How the National Poker Series is helping India find its Poker 'Gold Medalists'

The National Poker Series (Image by PokerBaazi)
The National Poker Series (Image by PokerBaazi)

The National Poker Series aims to find India’s poker gold medalists while firmly establishing poker as a sport of skill and mind.

Poker players need to understand their opponents and know when to call, raise, or fold. The National Poker Series, hosted by, aims to establish that particular identity of poker and find India’s Poker Gold Medalists.

The tournament began on the 13th of June and will continue to go on till 27th June 2021 through The Pre-Flop Show is being live-streamed on the PokerBaazi YouTube Channel.


The National Poker Series aims to find India its first poker Gold Medalist

The National Poker Series consists of 192 medals across 64 different tournaments. Each player has an equal chance of winning the Gold, Silver, and Bronze in every event.

Along with the exciting events of the National Poker Series, the Golden Rush of Indian Poker is also being hosted. It is expected to witness the largest number of participants in a single poker tournament. Every event in the National Poker series will award podium finishers with Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Participants will then have to compete to emerge as India’s First Gold Medalist.

1 crore of the 15 crores guaranteed prize pool is for one very special tournament - The Golden Rush. New users can use the code GOLDEN while signing up on PokerBaazi to get a free ticket to play the event. The app can be downloaded from

Interested participants can use the code GOLDEN to enjoy a free entry to the Golden Rush Tournament with a massive prize pool worth ₹ 1Cr. The application can be downloaded from

The top player, Champion of Champions, will not only achieve eternal glory but will also represent India on the international stage, at the world’s biggest poker event in Las Vegas.

Before the second stage of the round, the Pre Flop show will showcase the daily NPS highlights, expert analysis, and a preview of the day to come, as well as a contest that gives away 10 free tickets daily.


The National Poker Series, India is divided into three individual leaderboards. The NPS Podium Leaderboard, the Daily Leaderboard, and the Series Leaderboard. The three different leaderboards offer the players three different categories of prize pools. The NPS Podium consists of 3 distinct grand medals.

PokerBaazi and National Poker Series’ influence on the Indian Poker scene

PokerBaazi by Baazi Games is an innovative media conglomerate that has played a pivotal role in the Indian poker industry. Over the last seven years, the brand has used its uncanny ability to understand the pulse of the country's youth. They have established themselves as a confident, creative, ambitious brand determined to succeed on a global stage, mirroring the values held by the community.

The National Poker Series is India’s biggest Premium Poker Tournament, which is accessible to everyone and seeks champions among the masses by giving everyone an equal playing field in the sport of mind and skill, which is poker.

The National Poker series aims to find India's first Poker Gold Medalist while also breaking the myths surrounding poker and establishing it as a sport of skill.

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