianchi recalled Daniels' decision and said:

"He (Cliff Daniels)looked at the situation, assessed it, and said, 'I'm gonna give my driver four fresh tires in a late situation with 20-27 laps to go and he's got an eight-second gap...my guy can do that.' And that's exactly what happened. I think that is why this team is so good."
"Larson is at his best when he is in attack mode and can just focus forward and just go after it," Bianchi explained. "You are just in attack mode. I think that is the genesis of what makes this team so good."

Kyle Larson's victory scooted him up to the top of the leaderboard. He is now the points leader with 561 points under his belt. Larson's next race is at IOWA Speedway on June 16.

Hendrick Motorsports VP on why Kyle Larson is one of the best drivers of the modern era

Team dynamics play a major role in deciding the outcome of any race in NASCAR. Vice President of Hendrick Motorsports, Jeff Gordon, feels that is what sets the No. 5 team apart. Although he believes that packing speed in the car is what matters at the end of the day, he explained that it is impossible if the driver and the crew chief are not in sync.

"I think it’s obviously extracting the most speed out of a car. You don’t have to know anything about a car to extract speed out of it," the four-time Cup Series champion told NASCAR. "A key element of what the car is doing (is) to be able to give that communication information back to Cliff and the team to get more out of it.”

Kyle Larson trusts his team with strategy-making, while he is the one who executes the plan.

"Well, that’s all you really can do when you’re behind the wheel is just trust that they’ve got it figured out," said the Elk Grove native.

Sunday's win was special to Kyle Larson for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the win was his 20th with Hendrick Motorsports. Secondly, with 26 Cup Series wins in his bag, he tied Hall of Famers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Fred Lorenzen on NASCAR's all-time wins list.

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