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Caribbean Poker Party Announces Filipe Oliveira As Winner At $5,300 Main Event ($1,500,000)

62   //    29 Nov 2018, 14:10 IST

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Oliveira achieved this feat by outlasting a total of 1,815 entries eventually defeating USA’s Craig Mason in a heads-up play. It was a rough tournament as the players did create tight competition at the felts. Craig Mason as one of them, with $140,000 in tournament cash.

PartyPoker Caribbean Poker Party Official Final Table Results

PartyPoker Caribbean Poker Party Official Final Table Results
PartyPoker Caribbean Poker Party Official Final Table Results

Final Day Run Down

The final day welcomed a total of 11 players to contest for the CPP Main Event. The first ones to trickle out of the game were Niek van der Sluijs (11th, $85,000), Anton Wigg (10th, $110,000), and Alex Lynskey (9th, $155,000) which lead the game to the eight-handed final table.

Lynskey’s elimination enabled Joe Kuether to climb up to the final table. However, German pro Pascal Hartmann shoved him out as he already had a lean stack. Kuether was soon accompanied by Alex Turyansky.

On another vertical, Oliveira was getting bashed at the felts repeatedly, losing a series of pots to drop to 35 million at 5 million/10 million with a 10 million ante. The game got better for him when he stuck it in with king-six, with only one player with better hands (king-jack). Eventually, he started to take the lead with king-queen suited against Konstantin Maslak’s ace-ten suited.

Diogo Veiga, 2018 bracelet winner enlisted himself to the rails as Mason traversed to take the lead. He opened pocket jacks at the same 10 million level sending Veiga home. Hartmann birthed tight competition on the table for his opponents but his ace-six suited did not do well for him against Mason, calling for over 400 million, which introduced a twist in the tournament.

The audience saw Maslak and Hartmann getting busted simultaneously. Hartmann jammed 23 big blinds on the button holding king-jack against Oliveira’s nines. This elimination shocked as well as surprised Oliveira as he was now a part of the top 3 at the Main Event, which he would have not expected an hour before.

The table now only had three players on the felts, Mason, Oliveira, and Marc MacDonnell. They tried to agree on a chop but the game was already so flat that the game had to be resumed as it was. Mason went in with a jack-high and flush blocker only to meet his Waterloo when Mason dealt with better hands. Albeit MacDonnell’s third position in the game did win him his career-best $1 million.

The heads-up game started on a 50-50% note with both the players owning even stacks. As the game proceeded, things rebounded for Oliveira as he managed to earn 20% of the total chips in play with a pair of deuces. Having four-two suited, he decided to go for a three-bet preflop and flopped a bottom pair with the ace-high board. Mason, on the other hand, had king-high and turned a king.


After the victory, Oliveira reflected on the bluffs he managed to carry out. He added that Mason “folds more than fifty percent”, therefore he took his chances and the result is evident for everyone.

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