How to Play Poker in a Casino

How to play poker in casinos
How to play poker in casinos

If you are planning to go to a casino for the first time, then it can be a very exciting experience for you. Do not worry if you're not familiar with the ways of the games. It's always good to observe or ask for help.

You can feel free to ask casino staff and dealers to help you find the right place or table and guide you through the right way of doing things. Staff members, including dealers, are usually helpful.

Most staff members are courteous, and even a lot of fellow players will be eager to guide you.

How to play poker in a casino:

#1 Pay attention

When you are playing games like Texas Hold'em in a casino, take your time to study the behaviour of your opponents. You get enough time between the Big blind and your turn to understand how each player plays.

Also, pay attention to when it's your turn to play. Even remember the betting actions taken by all the players on the table to be able to take a sound gaming decision.

#2 Always act on your turn

When playing in a casino, or otherwise, always remember to act when it's your turn to play. Acting in advance can put off other players, as it might change the odds of the game. The dealer will generally look at you or give some kind of signal to indicate when it's your turn.

#3 Keep cards on the table

Always keep your cards on the table or in plain sight of the dealer. This is required in most casinos, as it ensures that you are not cheating.

#4 Keep your cards covered

When playing on a table, even though you're not supposed to pick your cards off the table, you must see your cards while keeping them covered, so that other players do not accidentally see your cards.

#5 Show your cards are live

To show that you're still playing with your cards, either keep your hands on the cards or place chips on them. This ensures that the dealer will not discard them by mistake, as that will mean the end of your hand.

#6 Chip placement

High-value chips are generally placed in front of low-value chips, in a your stack, to ensure that other players know the value of your stack. This is ethical and required.

#7 Placing bets

While placing bets, put the chips to be bet in front of you, and let the dealer push the chips into the pot.

#8 Say Raise

Say 'Raise' out loud when you wish to raise, while you put out all the chips you want to raise with. Put all the intended raise chips together in front of you.

#9 Do not comment on cards

Do not comment on your hand that you are playing with or have folded. Do not suggest a possible hand that can be made or could have been made.

#10 Hold your cards on winning

On winning, hold on to your cards until the dealer pushes the pot towards you. That will ensure that you have won the pot.

#11 Open your cards

If, at the end of a hand, you're not sure if your hand is winning or losing, do not place them in the muck (discarded cards). Just open your cards, and let the dealer decide if you have a winning hand or not.

#12 The winning pot

Do not grab the pot you win. Let the dealer push it towards you. This will not lead to confusion or chip mixing in case you haven't won the pot.

#13 Tipping the dealer

Tipping the dealer on your table is not necessary, but is followed. You can do so as you please and as per the amount of tips given by your fellow players. Generally, $1 is left as a tip for the dealer for each cash poker hand won by a player. In tournaments, a percentage of winnings is left for all the dealers.

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