IOPC 2019 - India's biggest online poker championship gears up for explosive climax

Big prizes on offer at the IOPC 2019, don't miss out!
Big prizes on offer at the IOPC 2019, don't miss out!

A game that combines skill and strategy, poker is very popular in India and the India Online Poker Championship 2019 is doing its best to give players the chance to do well and win a lot of prize money. The country's biggest online poker tournament, IOPC 2019, hosted by Spartan Poker, has been getting great participation since it started on the 11th of January. As we approach the final two incredible days of IOPC, there is a lot at stake with the Main Event is scheduled for the 20th of January.

The overall guaranteed prize money that can be won till the 20th of January is 8.5 crore, an incredible number, with individual events happening every two hours that have a fixed minimum amount that is available to the players as winnings. Till now, the 2019 version of IOPC has had one game with incredibly high stakes, the Millionaire game that was held on 13th January at 5.30 pm.

However, the game with the biggest prize money will be held on the 20th of January, and fittingly enough, it has been named the Main Event, with a guaranteed reward of 1.5 crores. With a buy-in of 11,000 rupees, it is one of the more expensive games to get into. Considering the reward that can be won though, the fee is not very reasonable and experienced poker players will be eyeing that game to establish their supremacy and take home the money on offer.

Apart from the Main Event which takes place at 5.30 pm, there are many other high stake games on January 20th, including The Big Daddy and Superstack. The former has a guaranteed prize of 10 lakh rupees, with a buy-in of 1,100 rupees while the latter has a buy-in of 5,500 attached with a guaranteed reward of 30 lakh. The Big Daddy is scheduled to be held at 4 pm, just before the Main Event. Superstack is the prime time attraction and the penultimate game of IOPC 2019 and is scheduled for 8.30 pm IST.

The final match of India Online Poker Championship 2019 offers a guaranteed prize of 12 lakhs and has a buy-in of 4,400. On the whole, the final day of the tournament will have seven games with total guaranteed prize money of 2,11,25,000 INR (2 crores, 11.25 lakhs), an incredible sum.

The online version of the India Poker Championship, the IOPC is run by Spartan Poker and has grown tremendously over the last few years. The total minimum guaranteed prize money on offer in 2019 is an incredible 8.5 crores compared to minimum guaranteed rewards of 2.3 crores in 2017, an increase of almost 350%. This year, apart from the guaranteed 8.5 crore, there are also leaderboard prizes up for grabs, amounting to 30 lakh. The player who tops the leaderboard will also win a Skoda Octavia, making it an incredible high-value tournament that will only lead to increased interest in the next iteration of the India Online Poker Championship.

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