“You gotta deal with another little sh*thead of me”: Bubba Wallace shares an update on wife Amanda's pregnancy

NASCAR Cup Series 64th Annual Daytona 500
NASCAR Cup Series 64th Annual Daytona 500

Bubba Wallace recently announced the gender of his child with his wife Amanda Wallace. The 23XI Racing driver took to social media and posted a series of pictures in which he not only revealed the gender of their child, a boy, but also took a self-deprecating tone at it.

Wallace posted three pictures with wife Amanda from their gender reveal party with a hilarious caption.

"Just when you thought one of me was enough," Wallace wrote.

However, the self-deprecation from Bubba Wallace didn't stop there. During a media interaction ahead of the upcoming Coca-Cola 600, Wallace opened up on what he intends to not name his boy.

"No definitely not Bubba Jr. As if people thought I was enough, now you gotta deal with another little sh*thead of me running around causing havoc, pi**ing people off," he said.

Wallace also showed appreciation for his wife Amanda and how she has been dealing with the pregnancy.

"Amanda's been really great. Got through her first trimester woes. She's glowing now. It's fun to watch her get bigger and embrace it all and just go through the motions of everything," he added.

How Bubba Wallace and Amanda Wallace's romance began

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine in 2023, Bubba Wallace and Amanda Wallace revealed how they met, and how their romance blossomed into marriage. Wallace and Amanda have known each other since high school.

But while she found him to be nice, she didn't think he was attractive. This was not the case on Wallace's end, who recalls seeing her and marveling over her beauty.

"We were friends. There was three or four of us that did all of our projects together and he always would try to cheat off my exams because I was much smarter than he was," Amanda recalled.

However, the romance never really took off in high school. Amanda claimed she went to prom with somebody else from his school. Despite all of this, the two of them kept in touch until they met again in 2015.

It was from that point on that they began talking more to each other and Wallace took the first major step. Recalling that incident, Amanda said,

"It was my senior year spring break. And I didn't have plans at the time. And he was like, 'Well, I'll be out in Vegas while you're on spring break, do you want to come?' And I said, 'No.'"

But Wallace persisted until she eventually said yes. After that, they began dating and according to Amanda, had grown "to really like each other."

Bubba Wallace and Amanda dated for five years until July 2021, when the 23XI Racing driver asked her the big question.

The couple got married on New Year's Eve that year and are now all set to take the next step in their journey as they're expecting their first child later this year.

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