Craps in Casino: Everything you need to know about the tricks

a view of a glamorous crap table in the casino
a view of a glamorous crap table in the casino
Modified 02 Nov 2018

Craps is one of the really fancy casino games which is pretty complex to understand. At first glance for a newbie, it looks very intimidating. It seems a bit difficult to understand due to various bets one can make. In reality, the game is exceptionally easy and simple to understand.

Let's learn how to play craps:•   

Everyone gets a turn to roll the dice. However, if you don’t want to roll you can choose to pass the dice ahead. Dice are always passed around clockwise if it's your turn to roll u need to take two dice and roll to the opposite end of the table precisely.

The first roll is known as the come out roll. If you roll a 7 and 11, it is called a "Natural" and you win. Additionally, you also get to roll again. If you roll 2-3 or 12 those are called craps then you lose but you also get to roll the dice again. The only possible numbers one can be in the roll again are 3, 5, 6, 8,9 and 10.

If one of these numbers shows up then the dealer at your table will place a small white puck on that number and let everyone know that specific number is your point. Then, the sole purpose of the game is to roll that number again before you roll the seven.

If you roll a seven before your point then you seven out which means you have sadly lost the dice and it gets passed on to the next player. If you roll the point number before rolling seven then you win the bet and on the plus side, you get to roll again.

Let's find out about the best bets you can make:

Two of the bets are marked as pass line and don’t pass line on the table. which are as follows:

 Pass Line Bet- 

In this, you are betting the shooter will win. You place your bet on the pass line. these are paid even money and the house edge is 1.41 %.   

Don’t Pass Line Bet-

For this you are betting against the shooter while placing your bet on the don’t pass line . the house edge on these is 1.41%•  there is a rule on don’t pass bets on the come out roll if the shooter throws 12 nobody loses or wins. in such case the bet is considered a tie/push. casinos often have bar about 2 or 12 still the 1.41 % goes to the house.

Once you get the hang of it, craps is an exciting and fun way to spend your time in casinos. Making wagers on the outcome of the dice roll is a thrill best experienced in the glamorous casino environment.

Published 02 Nov 2018
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