Best Online Poker softwares and why you should use them

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Modified 26 Oct 2018, 01:48 IST

poker software
poker software

Playing poker online with real money has lot of limitations for guessing your opponents game-play. In online poker one cannot see his opponents leaving a lot of guess work .Which is highly unpredictable .This is where software which merges seamlessly with your Poker client comes in handy.

Basically the software displays real time statistics in a very user friendly interface. Good software for poker is which does not need any configuration and has compact command center which gives total information player needs at one place. Let’s take a look at the 5 best software.

#1 Hold a manager and Poker Tracker

These two are a must have tools for a serious online player. These two are the biggest names in the poker strategy software world. This works by saving all your hand histories of your total online poker rooms.

After entering all that into these programs one can easily analyse his own game as well as opponent’s game in detail. Both of the software has tons of features ,but most important is the heads up display showing you key stats in real time while you are playing online.


This software is developed by a pro poker player named Mas Silver. Its basic use is to decide whether to move all in or fold preflop when you are short stacked in a tournament. It also tells you whether if you should call after someone else has moved all-in.

Entering all the hand details and SNAPSHOVE will tell you if you should push or fold. SNAPSHOVE also offers interactive training programs to help players get familiar with all the push fold ranges. This is a great tool to understand and make better decisions on your own.

#3 ICM Calculators for deals and chops

When one finds himself short-handed at the final table of a tournament, there are good chances of someone offering a deal. Running these numbers for making a deal can be tricky at times as often a certain player might just try to push a better deal for himself. Players can use any icm calculator which is free and help make sure that everyone gets a good and fair deal.

#4 Blind Structure Calculate and Tournament Clocks

These two tools won’t be much useful for your poker strategy but these will help your poker games run way more smoothly. Blind structure calculator creates the tournament which last the right amount of time with the right stack along with blind sizes.

This tool is good for playing online or offline both. Especially if you are hosting a tournament or game these tools come in handy.



Poker stove is absolutely free software which calculates equity. It is a very powerful tool one can use for poker studies. Poker stove helps players think in terms of hand ranges instead of only specific poker hands. Poker players usually have a general idea of rough equity between two specific hands. Things get tremendously complicated when player thinks of his equity against a range of hands. Poker stove helps calculate not just equity but also pre-flop/post flop and makes your game look easy and helps you win big.

Poker software is quintessential for playing online. As it not only cuts down your chances of losing but it also helps your game develop. The journey from newbie to a seasoned player is faster with the help of good poker software.

Published 26 Oct 2018, 01:48 IST
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