“There’s no guarantee”: Dale Earnhardt Jr. reads into NASCAR’s stance on new charter agreement 

NASCAR Xfinity Series Food City 300
NASCAR Xfinity Series Food City 300

Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently shared his thoughts on the latest developments regarding the charter situation. Junior said that Jim France, the CEO of NASCAR, has told the RTA teams that NASCAR will only support them as long as NASCAR is supported by media groups.

This statement was made on the recent episode of the Dale Jr. Download, citing a report by senior ESPN writer Ryan McGee.

The NASCAR Hall of Famer read into what France's stance was with that statement and gave an insight into why France took such a position.

"Jim is basically saying this is as far as we can go. There's no guarantee that the media rights will always be this lucrative and that the TV deal would last forever. There's no road map in front of us that says, 'Man, this is where we're headed in terms of how people will consume our races with streaming coming in. We really don't know where the value is," Earnhardt Jr. said.

Junior also mentioned that NASCAR is building a million-dollar production facility in North Carolina to create their own content. He also expressed the hope that NASCAR would eventually have a channel similar to the NFL network wherein all of the previous races would air along with programs like Race Hub.

Earnhardt added that the investment is the reason behind NASCAR's position in the charter negotiations.

"NASCAR is making a massive investment in itself. I see Jim's point. And I hope that the teams can move forward and agree. But I also agree that there'll be other opportunities down the road to bring that argument back up," he added.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. addresses the idea of going to NASCAR Cup as an owner

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s performance in the Xfinity Series at JR Motorsports has left many wondering when he would move on to the Cup. However, Junior has consistently stated that he will wait for the ideal opportunity before jumping into anything.

Junior recently opened up about where he stands in terms of the whole ownership situation.

"Kelley (Earnhardt-Miller) and I have talked about getting into it and we’ve seen some opportunities to do that but it didn’t work out. We’re still at the table, talking to different teams about maybe partnering or investing. We’re always open to hearing what someone thinks about our idea of a partnership, but none of them have been like, ‘that’s it, that’s a perfect match man.’ That is what we’re looking for," Junior said.

Regarding the notion of him purchasing a charter, Dale Earnhardt Jr. declined to go down that path. He stated that he would not invest millions of dollars in a charter that he would not be able to recover or turn a profit on.

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