"The oddest year I’ve ever gone into" – Kevin Harvick talks about NASCAR 2022 season and Next Gen cars

Kevin Harvick at NASCAR Cup Series Busch Light Clash - Qualifying Heat
Kevin Harvick at NASCAR Cup Series Busch Light Clash - Qualifying Heat
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Kevin Harvick, a former NASCAR Cup Series champion, termed the 2022 NASCAR season the oddest year he has faced. He felt that the influence of the Next Gen cars, which are debuting this year, can be seen throughout the season.

Y'all got the @KevinHarvick Grave Digger car yet?

The 46-year-old feels that all the unknowns and changes that come with Next Gen cars can put a burden on both teams and drivers. So, they have to be ready to adapt to things in a short period of time. Speaking to, the Stewart-Haas Racing driver said:

“As you look at the season, you just have to be ready for a change in direction at the drop of a hat because of where we are with the new car and all the unknowns of what you’re looking for. So, my expectation going into the year is to be ready to adapt.”

On adapting to the situation and surroundings, he said:

“Whether it’s a practice session, qualifying session, the race, it’s all going to be drastically different. You just have to be open-minded to be able to adapt to your surroundings and your situation and not get too wound up about anything because of the fact that next week, it might be different.”

Speaking about the season, Harvick went on to add, saying:

“You just never know, but it’s been the oddest year I’ve ever gone into just because of all the unknowns and all the differences with the car. I think you just have to be somewhat relaxed about it and just know that’s the expectation.”

All teams will be back on track on Tuesday for the Daytona 500 practice, with the main event on February 20. Although he has not yet driven the Next Gen car, Kevin Harvick believes he will not be too affected.

Kevin Harvick starts 2022 season with Next Gen Car at LA Coliseum

The #4 Ford Mustang driver finished in 10th position in the Busch Light Clash exhibition race at the Los Angeles Coliseum. The event marked the debut of the Next Gen car, where it was put through its paces around the iconic stadium.

Not your average entrance to the track. @KevinHarvick x @lacoliseum

The Next Gen car, also known as NASCAR’s seventh-generation Cup race car, is set to unlock the 2022 season at the Daytona 500. It will be the first car built with aluminum wheels, rack-and-pinion steering, and an independent rear suspension. The innovative machine replaces the Gen 6 car used from 2013 to 2021.

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