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Bhola Sharma and Prashant Malik win Main Event and Rs. 10K Bountyrespectively at the DPT Xpress 2018

91   //    04 Oct 2018, 12:41 IST

The No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em World Championship Poker Tournament Round 6
DPT Xpress 2018

The Deltin Poker Tour Express was organized with an aim of involving casual but talented poker players of India and it has come out trumps in its test as the response of Indian players has been too good. The Main Event of the DPTX that was organized yesterday. This coveted title was taken down by a local poker talent, Bhola Sharma, who outdid a strong field of 67 players to claim the winner's title and the top prize of ₹3.40 Lakhs. 

The Main Event was attended by the likes of Deepak Raina, ₹10K Bounty winner Prashant Malik and Burn N Turn winner Vivek Anand Baksey besides other notables like Babita AgarwalShivam ShuklaKaran SawhneyAnkit Takle and Rajiv Sachdeva. 

The final table rounded-off with 9 players and Bhola Sharma entered the final table with the chip lead.

The Main Event Final Table

Eliminations at the final table were quick. Soon it was the elimination of Manjit Jajoo in the third place which paved way for the heads-up between Pena Ladakhi and Sharma.

The heads-up lasted for almost an hour with neither of them relenting. In the final hand, the duo was dealt the card as follows-

Bhola Sharma 10♠️ 10♦️

Pena Ladakhi A♦️ 6♣️

Much to Sharma's pleasure, the community cards ran 6♠️ Q♥️ 2♦️ 7♣️ K♣️, thus giving him a better two pair compared to his rival. This also gave Bhola Sharma the coveted Main Event trophy and the top prize of INR 3,40,000 while Pena Ladakhi had to contend with a sum of INR 1,95,000 for the second position.


Final Table Results (INR)

1. Bhola Sharma - ₹3,40,000

2. Pena Ladakhi - ₹1,95,000

3. Manjit Jajoo - ₹1,20,000

4. Deepak Raina - ₹86,000

5. Vikash Shah - ₹65,000

6. Srinivas Balasubramanian - ₹50,000

7. Mahipal Vala - ₹44,850

8. Cyrus Sidhwa - ₹39,000

9. Jason Pereira - ₹35,000

Prashant Malik wins ₹10K Bounty Event for INR 90,000

In another news, Prashant Malik cashed in on his massive chip lead in the ₹10K Bounty Event that comprised 48 entries. This number included some top names like Vivek Anand Baskey (the winner of Burn N Turn)Ankit TakleShivam ShuklaKaran SawhneyManish Lakhotia and Firoz Khan. 

The event allowed only the first six players to receive payouts and thus it was a tough race from start. Malik entered the table with a dominant chip lead of 121,000 chips and was playing aggressively. His moves played dividends as he ousted several players, including the second runner-up Rajiv Gupta who won ₹53,000.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Prashant Malik - 121,000

2. Manish Lakhotia - 72,000

3. Shrikrishna Whale - 58,000

4. Ritesh Tripathi - 54,000

5. Rajiv Gupta - 49,000

6. Harihar Venkata - 42,000

7. Shivam Shukla - 36,000

8. Karan Sawhney - 25,000

9. Firoz Khan - 24,000

Final Table Recap

The first to go was Harihar Veknkata, followed in quick succession by Shrikrishna Whale and Firoz Khan. The race was now limited to a six hand play and featured a minimum cashout of INR 14,000. Manish Lakhotia was running unstoppably as he routed Ritesh Tripathi and Shivam Shukla at sixth and fifth place respectively. They were later followed by Karan Sawhney.

The last three players remaining were Manish Lakhotia, Prashant Malik and Rajiv Gupta.

Manish Lakhotia missed out on a chance to create history after his 10♥️ 2♦️ were short of Prashant Malik's supreme A♦️ K♥️, given that the table showed up as K♣️ Q♣️ 3♠️ 4♣️ 5♠️. This led to Lakhotia's exit in third place.

The Heads-Up

It was a gruesome battle of heads-up between the short-stacked Rajiv Gupta and the chip leader Prashant Malik. The final hand emerged as Gupta shoved all-in with his queen-two against Malik's Q♦️ 6♦️. As you can see, they both had flopped a pair of queens, but with the community cards showing up as 9♦️ 8♥️ Q♣️ 4♦️ 3♣️ , it was all but over for Gupta. Malik's six kicker was too good for Gupta's cards, thus giving the former the DPT trophy and first-place prize money of ₹90,000.

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Prashant Malik - ₹90,000

2. Rajiv Gupta - ₹53,000

3. Manish Lakhotia - ₹31,000

4. Karan Sawhney - ₹24,000

5. Shivam Shukla - ₹20,000

6. Ritesh Tripathi - ₹14,000

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