5 biggest losses in poker history

A profitable industry?

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Poker is one of the lesser known games in India. While it has one of the largest unofficial games in the country, very few actually end up following it wholeheartedly. However, Over 50,000 people in India play online poker on homegrown startups and the industry is growing by the day.

Several amateur poker players in the country are aiming to take up the game professionally and ply their trade worldwide. The problem that Indians face being in the country is obviously the stringent gaming laws. Betting still isn’t legal in India, making the task of going pro all the more difficult. While poker is often the main source of income for these gamers, devoting their life to the game still remains a distant dream.

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Having said that, the poker industry is a sure shot profit making plan. The industry is reportedly worth a whopping $120 million and growing in the country, with several startups making the decision to invest in the admittedly dangerous sport.

With the game on the rise and setting its roots firmly in the sub-continent, we decided to explore the biggest losses in poker history. And yes, there is a lot of money involved:

#5 Brian Townsend

Playing under the nickname ‘sbrugby’, this poker enthusiast began playing professionally by the early 2000s. By the mid-2000s, he was one of the most respected pro-poker players, admittedly preferring online poker to the casino tables.

His world series appearance in 2011 was legendary and a moment to savour for the American. His rise in fortunes led to a subsequent rise in stakes and that’s when the problems started for Townsend. His fall from grace can be attributed to a dramatic loss, a game in which Townsend was down by $2.5 million and desperate to change his fortunes. The American though ended up losing an additional $2 million, making it a disastrous outing for the once ‘next big thing’ in poker.

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