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APT Finale Philippines 2018 Championships Event: Aditya Sushant acquires 4th place, wins 13.02 lakhs

102   //    13 Dec 2018, 15:07 IST

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The declaration has been made! The 2018 Asian Poker Tour Finale Philippines Championships Event (APT) has just concluded and a winner has been crowned. Japan’s poker pro Iori Yogo proved his best self as he won the first prize for PHP 2,872,800. But first, let’s take a moment to congratulate our very own Indian challenger, Aditya Sushant who acquired 4th place in the tournament.

Even though Sushant couldn’t bag the APT title, he did manage to enter the final table with a below average stack with 188,000, improving tremendously on the last day. He achieved 4th place to pocket PHP 973,000 (almost 13 lakhs), making this as his biggest score in an APT event till date.

Here’s how his past earnings paved the way:

· 2017 APT Championships Manila: 10th place, $220 NLHE 1-Day Event – INR 37,405

· 2015 APT Philippines Manila: 18th place, $1770 NLHE Monster Stack NLHE – INR 97,000

· 2011 APT – Asian Series Goa: 3rd place, INR 20K NLHE – INR 1.29 Lakhs

The other Indian Challenger, Madhav Gupta was also a part of the Day 2 event alongside Sushant. However, his run was cut short before the money bubble; he was holding a stack of 126,400.

Just as the tortoise moved on its own pace towards the finish line, Sushant outran several contenders along the way including Stephen Miles on Day 2. Initially, he doubled up through Roger Spets to chip up and was amazingly active from that moment on but he started falling low on stacks, eventually eliminating him from the game. It was Bobby Zhang who outran Sushant’s pair with his two-pair.

Final Table Chip Counts


1. Bobby Zhang – 1,001,000

2. Anthony Thong Boon Tee – 793,000

3. Iori Yogo – 652,000

4. Roger Spets – 435,000

5. Andrew Nguyen – 210,000

6. Aditya Sushant – 188,000

7. Lim Yohwan – 162,000

8. Henrik Tollefsen – 110,000

Final Table Recap

There were some really good poker players at the final table. Nguyen being in the lead then getting eliminated by Yogo, Lim Yohwan winning a pot off Bobby Zhang and Henrik Tollefson doubling on Yohwan for the best part of the tournament.

Sushant was called by big blind Roger Spets as he moved all in from the small blind in an attempt to chip up. Sushant tabled 5 of Clubs and 5 of Hearts against Spets’ Ace of Hearts and 7 of Diamonds, making him miss the board and bringing the well-deserved double up for Sushant, shooting him up to 186,000.

The leading man, Aditya Sushant who’d almost run out of stacks gave his all to improve. In his last attempt, Sushant got called and saw his end right flash right before his eyes, pushing him to 4th place. The hand saw Zhang leading out from under-the-gun for 20,000 and he was called by small blind Anthony Tee while Sushant also made the call from the big blind.

As the flop ran Queen of Spades, 3 of Diamonds and 2 of Hearts, the blinds checked while Zhang led out for another 20,000. Tee folded here, Sushant shoved, prompting a call from Zhang. Sushant tabled Ace of Clubs and 3 of Spades and Zhang tabled Queen of Clubs and 2 of Clubs.

Zhang’s 10 of Diamonds on the turn and the 9 of Hearts on the river didn’t bring any relief for Sushant whose bid for an APT title came to a 4th place finish. For Yogo, the APT trophy is just another tick on an otherwise very impressive scorecard.

A total of 12 players cashed in the event including Takao Shimizu, Jim Bonanno, and Masaki Fujitani. The final eight players bagged up for the day after the elimination of Jin Yong (9th for PHP 324,400).

Final Table Results (PHP)

1. Iori Yogo – PHP 2,872,800

2. Anthony Thong Boon Tee – PHP 1,915,100

3. Bobby Zhang – PHP 1,337,100

4. Aditya Sushant – PHP 973,300

5. Lim Yohwan – PHP 735,600

6. Roger Spets – PHP 574,900

7. Henrik Tollefsen – PHP 463,000

8. Andrew Nguyen – PHP 383,000

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