Watch: Kyle Larson spins after contact with Bubba Wallace in the Texas playoff race

Kyle Larson crashes into the wall after battling with Bubba Wallace
Kyle Larson crashes into the wall after battling with Bubba Wallace

Kyle Larson had an unexpected outcome at the playoff race in Texas, crashing a few laps before the finish line despite dominating the race for the majority of its duration.

Larson's commanding lead of over four seconds was abruptly disrupted by a caution flag for J.J. Yeley's wrecked car, with a mere 25 laps remaining. Larson then made a strategic move, opting to stay out of the pits along with Bubba Wallace while the rest of the field opted for fresh tires.

The pivotal moment of the race unfurled during the subsequent restart. Larson and Wallace found themselves side-by-side, each taking their preferred racing line—Larson on the lower groove, and Wallace on the high side.

As they entered Turn 1, Larson's car lost traction on the inside, careening up the track, before a devastating impact with the wall. Although Wallace managed to evade the collision, Larson's day came to an abrupt and disappointing end.

Kyle Larson reflects on the crash and historic Hendrick Motorsports milestone

Kyle Larson shared his perspective on the incident with Bubba Wallace in an on-track interview with NBC Sports. He acknowledged Wallace's commendable effort to maintain pace through the restart, stating:

"Yeah, he (Bubba) did a good job to stay with me on the restart through three, four and all that."

The unexpected loss of control caught Larson off guard, ultimately leading to the race-altering crash. He also highlighted the challenges of handling the new generation of cars, noting:

"With these cars compared to the old ones you don't really get sucked around like that."

Despite the crushing setback, Larson remained gracious in defeat. He expressed his happiness for teammate William Byron and team owner Rick Hendrick, who celebrated an astonishing milestone of 300 Cup Series wins.

"Pretty bummed but happy for William, happy for Mr. H. 300 Cup Series wins is incredible," he said. "Great night overall for our organization and congrats to William and congrats to my team too."

Kyle Larson's performance throughout the playoffs has been nothing short of exceptional, with a consistently fast car in every race thus far.

Looking ahead to the upcoming Cup Series race at Talladega, the 31-year-old remains optimistic, aiming for a strong showing and some good fortune.

"So, go to Talladega, try to have good day and get some good fortune and then have a good race through," he said.

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